The new face of Internet forum trolls

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First, we need some definitions, nomenclature. What is a troll?

According to a must-read article in Wikipedia, “a troll is someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion, including the personal attack of calling others trolls.”

Not only will trolls begin bizarre threads for the purpose of creating dissention, they will hijack threads not about their favorite topics, take on alternate identities in order to keep flames fanned by pretending to carry on discussion, attack others not in complete agreement, and beg for help in defending themselves from the persecution.

The majority of site members try to reason with trolls or give help, regardless of how increasingly absurd the trolls make their situation appear. Members will fall all over each other to be helpful, and rarely does anyone critically analyze the story of the troll, which would not stand scrutiny.

This is a standard description of an Internet troll, a person who comes to a site for the purpose of raising hell and setting members against each other.

Keep in mind that though the Internet is an anonymous place, trolls often are not anonymous. They may be in a position beyond reproach, like one I observed on several food and wine oriented boards. Because this person was rich, confident, and semi-famous, he got deference from board members, moderators, and owners, then immediately started posting absurd threads and hijacking other threads back to a few favorite topics – topics so absurd on their face that no meaningful discussion really could occur – filled with personal attacks on other board members. The length of time it took to ban this person on a board was in proportion to what I would call the “sucking up quotient” of the board owner. In other words, it took about two years. Since the owner of this particular board was a celebrity ass-licker, the person was not banned until after many members had complained and then left, and many members had chosen sides. The two groups were, of course, “he has a right to speak his mind” and “STFU and go start your own board if you don’t like it”. There were a great many members banned in the rift, and an overhaul of ongoing moderation standards.

In fact, with improved moderation on many boards, trolls like this are rarely seen.

That’s not the kind of troll I want to discuss today. I’m thinking of a somewhat different type of forum troll. This person shows up at a forum where they have a sincere interest, but generally is completely ignorant about the topic. They ask for endless advice in dealing with their situation, revealing in excrutiating detail things that just don’t add up. Their endless questions are met, again and again, with flurries of posts from helpful board members who, as always, fall all over themselves in what appears to be a helpfulness competition.

The troll in fact never does seem to take any of the advice given. His situation is surrealistically fluid, impossible to pin down. He endlessly floods the board with “pity” posts: Help me!

If someone is to raise a question about a discrepancy (“You’re having trouble thinking? Maybe it was all that dope you told us you smoked yesterday…”) other board members immediately rise to the aid of this person, demanding that one and all should provide him with unconditional support in this, his time of need.

Board members who disagree with the troll keep their thoughts to themselves or share them in PMs to avoid being attacked themselves.

Ultimately it appears that it is impossible to determine whether the troll is emotionally unstable or merely a fictional device being used by a malicious interloper.

How does it end? I can’t say that I know. One board I belonged to I left over a poster who dominated discussion in this way. The board just got too boring. A year later I happened back to that board and saw that that poster was no longer posting but was still a member in good standing. She bored herself off the board?

I’m currently observing two other situations like this on two very different boards I belong to. Ultimately the situations will resolve themselves, but til then, who knows? I will keep you updated.


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I had a call last night from a guy looking to work out a Mommy fantasy. “Mommy”? He called the Principal for that?

It turns out that his fantasy involved paddling, being made to stand in the corner, spanking, and lots of lecturing, all by his Stepmother, apparently the family disciplinarian.

She is controlling, but she has his best interests at heart. After all, learning to take orders from a woman is a very important skill for our boys to learn, and if parents wish to handle this instead of handing their little miscreants over to the schools, more power to them. The younger he develops this self-control, the more successful he will be in life, civilized and genteel, instead of taking pride in being a caveman with an ipod, eyes glazed over with autosedation.

Be good.


Had a call last night…

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From a guy who wanted a Mistress. It seems he wanted the standard Mistress experience, at least I guess so, which is really not what I do. I’m not even sure what those other girls do to their males.

I told him that my specialty is roleplay. and described (briefly) my favorite roleplay, that of the Principal in her office, correcting a bad boy in need of firm guidance. He was a little reluctant, but decided to suspend disbelief and go with it.

