Letter from an admirer

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Subject: reflections
From: tom
Date: Sat, September 16, 2006 1:38 am
To: angela@principalquattrano.com


I just found your “Principal” site yesterday.

Except for my name, everything else is true, here. I am 56 yrs old, happily married, and an insurance agent. I’m 6′ tall, 185 lbs. Decent shape. Full head of light brown hair.

My wife is the coolest (she hasn’t seen this letter, but I would not hesitate to show her). I’m 10 yrs older than her, and we were both raised in traditional male-led homes. We have a very equal relationship, never arguing, very supportive of each other.

We are both into sexual role-playing, but I have not found any website that actually captures our fantasy. Briefly it is as follows: although we live a very normal-looking, traditional” life-style, my wife’s pet name for me is “dumbass” and nearly every day she tells me how inferior I am to her, to our girls, and to all women everywhere. Several times she has said to me in front of our 3 grown daughters, “Get your dick over here” (they just laugh and recently the oldest — now 26 — said that same thing to me. Occasionally, the girls will order me around, but that is not usual. We are careful about this. Aside from a bit of kidding around, our girls are not involved in our sex life.)

I was convinced years ago that women have it over men, and girls over boys — just as you say. And I have actively taught this to our girls.

In school (HS & college) I competed against girls and routinely came in 2nd or worse. My college graduating class had 200 people: the top 7 spots were all women, and 67 of the top 100 spots were women. I was number 41 behind 29 women. This did not bother me, it was just school.

For years I worked in banking for, with, and under women 10-15 years younger than me and I competed with them daily. I’m a fairly smart guy and thought I’d have an easy time climbing the ladder there (after all, they were just women!). What I found to my utter shock was I couldn’t keep up with them. I remember once (at 35) I was up for promotion against a 24 year old woman. We stood side by side in front of a panel of two women and a man when she received the nod. I was demoralized. I spent the next 30 minutes in the rest room jacking off. That was the first time I actually realized that my dick was not a symbol of strength at all, but a symbol of my real inferiority.

I also spent about 15 years teaching college (from my age 35 to 52). Although there are certainly exceptions, women are far superior to men in nearly all aspects of educational awareness, readiness, fervor, ability, performance, and accomplishment. You are exactly right about who is best suited for present and future leadership.

As I have grown older, jacking off has become an important way of life for me. It reminds me who I really am. For me it is completely an outward sign of my inherent inferiority. I do this 4-5 times every day, sometimes in the car. My wife is very much in on this. She has me on my knees jacking off in the closet or in the kitchen and every once in a while just outside the front door of our house on my knees facing her while I repeat to her that I am disposable, that she runs the house, and that I am inferior to her and the girls. Of course, this is not
just fantasy, it is actually the truth.

I am not motivated much by typical bdsm stuff. But I am easily captivated by women who know how to put me in my place as among the planet’s inferior male population. (I don’t like “bitches,” just strong, confident women who know the truth about men) When that happens, I will, as soon as I am able, find a place to safely masturbate, reminding myself that women are really the ones in charge. As I am sure will be no surprise to you, I am right now naked and jacking off as I always will be when reading anything you write. Please don’t be offended by this, as some women are. Please understand, I intend this as an honor to you: I acknowledge you and your sex as the primary sex. I live only in your shadow.

I appreciate your honest style of writing, and certainly you are very cute. But the point here is that I want, actually, to encourage you. What you are doing helps me and other males to accept our place as the second sex: we are important, but not as important; capable, but not as capable. For me, when I masturbate, I am surrendering. Actually, I think that is more true for men that is commonly recognized or admitted. Doing it, I experience powerful waves of feelings of inferiority flowing through my entire self — almost to the point of needing to
worship, praise, and honor you. — as my maker, I suppose, I don’t really know. It is somewhat strange.

I hope you are not offended. If you are, I apologize and I will not bother you again. However, my comments are intended as sincere praise and adoration for your inherent prowess and superior nature.

I have attached a few pictures. Again, this is intended as a sign of sincere submission to you and to all women. I’ve also included a card I carry in my wallet (front and back). You can use any of these on your website, if you wish, including this letter.

Thank you for your efforts. And thank you for listening to me now.


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How do I keep it from getting boring?

