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Well, it was a noble experiment. When I completely redesigned this website, I decided to split up my blogs by topic, having read that blogs should have a narrow focus to keep your readership interested. But at this point, the other blogs (Ask the Principal and Principal Quattrano at Work) don’t seem to be getting any readership whatsoever, and I’m not even all that sure that the readers of this blog are less interested in the topics I segregated to the others.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t promoted them as I have with this blog. But still, I haven’t seen the sort of interest that would show me that doing so is worth the bother. It just seems that entries that might be here entertaining my regular readers are shunted off into oblivion, even though I make lots of cross-links.

So here’s my proposal. You can email me to let me know how you feel about it. If the multi-blog format doesn’t get any support, I’ll just phase it out. We’ll see how that goes.

Facts? Who needs to know facts?

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I responded to a comment on another blog of mine, thought you’d like to read it.

  1. Richard Says:
    When I was in elementary school my grades 1 – 4 were in split classrooms. Half the class was one grade, the other the next grade above. This was supposedly for the kids in the lower grade to get a better education. (It wasn’t due to a lack of money, teachers or room.) It vanished when I moved and went to a different school. Perhaps it was an experiment.

    To try to bring in the larger theme of your blog …

    While I’m not transgendered or unmasculine I’ve always felt that as a little boy I most strongly identified with my mother. Given that she read and did things like crossword puzzles – unlike my “hunting and fishing” father – might explain why I’ve always been fairly verbal.

    Once in junior high (middle school in some states) I found myself in one of the classes geared for the bottom. When a student went up to the map of North America and asked where Russia was it was an education of a different sort.

    Well still trying to get back to the topic.

    I do remember that in junior high it was normally the girls who did their homework, had read the assigned books. But I’d have to say I never felt they were brighter than the males, just more studious.

    The increase of violence and misbehavior in classrooms tended to pick up thankfully after I’d left public school.

  2. principalquattrano Says:
    There weren’t any multi-age classrooms in any school I was in as a small child, but I don’t know how representative my experience was, since I spent grades K-4 in a private school. They do stilll have multi-age classrooms in grades K-3 in one of the systems I work in. The purpose is to increase the emotional security of a child not to have to change teachers every year. But this shows the priority of the school and the education system: education in the lower grades is about nurturing, not about teaching facts, or very much of anything else, either.

    Well, the whole educational system has gotten away from teaching facts, so why should the lower grades be any different? Who needs facts, anyway? Well, hopefully nobody, because they don’t seem to be learning any.

    In elementary school, we hire teachers for their nurturing capability, not for any expertise or interest in knowledge. Come middle school, we start to teach, but kids get good grades in order to support the development of their psyches, not based on whether they have learned the material.

    Throughout the system, there’s some sort of a “it’s ok if you don’t learn this now, you’ll learn just by being present where I’m teaching, and can choose to learn it the next time we teach it to you” attitude going on.

    And then, the kids show up in high school, and only the few who have decided voluntarily to read and learn on their own know anything. The rest of the kids can’t understand anything they read, can’t perform simple arithmetic problems, and the only “scientific facts” they know are incorrect.

    Like, excuse me! Let’s not just waste everybody’s time. Teach it the first time. Then spend the rest of my tax dollars on something worthwhile.

    Personally, I have always known that I do not think like a girl, for what that’s worth.


Gotta watch each other’s backs

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In Ask the Principal, another blog of mine, I responded to a comment to the previous entry to this blog.

Somebody’s got to do something about it.

The question is a comment written in response to my blog entry Niteflirt in the news…kind of…Part 1?:

I work for a company who USES Niteflirt. I am almost sure that they have taken the money and ran. I have not been paid for the last four pay periods and they keep telling me that niteflirt has frozen my acct. info. But they were able to free it up enough that i go back to work after a couple weeks. I don’t understand. I am tryig to work something out with all of my creditors..cause i’m on the verge of losing everything now. How do i find out if NiteFlirt froze my account or not.




Niteflirt in the news…kind of…Part I?

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First, why is there a question mark after ‘Part I’?

Those of you who read my blog know that I tend to write long posts when I have something to say. But I have only just begun here, and it already looks like it’s going to be covering multiple related topics at length, so what’s probably going to happen is it’s going to get repeated rewrites and edits and end up as multiple posts. Either that, or when I run out of things to say, the question mark will mysteriously vanish.

