Taking Dan Rather to the next level

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If it walks like a lame duck, if it looks like a lame duck, if it quacks like a lame duck, it’s a lame duck.

Can you spell “quack”?


Sugasm #53

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Sugasm #53

Sugasm #53

Mon 6th Nov, 06

The best of the sex blogs this week by the bloggers who blog them. Spotlighting the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #54? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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Mr. Sugasm Himself
Our fearless leader is up to his armpits looking at porn. Until he returns I present some retro Sugar.
How to Date a Porn Star in Eleven Easy Steps (http://sugarbank.com)

Editors’ Choice
A little story about something called 2257 (http://principalquattrano.com/blog)

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Sexy Red Riding Hood courtesy of Seska for Lovers.


One more thing…

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I voted, have you? Better to vote early than to show up at the polls and find you’ve been purged from voter lists with no opportunity to fix it in time to vote.

And one more thing…

A little story about something called 2257

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OK, you’ve probably never heard of this if you’re not in the adult industry. If you’re reading this, it probably affects your activities. It sure as hell affects my ability to make a living.

What is it? it’s the federal government’s response to child pornography. More specifically, it’s the regulations they have set up to prevent child pornography from being created and distributed.

It’s the reason you don’t see any nudity on this site. I’ve been asked about this – actually, what happens is I’ve received lots of requests for nekkid pics. Not gonna happen, and here’s why. Read on.

Oh, yeah, the law’s been around for years. Only recently has the government started to crank down the pressure on the legal, constitutionally-protected adult industry, thanks to the neo-puritans in the White House and the Attorney General’s office. The law is one thing. The regulations they use to enforce it are something else.
Here’s how it works, as best I have figured. Note that I say this is the reason I have no nudity on my site. The result is that I am exempt from the record-keeping requirements, but it also means that I haven’t needed to learn the law in as close detail as many who are covered. So you’ll just have to cut me a wee bit of slack if I err in a detail or two.

If you have a website that publishes prurient pictures, naughty photos, lascivious images of adults doing what adults do, even just images that show or imply that we’re all naked under these clothes, you are required to keep records of every qualifying image you use, every webpage you publish it on, cross-referenced with the ID of the model, as proof that she was of age when the photo was taken, and that she has not suddenly become underage again! This is a very important part of the law. How else can you prevent child pornography from happening if you don’t know when models are suddenly becoming underage again?

You have to put a legal statement on every page that has a qualifying image. You have to keep these records in a separate room from the rest of your work. And then you have to put the address of your office where the records are kept on your website. In other words, unless you are a big enough business to have an office rented someplace where you do workaday stuff, you are required to put your home address on the internet. They can search your premises…er…inspect your records without a search warrant. If you make one clerical error, they will throw you in jail for 5 years. Umm…if a stalker hasn’t tracked you down and murdered you first, of course.

Do you suppose this might be an issue for cam girls, doing cam from their bedrooms, with their address on their websites?

I’m trying to figure out how they think this is going to stop child pornography. I know a lot of girls in the industry who are glad to make the sacrifices if it stops only one child pornographer from, well what? The fact is the feds know damn well it’s not going to affect child pornography one iota. It won’t. It can’t. It’s aimed at small operators in the legal biz. It’s aimed at girls who are building their own businesses and making their own money, rather than being exploited by sleazy operators who steal from them or pay them less than minimum wage because the federal government approves of exploitation of contract workers.

It’s not about finding child pornography networks and breaking them up to prevent children from being abused in the production of pornography. It’s not about getting pedophiles who hunt down preteens on Myspace and other social networks. If private groups weren’t doing all the investigative legwork, none of that would be getting done at all.

It’s about getting even with wanton women whose very existence keeps Alberto Gonzalez sweaty and panting at night, unable to sleep, caught in a frenzied whirlwind of excitement, horror, and morbid fascination at the thought that somewhere, someone is having fun.

Are we having fun yet?

Facts? Who needs to check facts?

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Ok, I said I was going to do a sequel to my blog entry Niteflirt in the news…kind of…Part 1. The story sort of lost steam, but I can see no reason not to express my ideas on the news media and fact-checking.

What we have here is a confluence of all the worst trends in journalism. The lines are blurred between news, press releases, and infotainment. Somewhere the news media have lost their bearing. I will speak of them as a whole, since I see not much difference in general between news and talk radio (aside from NPR, which still does journalism), soft sound bite television news, newpapers, and magazines.

There’s no need for me to go into detail even. This is just a rant about news organizations that hire inexperienced writers because they are cheaper than those who know their jobs. It’s about newspapers that receive press releases about upcoming books by thoroughly discredited pseudoscientists, and just publish them on a slow news day. It’s about radio talking heads whose personal lifestyle totally violates all the principles they expect us to live by. And it’s about a television station that had a social interest reporter interview someone who had a story full of verifiably false statements, none of which they even bothered to check. Not one.

Thank you. Back to regularly scheduled programming.