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Subject: quick question
From: Curious
Date: Tue, September 12, 2006 9:02 am
To: angela@principalquattrano.com


Mistress Quattrano,

While I’m not really a bottom kind of person, I enjoyed a full visit to your site/blog. I have a question (which I’m sure you’ve gotten a million times) that I hope you’ll have time to answer. If your business entails often following a pretty set pattern/drama/fantasy (i.e., mistress principal) how do you not get bored at work? I do slightly different variations of my job (which I really like, mind you) every day and I get bored. One of my favorite things to do is ask people about what they do (as they are often most passionate and articulate about it) so why not you? Thanks for your time and best wishes,


On 9/12/06, angela@principalquattrano.com

Dear Curious,

I’m not performing a rote task, like factory assembly. As far as the same scenario getting overused until it is lifeless, in fact I have had the opposite experience. What happens in the Principal’s office I have done so many times that it has become extremely well developed, and second nature to me. I can really take it further and enjoy it a lot.

While I usually start from the same point, there are many variables that are not within my control, such as the customer’s preferences and his reactions. I am not one of those “cookie cutter domination experience” phone Mistresses. This is fantasy roleplay. I try to give each customer an exciting experience, and depending on a lot of things, it still is often very challenging. I still get a charge out of a new customer starting uncertain what to expect and finding himself surprised and very pleased at the end.

What I don’t like is trying to weave an experience for a guy who is silent, unresponsive. With no feedback, it is impossible to tell how he is reacting and which way I should take it, and the call can seem interminable. I have to keep asking him, “Are you doing ok?” because I can’t tell if I’m boring him to sleep.

The Principal

Dear Principal,

As I expected, you offered a cogent and thought-provoking answer. I’ll confess that I wasn’t aware that there were cookie cutter phone mistresses (although, if I’d thought about it…). I appreciate your quick answer to a silly question. You’ve confirmed my theories regarding people and the jobs they’re passionate about. Without a touch of sarcasm, I’m glad you’ve found work you enjoy. Most people don’t get that chance. I’m also comforted by the degree to which you seem to appreciate the vulnerabilities your clients bring to the table (desk?). Your answer seems to step a little beyond the traditional “customer service” boilerplate. I would expect that many of them crave a level of intimacy that goes beyond basic physical release and you seem to respect that.

Thank you again for your answer and all the best.


Dear Curious,

My observation about cookie cutter phone mistresses is hearsay, based on what customers have told me about their experiences with others they have called. In this business we must find our own way, as there is hardly a training program showing the many possible ways to take a call.Having thought further about your question, I realize I have left out something. I love my work, and it’s not always just a matter of intellectual satisfaction. The fact is I get a charge out of being respectfully addressed as “Goddess”, and much more than that is the feeling I get when a guy yells out (as instructed) while cumming, “Oh, Goddess!” That’s priceless.

The Principal

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Question: Am I doing ok, or do I need a Mistress?

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Dear Angela,

First please forgive me I am not the best speller and this is the longest letter Ive written in a long time!

A little backround. I work for a fairly big company, a magazine publisher. Worked here over 25 years as a janitor. When I first started, it was mostly men who worked here. A few ladies were secretaries. Today women run the company — the president, vice president, and on. They hire mostly ladies too.

Most of them are young and beautiful, so I don’t mind like some other guys do! My new boss is only 34 years old and she is gorgeous.

I think the ladies and my boss treat me better that the men ever did. When I clean their offices real good, they give me nice compliments. When I got my boss coffee and the other ladies, too, they call me a real sweet heart and a doll. They say I am the perfect man. So I do it almost everyday, especially for their meetings. I clean up after their meetings now too. My boss gave me a new title “maintenance engineer and office assistant” and says she is real proud of me.

I feel fulfilled when I serve these ladies, I cannot help it. But my buddy from maintenance says they are a bunch of women libbers and they are just using me cause im a little slow. He said beware of female supremecy, they really hate men (half joking).

So I looked it up on the internet and found your site. I read some of your aritcles about female supremcy, and about dominance. I must admit I cannot udnerstand all your big words (I am not the smartest guy and probly only a women could understand them). But after reading I see that women like you and my boss are naturally superior to men like me. I figure why fight it and you don’t hate men after all.

Here is where I need your advice. Do you think I’m doing the right thing by serving ladies in the office, or is it really demeaning like my friend says. Should I do more? Do you think I need to go thru Female Authority training or am I already trained enough? I do not know the first thing about having a mistress (I am single) and im not sure if that kind of relationship interests me.

I do know this. I really feel good about working for a women boss and your website has taught me more about my feelings. I would be very thankful for any advise you could give me.

Thank you, and bless you,



It sounds like the sort of relationship you have with the women at your company is very fulfilling to you. There is no reason for you to make any changes in what you are doing just because other people might not want to do the same things.

As far as these ladies “training” you, they are doing a good job of training you for what they need you to do at work. There is no need to find a Mistress, but if you did wish to do that at some point, it would be a different sort of training, and what it would be would depend on the Mistress.

Don’t worry, it looks to me like you’re doing fine.

The Principal

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