Well my goodness. Not only did we manage to get through the whole lecture, but afterwards he was raving about how my technique sent him into subspace.

Control your mind, control your body, control your soul. Works for me.


Progress made in eliminating the need for men

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Just kidding, guys, but I got your attention, didn’t I? What these scientists did was develop a procedure that turned mouse embryonic stem cells into viable mouse sperm cells. They then used these sperm cells to fertilize eggs, which resulted in seven baby mice being born, six of which reached adulthood, There were some developmental issues, but overall a nice first try.

Scientists are theorizing that this might become a useful procedure for producing sperm for a man who is himself incapable of sperm production, provided it also becomes possible to harvest and grow stem cells from his blood.

I think this would be a great basis for a work of fiction.

‘Lab-made sperm’ fertility hope


Speaking of Money Mistresses…

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I could say it all started on the PSO Boards (which last time I looked was once again in a state of having been hacked). When I was an active participant of that board posters were often accused of theft – a right-click theft of a button, a block of text, a photo of somebody else. As so often happened on that board, the miscreant would apologize with lame excuses:

“Oh, it was an accident that I right-clicked, saved it to my desktop, uploaded it to my server and put it in my webpage.”

“I didn’t mean to do it.”

“I had no idea you shouldn’t do that.”

“It was an accident that I hotlinked to your graphics”

and the ever-popular

“I didn’t build the page, my web designer must have stolen that stuff.”

She was welcomed back into the fold like the prodigal daughter, only to sin again and again, becoming bolder and bolder, surrounding herself in clouds of drama to distract attention from what she had done.

I try to avoid participating in such a silly waste of energy. I keep to myself and people leave me alone, too. Until now, when somebody has finally done something to really piss me off. And you lucky guys, I’m sharing it with you. Take it as an allegory, a parable.

You see, this girl portrays herself as financial domme on Niteflirt, a phone sex platform that is clogged with wannabe spoiled princesses who want all your money. They’re all fighting over half a dozen “pay pigs” and a ton of wannabe pay pigs who have only enough money to buy an occasional phone calls. But hey, if you call a financial domme. you can feel wealthy for a few minutes, can’t you?

The first time I was aware of her was when she was accused of a right-click indiscretion on the PSO Boards. She seemed innocently unaware of the fact that doing this is not considered acceptable behavior, and was not sorry, unless “I’m sorry this bothered you” counts.

Fast forward.

Not long afterwards this same member came to the board to start a thread crying and whining that “they” were treating her badly on another board. Somebody found the board and asked her pointblank if this was the thread she was referring to, and she said no.

Of course it was. If you read the thread (read the other thread it is linked to, too) you will see that she lifted another site (Raven Riley’s single girl site) and reproduced it with minor modifications as her own. If you go to her site, you won’t see what was there on that day, as it has been completely replaced. But the text of the thread is instructive, and there’s an interesting pic that some forward-looking board member saved for posterity.

You can see that the guys involved in the adult webmaster business have no sense of humor about this kind of thing at all. Of course not. After all, these are guys who keep lawyers on retainer. The girls at the PSO Board reamed her a new one, too.

Let’s fast forward again. Five or six weeks ago someone posted on another (private) PSO forum I belong to that there was a livejournal blog, supposedly written by a disaffected customer for the purpose of “outing” phone sex girls. The thing is, while disaffected customers do exist, what they are annoyed at is not a little phone fantasy, but being made fools of by internet “mistresses” who turn out to be less than young, beautiful, slender, and large-chested. They demand to be made fools of only by women who fit this description! In their minds, the fact that they themselves may be emotionally stunted trolls shouldn’t stand in the way of them finding a really hot mistress. But since they are ready to be made fools of, ready to commit their loyalty for life to a stranger no questions asked, guys like this often end up being the online submissives of guys posing as young women, as things are wont to go on the anonymous Internet.