Now, an intro, a question, a vocabulary word. What is Niteflirt? Silly, if you don’t know, you’d better call me RIGHT NOW! because you’ve been very neglectful. The Principal has been waiting for you in her Office, and you are LATE. You’re gonna catch HELL. I’m gonna whoop your ass. Why, I might even have to make a note on your permanent record!

But seriously. Back to reality. Niteflirt is the billing platform many of us doing phone sex and domination use to receive our pay. It’s not perfect, but compared to all other options that are available, it’s damned fine. Those of us who work that platform are called “Speakers” or “Flirts”.

The original news story can be found here. On a slow news weekend, it was picked up and run by just about every newsroom in the country, and now sits on all their websites. There were errors in the story, and there were also some questionable statements made – that were not questioned by the ‘reporter’.

Now before I start making my comments, I’ll give you the blog entry of another flirt, which will save me rewriting what she wrote as well as I would have liked to:

From Madame Knows: Don’t Be Diss’in MY Nite Flirt!

Words can’t properly express how livid this wee lil Fem Dom is at a recent media report, that tells a sad tale, and incorrectly highlights the company we are affiliated with.

TheKansasCityChannel.com. news station interview with Ms. Huge included a video lead- in shot of the Nite Flirt landing page, in spite of the fact she was working for a company that is using Keen’s stellar reputation to possibly cheat hard werkin’ phone actresses! (more…)

The company that supposedly ripped off this woman and others was not Niteflirt. It was a company that was using Niteflirt’s platform to run its business. It’s too easy (in my opinion – many flirts feel it should not even be possible) to start a company to do this, and there are no safeguards whatever for the workers. But nevertheless, there are some legitimate companies that run their phone sex businesses this way, though only a few pay their girls well.

What is “well”? Flirts working on Niteflirt pay a .20 a minute connection fee plus 30% for the use of the platform. They can set their own prices. So someone charging $1.64 a minute will receive up to $1 of that, depending on whether they choose to buy pay-per-click featuring (advertising) on the site.

Of course, a company that runs its business using Niteflirt has expenses. There may not be a lot of different expenses, as there would be if you were buying a phone dispatch system, 800 numbers, office space, etc., but they are still significant. Besides payroll for the workers, there are featuring and other advertising costs, and then you have to make enough money yourself to make the whole thing worthwhile. Advertising can be a big expense if you are actually going to get enough calls so the girls earn enough money to make it worth staying in your employ.

So what usually happens is someone looking for easy money will start one of these companies and hire naive women as independent contractors. They will usually pay .27 to .40 a minute of call time, so the women are dependent on their employer doing enough marketing to send them enough calls to pay their bills.

Unfortunately, one of the marketing strategies is to charge the customer rock bottom prices in order to get more calls, rating points/feedback, and return customers, then raise the prices later. By the time the owner realizes that this strategy is not reliable – rating points don’t bring in new customers and regualars are notoriously unreliable, not to mention the fact that customers who call low-priced girls often move on when the price is raised – the company is in the red and ready to miss paychecks.

Now here’s where the “scam artist” personality aspect of the fly-by-night make-money-fast business operator comes in. They know they are not going to be held accountable for scamming their workers, as the workers are not employees in the eyes of the law. It is an easy step to start making excuses as to why the paycheck is late or does not show up this week. Small excuses seamlessly move up to bigger excuses. The fact that the owner hired naive and unquestioning workers is now working to his or her advantage in a major way. Not only are these workers more likely to accept the excuses for late or non-payment, but they have not been learning about how the industry works or how independent operators all around them are running successful businesses without companies like these.

Trusting, gullible, yes. I’ve heard of situations where a company that paid really well stopped giving paychecks, and over a period of weeks ended up owing their top earners thousands of dollars. But work for 3 months for a company that has never given you a paycheck at all? That’s neither trusting nor gullible, it’s just plain not credible. Supposedly there were lots of these workers in exactly the same situation…Nope. This in itself is fishy.

Even if she told them that they were going to be receiving the money that the little recording announces at the end of each call (“$_.__ has been credited to your account”), it is not possible that these inexperienced workers would have been suddenly earning as much as top earners on Niteflirt do.

I admit it. When I got started, I did work for a company that used Niteflirt as a payment processor. They flew the coop the day before we started getting notifications from our banks that a paycheck had bounced. So even before we got those notices, we knew something very strange was happening, and we had already stopped working. Since the next paycheck had not been paid, they ended up owing about 3 weeks’ pay to all of us.

