Welcome to Summer School!

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Welcome to summer school! I know you were planning on hanging out with your buddies, smoking, and having wild parties when you parents left town, but you forgot something. Mainly you forgot to do your schoolwork, so you didn’t pass and you’re grounded. But don’t worry! Summer school is here to keep you out of trouble and buy you back some respect from your parents, peers and teachers.Yeah, right.Although you may actually learn something to make up for all the time you wasted this academic year goofing off, listening to your ipod and text messaging in class.

It’s time for a newsletter.

I continue to be disappointed by the number of you boys who get sent to my office for inappropriate behavior, but on the plus side, it has been giving me the opportunity to give strict guidance to those of you in need of it. I have noticed that a number of you boys have finally realized that it may be necessary to take action to head off predictably bad behavior, and have come into my office for preventative discipline. Extra credit is available for time spent working on your attitude while in my office! Since what you have a need for is discipline, I am the one who can give you that – to help you cope with the fact that you were born male and thus unable to see straight in the presence of a powerful woman such as myself.

But this does just give you more challenges to overcome and thus, more opportunity for character growth. Heaven knows you boys can use more character.

Mind control is so much fun and wonderfully effective, too. The nurse and I have been working to control not only your mind, but to possess your soul entirely. It will be a glorious day when all of you dear boys are able to follow orders and turn in your work on time for full credit.

There is no higher goal than to desire to become the willing slave of a wise and powerful Mistress, boys, and we are preparing you even now to be the best slave you can possibly become.

Regardless of what kind of dumbasses you are trying to be right now, you boys have shining futures ahead of you in the service of women of the future – strong, intelligent, and wise women, who can see through your false male patriarchal pride to bring you to a higher level of accomplishment that could ever have been predicted!


On “Internet Mistresses” and “Money Mistresses”

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I will be responding here to an entry in my toy’s blog, since the response is much larger than the original passage.

Dear Principal:

My interest in BDSM began a few years ago, and it is part of the reason that I am writing my novel, openly, on the Net. In my novel which can be found, along with my autobiography, at Writing.com, I talk about my own self-destructive sexual behavior. You can also Google the word, novelvision, directly to see my story. In the novel, “Tommy,” my protagonist visits an Internet chathost, the evil Vicki. She has entranced him and he first goes to her under the theory that she can help him understand his abusive father, a drunk and a pussy slave, whose financial largesse to a whore kept Tommy hungry at night as a child. And now, Tommy, himself, finds that he is as horny as his father ever was. And it is all complicated by a childhood murder. This actual crime is the part that most will be most concerned about in all of my writing. This novel is based on my true story. The novel deals heavily with social ostracism and supposed mental illness. Yet there is reason to believe that Tommy was never psychotic and in need of antipsychotic medications. Rather, Tommy (yes, me!) may have actually been autistic, having the condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome. After the worst of all this midlife crisis stuff was over, I wrote the Food and Drug Administration and warned them that the medication that I had been on, mellaril, may have catapulted me permanently into hyper sexuality. Anyway, Tommy ticks off the beautiful Vicki, and this shrewd woman begins her vendetta to the death. For my novel is about the evil of life, itself –as seen by a modern day Arthur Schopenhauer with a jerk-off problem. I do hope that you will take a look. I would like to ask you about the motivations of Internet Dominatrices. And I know you have opinions about your clients. pqt

First of all, I’d like to clarify the definition of the term “Internet Dominatrix” that you have used. I prefer to use the term “Internet Mistress”, since “Dominatrix” normally refers to a professional dominatrix who provides an array of services that doesn’t have very much in common with the services the Internet Mistress provides, and which generally don’t entail the personal commitment on the part of a submissive that he would show to a Mistress.

I have had limited association with Internet Mistresses myself, so most of my opinion is based on what I have been told by submissives recounting their experiences.

The Internet Mistress is into controlling males, and she is sadistic. She may use a variety of brainwashing techniques to establish this control, and many of these are expected of her. Generally the relationship between the Mistress and the submissive will involve her demanding that he do increasingly humiliating things to demonstrate how deep his commitment to her is. She may do research to find out private details about his life to demonstrate the extent to which she will go to exert control over him. Eventually she will have him do things to himself on cam, which she will capture and use as blackmail material. Often the progression is to forced bisexuality, and the “goal” is for the submissive to pimp himself out and pay her the proceeds.

I say “goal” in quotes, because generally the submissive has actively sought out this formulaic series of demands and has come fully prepared to acquiesce, so she is really only facilitating what he was intending to happen.