The other group of “outers” is failed phone sex mistresses themselves, jealous that their lack of phone presence a/k/a acting ability keeps them from making the big phone bucks that girls with better acting, writing, design, and marketing skills can earn.

Within a few hours of the creation of the livejournal blog, there had been several entries “outing” a number of girls as “fake” – androids, I guess – and a slew of similar comments, clearly written by the same few people. The blog was not set up for default moderation of comments, so soon there were comments disputing things like the fact that the most famous “outed” girl only uses her own photos and does cam. Finally someone (again, anonymously, as all comments were) posted a list of the identites of those who were the likely suspects. Hey! I recognized their writing style in the inflammatory comments above.

I had a sneaky suspicion that the page was going to go “poof” soon, and saved the html file. Sure enough, the entire page disappeared within hours. I posted on that other board that it was available if anybody missed it and wanted to see it. No one ever asked, until the other day.

I was approached on a yahoo ID that I rarely use by someone purporting to be a “newbie”, who claimed to be starting a Niteflirt account, also claiming to be a reader of that private board. When I asked for a Niteflrit membername, that person refused. They asked a lot of content questions, then asked for “the screenshots”. I did not acknowledge that screenshots exist (well, they do not), and asked for that person’s username on that board. They backed down and said they were on a different board, so clearly they had no legitimate way of knowing about the post in question. I dished out the gossip without naming names, then told them about the existence of the thread which I linked to above. They asked repeatedly about getting “the screenshots”, and asked lots of prying personal questions, none of which I answered. They also used the term “fake pic”, solely the provenance of failed money mistresses and their subs. So it was clear that this was a guy sent to try to pry information out of me.

A few days later I reopened that IM account and found it flooded with obscene IMs. My goodness, girlie, you have a foul mouth! Your mother should have washed it out with soap. Or maybe you should have been paddled instead of dropping out in grammar school.

Things to notice here: doesn’t she hate people who are older than she is? Unfortunately wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Too bad. Sucks for you, eh?

I guess she took that thing out of her account about being an 18 year old money princess. Probably it didn’t look good to people who could do arithmetic, because it was saying she’d been doing phone sex since she was 15.

Also notice how she keeps “dismissing” me. Isn’t that cute?

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:23:25 PM): lol lol an over the bill bitch calling someone ugly..that is fucking funny. and as for me causing trouble behind the screne? dumb bitch I stopped posting on many message boards months ago.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:23:38 PM): I already know who the other black girl is and we are two different people.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:26:11 PM): a an old chic trying to appear young through pics. a black accent. lol. Actually I sound pretty caucasian I dont sound black in the slightest bit. And as for me stealing other girls’ work. Um how about NO. I profit on my own and I have moved on from that incident. and I don’t bother up with many people on the message board and nor do I fucking post. So guess what FUCK YOU.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:26:50 PM): I have learned from my mistakes and I don’t tend to repeat them so you can kiss my black ass HAG.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:27:22 PM): you’re badmouthing me to my friend cunt. Oh yea and one more thing.. if I did have a content chic she wouldn’t be BLACK.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:28:29 PM): So sit on it and bounce you old biddy. Oh yes by the way, how is your face holding up?

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:30:02 PM): So you’re the one who looks stupid not me because you don’t know what you are talking about. I am free as a jaybird and HAPPY. I am making money and doing quite well. No need to steal from other people. I am successful and I am working on improving my site even more. So suck on that bitch.

\the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:31:25 PM): Show your pictures Miss Hottie..oh wait you won’t because you aren’t worth shit from a horse’s ass.

the_profit_princess (07/03/06 7:31:26 PM): ciao

Show Recent Messages (F3)

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the_profit_princess: sorry creating a livejournal account to embarass someoen isn’t worth my time..

the_profit_princess: take care..

the_profit_princess: and I won’t wear that nail polish anyway..

the_profit_princess: lol

the_profit_princess: you’re late

Angelika Smith: I’m late, lol

Angelika Smith: If you were remotely successful you wouldn’t be sending out your bitch boys to pretend to be girls prying for information with obvious lies

