To Chicago and back

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So much to catch up on.

I was at Shibaricon last weekend, and I’m still recovering. Shibaricon, you say? A Japanese rope bondage convention. There were 6 workshops running simultaneously for 3 days +, and three full nights of playtime. It’s definitely a place to go to next year.

In fact, I learned some really useful stuff I was able to put to use almost immediately. A bad boy got sent to my office for being found in the girls locker room, playing with their panties. I dressed him up in girly clothes and hogtied him, took some cool pictures. Visit my website for more info, or click here.

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  1. Principal Quattrano's Toy said,

    June 4, 2006 at 11:38 am

    Dear Principal,

    So glad you had fun tying up poor, defenseless men on your trip. Yet, your victim seemed kind of like he liked it. Isn’t BDSM supposed to be for sad people who have not found their way? Isn’t BDSM just for desperate “losers,” the jaded, and the broken-hearted lonely? Not to mention the self-hating and the suicidal. Oh, yes, forgot: the devil worshipfucks, too. Or maybe those who are probably left of center, or homeless and without a white picket fence. So, it’s obvious. This smiling guy, so abused and immobilized by a hateful woman, a man-hater, obviously, is some kind of freakazoid.

    But. I found the dildo commercial link amusing, too. Obviously, I’m a way screwy creature, so don’t listen to me. Principal Quattrano’s Toy