A sufficient number of Internet Mistresses provide these services gratis that the would-be “submissive” often demands a large expenditure of time and effort on the part of his chosen Mistress on the grounds that she does these things because she loves doing them, and he is providing a service to her by giving her someone to do them to. Since the relationship usually ends with the initiation into bisexuality (or sooner), generally no money exchanges hands, so she is usually unpaid anyway.

I think that perhaps you are referring to a different type of Mistress, the “Internet Money Mistress”, who fills a narrow niche. She demands money from her “pay pigs” and heaps scorn and humiliation on them, calling them pathetic and unworthy of being in her presence. They pay big, at least in theory, but in reality, there are many more women portraying themselves as greedy bitches or spoiled princesses than there are men of means paying for the privilege of being in their (virtual) presence. Many of these women can be found doing this over the telephone, in other words, as phone sex.

Electrons are free, so you don’t have to hook a sucker very often to make the enterprise profitable. Appearance is everything, so most of these women keep blogs making outrageous claims about automobiles and other big-ticket items they say they have received, making money domination sound like a growth industry.

The most self-declaredly successful woman I know in this niche alternated between bragging about men who pay her hundreds or thousands of dollars in a month and worrying about whether she would need to move back in with her parents to keep from defaulting on her bills. She finally ended up getting a very vanilla job, which doesn’t make it sound like all that profitable an enterprise.

Compounding this is the fact that this is really just a fantasy to most men who find it enticing. In fact, most of them have no desire to make continuing payments to a Money Mistress after the phone call ends, or may leave a small tip as a tribute.

I will reiterate that this is all highly formulaic. It is mostly acting and knowing how to apply the formula to the willing male. There is very little creativity, flexibility, or intelligence required to declare oneself a Money Mistress or an Internet Mistress. And just as with any small business, there is no start-up requirement for business skills. So while there are some Money Mistresses who understand the fetish and occasionally make some good money from a well-heeled pay pig, there are many more who occasionally get phone calls from men who pay nothing more then the cost of the phone call.

While there are (probably) Internet Mistresses out there who are intelligent and creative, etc, the terms I hear over and over again are words like “crazy”. I see Internet Mistresses get hold of what might be valuable information and show their hand immediately, giving the intended recipient merely a heads-up on what she’s planning. I see Mistresses take actions to publicly humiliate submissives that will have the end effect of making less money available to her or prematurely ending the working relationship between the two of them.

So often it really is a situation of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. While a long-term relationship may ultimately provide her with more money, she may be so obsessed with manipulation, subterfuge, humiliation, and control to the exclusion of all else that she will compulsively take steps that go counter to her own interests.

Since this is exactly what the submissive is looking for, they are made for each other.


Life imitating phone sex?

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I noticed an obituary in Wednesday’s newspaper

Michael Quarry, 55; lost light-heavyweight title fight

By Beth Harris

LOS ANGELES – Michael Quarry, the younger brother of hard-punching heavyweight Jerry Quarry and a contender in his own right for the light heavyweight title, has died…at…an assisted living facility.

“He started not being able to talk or walk three months ago,” (his sister) said Monday.

She gave the cause of death as pugilistic dementia, the same disease that had turned Jerry Quarry into a confused, childlike man before he died at 53 in 1999.

“His brain was atrophying in many areas,” said his brother-in-law…”

Does any of this ring a bell?

I’ve talked to my boys over and over again about aggressive male competitive behavior, showing you how males of various species behave in exactly the same way. The example of the mountain goats we see in documentaries comes to mind… Butting their heads against each other, causing each other brain damage or killing themselves. For what? The (male) announcer will tell you that they are competing for the attentions of females. Of course, the females don’t care. They aren’t there, are they? No, they are off raising the next generation.

A scientific study has shown that human males who perform risky behaviors (bungee jumping was the one in this study) will tell you that they are doing it to impress women. Bingo. Exactly the same behavior. In fact, I started to mention this to a caller, and he immediately told me he did bungee jumping. I couldn’t resist, and I asked him why. He told me it was to impress women. Well, doh. It’s a no-brainer, literally, because it’s a behavior that is not part of the conscious mind. The women who they spoke to in the study were, of course, not impressed. They thought it was a really stupid thing to do.

So what’s the real purpose of these risky behaviors? Behaviors are inherited, after all. This behavior would not have been inherited if not for the fact that it gave some advantage to the individuals that possessed it.