Thanks for the exchange, I’m going to paste it in my blog.

cummingcandi (07/07/06 3:46:10 AM): I don’t like hearing about other girls being stabbed in the bac

cummingcandi (07/07/06 3:45:54 AM): I told her what she needed to know.

cummingcandi (07/07/06 3:45:31 AM): I did that on my own

cummingcandi (07/07/06 3:45:17 AM): bye

the_profit_princess (07/07/06 3:42:47 AM): class dismissed.

the_profit_princess (07/07/06 3:42:39 AM): you should not have been putting my name into your mouth.

the_profit_princess (07/07/06 3:41:38 AM): you are quite an entertainer…

the_profit_princess (07/07/06 3:41:15 AM): good nite

the_profit_princess is currently not in your Messenger List.

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You currently appear offline to the_profit_princess.

the_profit_princess: you should not have been putting my name into your mouth.

Angelika Smith: Ah, but I never used your name, regardless of how many times your bitchboy tried to get it out of me, I did not say it, I refused to give identities. I’m not sure why you are bringing up this old dead matter, but since it’s clear you want publicity, I assure you I can get it for you. Your own words and actions speak the loudest of all.

In fact, another mistress showed up to leave a message for her, as though my Messenger account had become some kind of a public meeting place.

Can’t you just picture her roaming the Internet with her homeboy, looking for weak people to bully, pulling out her virtual switchblade to make virtual threats to those around her?

Did I say “roaming the Internet”? You bet I did. You see, she’s a person who gets almost no calls ( I checked, she’s gotten about 5% of the calls I received while being on the system three times as long).

She has nothing to do. Her website says she is in the process of dominating the world. Right.

I don’t like to play silly games, like this drama princess does. In fact, I don’t play games at all. I play for real.

So while they were undoubtedly plottiing their next move, trying to decide the best way to escalate the harassment, I was looking at that little line in the message window, the one you get when you’ve been IM’d by someone not on your friends list:

Add to your Messenger List (Ctrl+Shift+A) Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R)

I clicked the Spam link on all three of them. Problem solved.


There’s a dumbass born every day

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Ok, this guy has been posting in a phone sex forum for about a month. He’s styled himself as a male PSO, you know, one of those straight guys who is willing to bash fags to get a buck, but couldn’t act his way out of a bucket to do gay sex calls and make some real money. Because, you see, what he really wants is women to call him and pay him for phone. In a fair world, the women would be calling him because he’s just plain good – a real man – instead of laughing at him, as they are. And if they’re not going to be calling him, they should stop exploiting the sex drives of men and get into some other line of work.

Appropriate sound effect

I couldn’t help but respond, to toy with him. It makes me feel like a cat that swats a baby mouse back and forth before finally moving in for the kill.

So I’ll reproduce here for you what I wrote. I don’t intend to ask his permission to quote him, so I won’t be reproducing his words.

It is solely an issue of supply and demand. You guys stop calling and we’ll find a different line of work.

The choice is really yours, and always has been. You can’t change the men around you, but you can change yourself. You are neither a victim nor a slave to your sex drive, the same as with all other customers on the site – unless you have chosen to be.

You just need to learn to come to grips with the fact that evolution has resulted in an excess male sexual capacity. Survival of the species was ensured by having males ready to procreate during that brief time in the reproductive cycle when females are fertile. Unfortunately for you males, now that the species is no longer in danger of extinction this has become the challenge for you, wanting sex more often than the females around you have need of it. But as I always say, more challenge will give you males the opportunity to build more character.

Lots of guys do control their sex drives and don’t call us on the site, nor do they become speakers for the purpose of hanging with the phone hos. If you’re not a slave to your sex drive, then you can walk away from this site. If you stay and cling to what you say you abhor, your actions are speaking much louder than your words, regardless of what font size you may choose to use..

So the time has finally arrived to turn your glance down to gaze at your glistening ruby slippers, click your bejeweled heels and murmur three times, “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…”


Wanker of the week award!

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Can you mail a bill to my house? HAHAHAHAHA…..