We knew something fishy was going on, we were able to communicate with each other, and we had already stopped working.

She is saying she worked for 3 months and never received any pay. All of them knew that none of them were being paid, but they kept working.

Sorry. Next!

So, for review, reinforcement, and application of learning: when you see the following call buttons on a girl’s website, she’s a Niteflirt girl, and she’s probably an independent operator who gets to keep most of the money she earns.

Your homework: call now!

Coming soon: Who me, check facts?


Proof that criminals are not rocket scientists

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At least it is clear that these criminals did not study physics, nor did they acquire any critical thinking in what was their undoubtedly brief time in our educational system.

Generally speaking, it’s been said that oftentimes those who choose a career of crime are not not the glamorous masterminds that make crime thrillers so fascinating and thought-provoking. Since crime rarely pays in the long term (and often not even in the short term), for guys like these there’s a screw loose in the long-term planning function.

So while you might be right much of the time when you surmise that regularly participating in crime shows some sort of brain pathology, I don’t think it’s been shown previous to this video clip that crime itself causes brain damage.

Youtube: Reinforced Window


More from Roger

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One Response to “A comment and commentary”

So there is a one spelling error and one punctuation error, big deal.

Well, actually, I made four corrections. I will note errors here but not correct them.

Anyone can do a spell check.

Apparently not so, is communication only for lesser mortals than yourself?

Perhaps it be (sic) a good idea to check your own work, since it has a number of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Please elucidate.

Before you shoot off your mouth make sure your own skirts are clean!

Oh, I see. No, I’m not wearing a skirt, are you?

For your information, I completed tech school and graduated of (sic) a major university with an engineering degree. Enough said about that!

Is that why you have so much trouble with details? As my father always used to say, “‘God damn that decimal point!’ said the engineer as the bridge came tumbling down…”

The assertion I made had nothing to do with female teachers and there (sic) teaching quality to (sic) females. It related to females (sic) poor performance in teaching boys.

Of course, I’m waiting for you to give me some evidence on this claim. Half of high school teachers are male in the schools I’ve worked in.

Case in point, female teachers expect boys to act like girls. They do not tolerate restlessness in boys, even though this is there (sic) normal behavior.

What exactly do you mean by “restlessness”? Do you mean getting up and wandering around the room during class? Talking to each others during class? Talking back to teachers? Horseplay during class?

I was under the impression you were looking to have boys educated, not rewarded for being disruptive. There is no school system in the world where boys get credit for being disruptive instead of learning. In fact, there is more toleration of restlessness than there was when you were a child.

Ask yourself a question, why are so many boys put on drugs to change there (sic) behavior today?

Perhaps you should come into a school and observe the behavior of “normal boys” and of students of both sexes who have ADHD.

Is it because the modern women today can’t produce a normal boy or is it because some other element has come to play.

Well, if you want to argue genetics, it’s at least 50% the fault of the male if a boy is not normal. It takes both a male and a female to produce a baby, not multiple females. Perhaps males should take better care of themselves pre-conception, as their reproductive systems are as sensitive to environmental assault as the females’. And perhaps those who are really interested in the outcome should participate in the childrearing and educating process.

Why is it that in years past, this was not considered a necessary treatment for boy behavior problems?

“This..” What was not considered a necessary treatment for boy behavior? Psychoactive drugs? Are you asking why they did not use psychoactive drugs to treat hyperactivity before such drugs existed? In previous generations they used corporal punishment, and encouraged boys to drop out and find menial work at the fringes of society.

This female superiority is bullshit. If female are so dam (sic) smart why don’t they ever win a Novel prize.

They do, and coming from a guy who can’t spell “damn” correctly…

Oh, and yes, I watch fox news (sic) and I am smarter for it.

I’m waiting for evidence of this. Last time I looked, there wasn’t really anything a person could do to affect their IQ.

Can you say the same about you now Dan Rather hero.

Huh? Now here I went to all the trouble of answering your comment point for point, and what do you do? You show me that it was a coincidence that you were capable of putting together words into sentences in the first place. Was this supposed to be a question at all? It doesn’t seem to take the form of a question, and there’s no question mark at the end. It doesn’t seem to take the form of a sentence either. Are you sure you’re smarter for watching Fox News? After that last phrase, I’m not sure that you still speak English. If so, please tell me what Dan Rather has to do with you.