The purpose is this: they are voluntarily thinning themselves out of the herd, and the biggest and most brutish individual survives to pass on his genes to his descendents.

Now there may be a major advantage to this if you are the biggest, baddest mountain goat. But in modern society, there is no advantage to being big and brutish and dumb. Males are still cavemen, adapted best to fighting, to hunting, with their bare hands and with rocks and sticks.

Boxing is the sport that best exemplifies this in all regards. Unlike bungee jumping, which is a stunt, it is a full sport, a way of life. And unlike bungee jumping, which for all the thrills and apparent risk involved, is basically safe, the participants in the sport of boxing are causing each others brain damage and long-term, killing themselves. And for what? They are doing it for competitive glory, aggressive competition being an end in itself.

They are thinning themselves out of the herd. But don’t worry, there are plenty more cavemen where they came from.


Vandalism and the male psyche

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I often talk with my boys about male and female behaviors, which cross cultures and species. The male behavior I would like to talk about today is vandalism, which comes from Vandal, a barbarian group of the late Roman era that…you guessed it! was infamous for pillaging and plundering.

Here is a video, evidence that the behavior continues in males unabated.

The male’s territoriality is expressed in several ways. He may stake out a territory of his own and fight to defend it, but this is less commonly seen until he begins to acquire significant property. In oneupmanship, males score more points and get more prestige by defeating other males in their territories and destroying property – belonging to anyone – than by maintaining their own territory.

I have said this crosses species. Look at the housecat. The female sets out a territory which is approximately the owner’s property line, while the male merely uses the owner’s property as a staging area from which to mount attacks on other male cats.

Human males also gain prestige by showing disrespect to females, not limited to property destruction. But gaining prestige by property destruction is so much a requisite of being male that males will destroy their own property if they do not have access to anyone else’s, a tactic employed most often with items they neither paid for themselves nor are invested in – If I break this it will show disrespect for the person who bought it for me.

Of course, ravaging hordes are not seen much these days, thanks to law enforcement, among other things. There are degrees in the expression of this behavior, too. So what happens in a classroom is that when the boys ask to borrow pencils, they are likely to immediately break them and leave the shattered pieces on the floor. A great many things are in play here. They are demonstrating that

  • they can get away with small vandalisms
  • they can be disrespectful to the teacher yet claim plausible deniability
  • they are playing alpha male to sabotage the teacher’s alpha positioning in class
  • and they are using the pencil shards to mark out a passing territory in the room. I was here and look at what I did.

All of these are things that are immediately noticeable to the teacher who is aware, but may seem random to a teacher who is not clued in on sex-linked territorial behavior.

The draw to this behavior is so great that the male will perform it when it is clearly not in his own long-term interest. This counterproductive instinct runs in a different level of the brain than real thought, so boys who have never attempted deep thoughts will be unable to access it.

So a the boy who borrows colored pencils and breaks them, leaving the pieces on the floor, may be perplexed when his next request for materials is refused. He may be unable to comprehend that there is a connection between the fact that he broke what he borrowed one day and his request being refused on the next. He may presume that it is just the teacher being a bitch. His instinct is telling him that it is his male prerogative to break the teacher’s things, and it is her female obligation to provide him with things to break!

Of course, there are counter-strategies that can be taken by the teacher who is aware. I have found that if the students are charged ten cents for a pencil they need, that it will become part of their actual territory (I exchanged something of value for it, and I made use of it.) and they are highly unlikely to destroy it then.

I don’t want to hear any crap out of any of you boys about prejudice against males or the need to nurture your tender psyches. Consider that neither today nor through history have we heard about roving bands of females destroying property for the sake of destruction.

Vandals, Huns, Mongol Horde… do any of these names bring to mind women on horseback wielding weapons?


Tease and denial

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Today I talked to a guy who is into tease and denial. He told me his wife won’t let him cum except once a week or so if he’s good, but she lets him call for phone sex, which is ok as long as he doesn’t cum. Um, right. Let’s see what we can do.

So I played him slowly, made him beg me repeatedly, but I kept telling him that only his wife can give him permission, and she hadn’t spoken to me about it. Then, oh dear! He didn’t get to cum before I drained his account dry.

So then I got a call from a bad boy who’d been caught smoking dope behind the school. Hot and horny and stoned he was. After his spanking he forgot to ask me for permission to cum. I ended up having to call his parents and put a note on his permanent record. Bad boy, we’ll remember that next time we see you.


