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This question is a comment written in response to my blog entry Niteflirt in the news…kind of…Part 1?:

I work for a company who USES Niteflirt. I am almost sure that they have taken the money and ran. I have not been paid for the last four pay periods and they keep telling me that niteflirt has frozen my acct. info. But they were able to free it up enough that i go back to work after a couple weeks. I don’t understand. I am tryig to work something out with all of my creditors..cause i’m on the verge of losing everything now. How do i find out if NiteFlirt froze my account or not.Lam

I was not thinking this was going to happen. Why, I’m not sure. I haven’t even finished part 2 of that original entry of mine. And I have so many other things I want to post on, but don’t find the time. But this is important, and will have to come first.

THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. Plain and simple.

I hate this. There are so many companies that put girls on Niteflirt, and there is no accountablility whatever. Niteflirt is there for the account owner, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s your problem if they don’t pay you. You should look at the contract, and compare what you’ve been getting paid to the tally you’ve been keeping on that scratchpad by your phone. If there is a discrepancy, or if you’ve been utterly ripped off, hire a lawyer. But don’t expect Niteflirt’s help. If you look at the setup, it almost looks like Niteflirt is there to enable your bosses to do whatever they damned well please to you. One of the services Niteflirt provides is complete privacy for members, so the same policies that would keep a customer/stalker from locating and harassing a flirt works to keep people like you from having access to information that would tell you how badly you’re getting ripped off.

And it’s so easy to start up a business account there. I haven’t done it, but judging by the caliber of people who have, I’d guess there is no requirement for having good credit or a clean criminal record.

Mind you, there are some legitimate companies that work the site and use Niteflirt’s services, but it is impossible to tell who is legitimate and who is not, from your position.

So here’s the deal. Either your account is frozen, locked, suspended – whatever you or they want to call it – or it’s not. There is no “partially frozen”, no “info frozen, but I can take calls”. If you’re taking calls on Niteflirt, then they have access to every dollar in your account. If Niteflirt suspended the account for some reason – meaning you were unable to receive calls for a while – then unsuspended it, it is again fully functional.

Have you been hanging out on the Niteflirt site, reading how the site works? They either pay once a month by direct deposit – money is withdrawn from your account on the 1st and arrives in your bank within a week – or they pay through daily direct deposit, at a 2% charge to the you, if you were the account owner – which you’re not. I’d give it a 100% probability that they are having any money you’ve earned removed from your account daily and deposited to them.

OK, so they owe you money. Chances are you really only have a vague idea of how much money they owe you, as they have probably not been giving you any statistics on this. If a pay period is two weeks, they owe you for TWO MONTHS of work.

Are you still working? Then stop. Don’t work for free. If you haven’t been watching Niteflirt with a plan to set yourself up and manage your own account(s), then you’re probably not ready to set yourself up.

I presume you know the names of the company owners and the name of the company, both of which should be on your contract. It’s time to send them a letter. It would be best if it was sent from an attorney, but second best would be if you mail them a letter saying that the next communication they receive from you will be from your attorney. Email them a copy of the text, saying that they will be receiving a paper copy shortly (send it by registered mail) and that you are getting in touch with the state labor office, which will also be getting in touch with them. Tell them you won’t be taking any more calls until they pay you all the money they owe you. Send a copy to Niteflirt, too.

Are you in communication with your co-workers? They should be doing the same things. In fact, you should get all your coworkers to call Niteflirt to complain about the “fraud”, which should get these people shut down, as it’s against tos. You aren’t expecting them to do anything to help you personally (they won’t), you’re just reporting it, because they need to know. Tell them what account you’ve been working, how long it’s been unpaid, about how much money you think you’re owed, and that you are in the process of hiring an attorney. They should freeze the accounts, then delete them and ban these people from working the site, at least for a while.

You need to find yourself another job. This isn’t a job. These people are just stealing from you. Go to www.sexyjobs.com and put up a resume, then look through the ads and contact some of the companies. Since you now have experience, you should get some response. I’ll be sending you an email about how to check on companies that contact you. There are companies that you don’t want to work for, and there are offers that are not legitimate.

You should have this done in today. It’s time to get on with your life.

A post-publish note: I sent a personal email to the address of the person who wrote this, and it bounced back. It was not a true email address. Therefore, in the very least, I am going to have to take into account the possibility that the entire communication was false. However, my advice stands. Nobody should ever work for free, period.

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