But there’s not much point in trying to reason with someone who is, well, beyond reason. Roger is clearly a product of an education system that stresses the importance of feeling good about your opinions over whether there is any substance to them. It’s hard to argue with someone who makes it up as they go along, as they are clearly strewing disinformation for the purpose of propaganda. It can be done, of course, as was shown in Outfoxed, where the boy got the best of Bill O’Reilly. But it’s a bore.

When I changed the template on this blog, it reset itself to “require moderation for comments from users who have not previously had comments posted”. So Roger kind of got carried away, and started posting more comments. To save you readers from having to track them down, I have copied them here for easier access.

  1. Name: Roger | | Date: October 6, 2006 You may be right about the blog and the web site, but you do have to give me credit for one thing. I do know how to push your buttons. I know… women don’t get mad they get even so my ass is grass now I guess. Remember, keep the language simple, you are dealing with a inferior male bran here.
  2. Name: Roger | | Date: October 6, 2006 Sorry, about typo above (s/b brain). Forgot to do a spell check again. I guess when I am dealing with such a superior female I just lose all control.
  3. Name: Roger | | Date: October 6, 2006 Correction above (s/b Nobel Prize) v and b are to (sic) dam (sic) close together.
  4. Name: Roger | | Date: October 7, 2006 My, My (sic) aren’t we in love with ourself (sic).
  5. Name: Roger | | Date: October 8, 2006 May I suggest a improvement for your blog. I suggest that you add a preview for your blog entrée comments section it would eliminate a lot of errors, typo and otherwise. Thanks

Ok, so we’re finally starting to see an awareness that not only is it possible to do work of an improved quality, but that somebody will be observing what you write, maybe even posterity. But really, is there any excuse for using the ‘word’ “ourself”? Isn’t that like ‘himselves’ or ‘myselves’?


This makes no sense at all

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My blog is worth $18,629.82.
How much is your blog worth?

I’ve also pasted in a link to the Pingoat blog evaluator, which says that the current worth of my blog is $87.52. If the image becomes available again, you’ll be able to see it. If not, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Edit: Thanks to Roger, for demonstrating that some people clearly have no idea what the “value of a blog” means, and need to have it spelled out for them. It is a reflection of the number of incoming links a blog currently has, and the monetary value is a reflection of the amount of money that advertisers will pay you to advertise in your blog.

A comment and commentary

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I just had an interesting comment on a blog entry several months back, interesting enough to respond to. So it would not get lost in the archives, I thought I would share it with you readers.

From Female Superiority and Bullshit:

  1. Roger Says:
    It’s interesting that when schools are segregated and boys are taught by men teachers that boys will out perform girls on SAT tests. Could it be our female teachers have a hidden agenda? Our schools today are nothing more than factories for producing female superiority in society. Apparently you love CBS news, it figures.
  2. angela Says:


Clearly you have not spent much time in schools, which are in fact highly conservative institutions.

Much of what I write about here revolves around the motivational differences which effect educational outcomes. Thanks mostly to societal changes – changes in peer influence and parental expectations – but abetted by changes in the educational system, boys have become lazy and have stopped working on their asssignments. They have chosen to do this even though it will impact their grades and their learning. A quality private education will help whatever student receives it. Girls in top-notch private schools come out at the top of the heap. But many private schools are not top-notch; the mere fact that a school is private or sex-segregated does in no way guarantee a quality education, for either boys or girls. Many private girl’s schools give distinctly inferior educations.

Your unattributed assertion – factoid – that boys in sex-segregated private schools taught by men will come out ahead of girls would also imply that female teachers are keeping down girls, and traditionally this has been proven true. Read “Failing at Fairness” by Sadker and Sadker for a researched understanding of the gender biases that have favored males in education.

The fact is that our educational system favors those who study and work hard, as do most educational systems. Is this discriminatory against boys? In previous generations boys competed to come out on top of the system and succeeded, taking most of the honors. The system has not changed, the participants have. Girls now work harder, seeing that their future success is open, not circumscribed by discrimination in college acceptance or job potential. Not that long ago girls were told not to go to college, as there were no jobs open to them. My older sister scored high on the “medical” portion of a career test and was told to become a nurse. Instead she became an anesthesiologist.

So far as your assertion that I “love CBS news”, please tell me about it. I haven’t watched television in years. Let me guess…your favorite news is Fox?
Oh yes, and for the purpose of this blog, I edited your comment for spelling and punctuation, leaving the original text intact at the original location for future perusal and inspection.