Commentary and more commentary

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A little more from John –

# John said, June 5, 2006 at 5:54 pm · Edit

Lol! I do seem to have hit a sore spot, haven’t I? I’m not going to waste my time attempting to deal with all of the falsities in your comment, since I don’t believe anyone who thinks that a particular group is superior to another based upon an accident of birth is really open to rational debate, but I did want to mention one thing.

Sore spot? Not likely. I just like to pick apart people’s pathetic pseudo-arguments.

Any animal trainer can tell you that behavior is heritable. Aggressive dogs bred together will produce aggressive puppies. Animals with gentle temperaments pass them on to their offspring. And we are, of course, animals.

Behavior is a survival characteristic. People with certain behaviors were more likely to have produced surviving offspring in the past, which would result in them passing on these behaviors to their own offspring. These behaviors remain evident in the general population, irrespective of their relevance to modern society.

What behaviors are characteristic of males and females in the human species? Well, females will attempt to find a male who will stay at home to help her care for her young, thus increasing their chances of survival. Males will tend to attempt to keep a female under control at home in order to assure that she will stick around and raise his offspring, thus increasing their chances of survival to adulthood, while at the same time, he will attempt to sire as many more offspring by other females as possible, leaving the job of raising them to those females. Their chances of survival without a male in the wild might not have been great, but his investment was zero.

But we’re still talking about historical times. Let’s look back hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago, when our behaviors were taking hold of us.

Humans and pre-humans settled an inhospitable world sparsely. In fact, a lone human bereft of a tribe might not have run into another for years. To increase the chances of successful procreation, nature provided that whenever a male and fertile female met, he would be ready for mating.

Think of what this means. Your testosterone levels are so high that you’re ready for sex at the drop of a hat. You think about sex every eight seconds. Tops. And you’d do almost anything for sex, even if it’s risky. So the male would take great risks to get to the female for sex. The female did not take risks, as her breeding potential was much more important to the survival of the species than the male’s.

Its funny that you pick Sweden as your example of successful socialism, since it is not in ‘fact’ socialist. Sweden is a mixed system of high-tech capitalism and extensive welfare benefits. Privately owned firms account for approximately 90% of industrial output. Privately owned means capitalism, not socialism.

Ooh, Sweden not a socialist country. News to them. Maybe we should try…Finland, where all public fees are based on your income level, so that a traffic ticket may cost you $50,000 if you’re rich enough.

It sounds like what you are saying is that there aren’t any socialist countries, and your argument is a red herring. Or are you planning on picking the most poverty-stricken and miserable country and assign it the classification “socialist” based on its poverty and misery quotient?

No doubt posting this was a waste of time, but it was a slow night anyway. And at least I had a good laugh reading some of the truly ridiculous inferences you made about me. Of course it’s my own fault, if I’d read your blog a little more carefully I wouldn’t of (sic) posted anything in the first place. Trying to discuss something rationally with you, would be like trying to have a reasoned debate with a member of the kkk, a waste of time. You both only see things through the twisted prism of your own ideology.

Though I have to admit people who hold the kind sick views that you do , hold a certain fasination for me. I mean, how do you come to the idea that some arbitrary grouping of people is better than another? Whether this grouping is based on race, nationality, or gender; this seems patently ridiculous to me. How can you judge someone just on the way they’re born? Whether it’s the color of thier (sic) skin, or thier ethnicity, or thier (sic) genitalia as seems important to you , it’s no way to judge a person. It’s the individual and what they do that matters, not the group they’re a part of.

I love people like this. If there were a god, it would have put them on earth to amuse me. It is so politically convenient to say that all people are exactly the same except for their own motivation. This makes it easy to take credit where none is due, and then to blame others for that which you are at fault. You see, there is no free will. You are controlled by your sex drive, typical sex-linked behaviors, and chance. You play out the roles of your ancestors, out of place and out of time. In another era you might have been killed and eaten by bears.

[In fact, there are quite a few politicians who I’m sure would be killed and eaten by bears within minutes if we released them into the wild…]

The pointless competitiveness of males is demonstrated in this very exchange. You have come to this blog to challenge my views because I don’t agree with you that you are worthy, and you don’t even know who I am. I challenge your perception of reality, and you must strike back, threatened by a woman who won’t give you respect that you haven’t earned. You see, you think you deserve adulation and respect of women because you have genitals. You take this as you badge of honor, like all other men, thinking that your genitals set you apart from other men. This is not something you are programmed to think deep thoughts about. In fact, you have been educated not to examine the bases of your beliefs.

