Experts say US sex abstinence program doesn’t work

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Supporters vow to continue funding.

What the hell for? The program doesn’t work to prevent pregnancies or STD’s, and it doesn’t even delay the age at which participants begin having sex. It wastes tax dollars. But in fact, it may be worse than nothing in some ways. Abstinence educators teach teens that condoms are useless, therefore they are less likely to use them when they start having sex.

But teaching abstinence is the right thing to do, even if it’s worse than useless and indefensible on any but a religious stance.

Besides, sex ed and contraceptives teach youngsters how to have sex without life-threatening hazards like AIDS and help them avoid pregnancy. That isn’t what god wants. God wants sinners to get caught. That way the people who truly deserve punishment will sin and get caught. And in the process, lots of new unwanted babies will be born, increasing the pool of white American babies available for adoption. Cool, eh?

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