The question of who I am and what kind of blog this is makes it all the more humorous that you have come here to trade arguments with me.

Since you obviously didn’t notice, I’ll clarify. This is a female superiorist femdom phone sex blog you are commenting in, and it is at least partly fiction and partly tongue in cheek. One of the blogs I keep was even started for the sole purpose of keeping track of a slave of mine.

Now for the news. I actually found an article in a science journal about a study demonstrating male bonding behaviors in lizards, my favorite reptile.

Male side-blotched lizards with blue throats stake out territories next to each other, and will protect each other against bigger, more aggressive orange-marked side-blotched lizards, even though doing so is very risky to them, and even though they are not related.

Think about this. Previous research has shown that individuals in many species will risk their lives when the lives of blood relatives are at stake. How far lizards have come in developing this particular behavior, a behavior which is, of course, inherited from their parents, just like the behaviors I discussed above.

Curious, this male behavior.


Female superiority and…bullshit

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So I finally sat down to update this blog, and what do I find but a comment from some dude who is trying to lecture me on the connection between socialism and poverty without knowing anything about socialism or (I presume) poverty. Did he need facts? No, of course not. He was able to manufacture his arguments out of thin air.

Sorry guy, I’m a believer in content. I know stuff. You don’t know stuff. Why? Because when you went to school, they taught you that all opinions are created equal, all facts are created equal, and an opinion is as good as a fact. So you watch Fox TV, the propaganda arm of the republican party, where they manufacture lies at the drop of a hat, spread them with malice aforethought, and move on to the next set of lies as the press, having lost interest in fact-checking, serves as a pipeline for the lies.

No. If your opinion is not supported by the facts as they exist, you are only deluding yourself by manufacturing factoids to support some proposition that you don’t even understand.
That which we call a rose

Now for the fun stuff.

Degree-wise, women dominate in once-male bastions

By Ben Fuller

Associated Press

Washington – Women now earn the majority of diplomas in fields men used to dominate – from biology to business – and have caught up in pursuit of law, medicine, and other advanced degrees.

Federal statistics released yesterday show women now also earn the majority of bachelor’s degrees in business, history, and biological and social sciences…

And in disciplines where women trail men, they are gaining ground, earning larger numbers of degrees in math, physical sciences, and agriculture.

Women now account for about half the enrollment in professional programs such as law, medicine, and optometry, up from 22 percent a generation ago.

Despite the gains, women earn about 76 percent as much as men…and are underrepresented in full-time faculty jobs…

While women make gains, the enrollment of men in professional degree programs is declining.

Boys need to have their aspirations raised just as girls have, said Tom Mortensen, senior scholar for the Pell Institute…

“Women have been making educational progress, and the men are stuck,” he said. “They haven’t just fallen behind women. They have fallen behind the job market.”

What? Examine the facts. A more correct statement would be, “Women have been making educational progress, and the men have fallen behind women in educating themselves and the job market.”

Fallen behind

We’ve talked about this before, guys who don’t work in school and women who do. The sense of privilege boys have because they are male, and the fact that they have decided that life will come to them as easily as A’s in middle school, because they’re good, just for being guys.

And the fact that we put up with this in school in order to nurture their fragile egos, so they can discover learning by themselves, or choose to sit on their duffs and watch tv, then complain about bad grades and sue schools for discrimination against males.

There’s too much freedom in modern society. Given freedom, males get lazy and express their creativity through gambling and aggressive competition, as the entry I have linked to shows. Men need to be controlled. Looks like women are the ones who will need to do the controlling, and they are studying hard to do that. Otherwise men will just be excess, useless, like drones at a beehive.

I’d be damned if I’d ever support a guy who was unemployed because he’d chosen not to bother learning in school. Can you spell ‘drone’?

Female Superiority and bullshit

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Not sure what the problem is with this. I put a script on my server and found that this misspelled url keeps coming up repeatedly. So here’s the correct link where you can find the post you are looking for.


To Chicago and back

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So much to catch up on.

I was at Shibaricon last weekend, and I’m still recovering. Shibaricon, you say? A Japanese rope bondage convention. There were 6 workshops running simultaneously for 3 days +, and three full nights of playtime. It’s definitely a place to go to next year.

In fact, I learned some really useful stuff I was able to put to use almost immediately. A bad boy got sent to my office for being found in the girls locker room, playing with their panties. I dressed him up in girly clothes and hogtied him, took some cool pictures. Visit my website for more info, or click here.