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Sugasm #68

Tue 27th Feb, 07

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #69? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
First Client (http://thismuse.blogspot.com)
“He buries his nose in my pussy, licks me while I suck him, rubs his mouth up and down me.”

His point of view (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)
“Once he shut the door — urgently, impatiently, with a deft kick of his heel and a satisfying thud as the lock caught, all vestiges of decorum disappeared.”

Why is my sex ed class so sticky? (http://deliciously-naughty.typepad.com)
“This game was played for NINE years, and it’s only this year that parents are writing the school board?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Thumbnail Gallery Problems… (http://www.sugarbank.com)

Editor’s Choice
More on submissives with lists (http://principalquattrano.com/blog)

More Sugasm
Join the Sugasm

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Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Great Moments in Sex Education (http://sexualevolution.blogspot.com)
Half-Nekkid Nightie (http://sweatshopsissy.wordpress.com)
Hot Studs Have Feelings Too. (http://onlyamirage.blogspot.com)
I Am Greatful! (http://totalsensuality.blogspot.com)
If I Die… (http://perverselypoly.blogspot.com)
Let Me Out of Here! (http://inkserotica.blogspot.com)
Pull my hair (http://lustylady.blogspot.com)
The thing about size…. (http://dirtylittlecockslut.blogspot.com)

NSFW Pics (& videos)
“26 Reasons for The Birth of This Blog” (http://buttocksblog.blogspot.com)
Belated VDay Gift from Tila Tequila (http://myhotbox.blogspot.com)
Crystal Klein nude photos (http://eroticandy.blogspot.com)
Happy HNT – Masturbation erotica (http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com)
I wish it was summer (http://myhotbox.blogspot.com)
Jamaica in the Kitchen (http://kitchen-girls.blogspot.com)

Sex Work
Session To Do List (http://radicalvixen.com/blog)

Sex News, Reviews and Interviews
Baby Bug Vibrator Review (http://stilettodiaries.blogspot.com)
It keeps going and going and…dying (http://nocloudnine.blogspot.com)
Kiri or Jules? (http://www.connectbycam.com/blog)
Taco Tuesday: Toy Review 3 “Adonis” (http://themilfblog.blogspot.com)

Sex and Politics
Anti-Anti Pornography, Part V: How Hypocrite Can You Get? (http://www.teen-porn-site.com/blog)

BDSM & Fetish
Atlanta Flight (http://eroticjournals.blogspot.com)
Contrast revisited (http://pick-up-pieces.blogspot.com)
Dirty laundry (http://kinkerbelle.atlantabondage.com)
From memory (http://sexcakes.blogspot.com)
Knowing looks (http://pandorablake.blogspot.com)
Meeboguest G confesses: “I’ve been watching my wife get fucked” (http://anawtymouz.blogspot.com)
Quest for fire… (http://blog.atlantabondage.com)
What to do in a tight situation (http://sadiedark69.blogspot.com)

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Belated NYE Party @ T’s part 2 (http://slutissimo2.wordpress.com)
Do you want to share a cab (http://gentlygently.blogspot.com)
Giving and Receiving (http://sarawinters.blogspot.com)
Grinding it (http://plum001.blogspot.com)
Indulging in a Virtual Tryst Part VII (http://www.taratainton.com)
Lips…. (http://ellesnovellas.blogspot.com)
My girlfriend the stripper, part 5 (http://erotischism.blogspot.com)
My idea of a love letter to SMW (http://marriageishot.blogspot.com)
Swingers Night!! (http://mandyseroticlife.blogspot.com)

Baby Bug Vibrator courtesy of Stiletto Diaries.

“Lesbian Koalas” Shake Australia To The Bone

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Australia may not be able to handle the truth — Female koalas indulge in lesbian “sex sessions”, rejecting male suitors and attempting to mate with each other, sometimes up to five at a time, according to researchers.

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Science Vs Faith. A simple picture says it all.

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This picture is funny and tragic at the same time.

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And another by the same blogger…

What would Bush do?


Posted in Bad boys, phone sex at 9:59 pm by angela

Or more specifically, a customer requesting blackmail. I’ve had it happen before, and most of the time, they’re full of crap. They give you “personal information”, they want you to write it down and call their mother, or their girlfriend. or some random woman in the office where they work…

Maybe the number is real, but probably it’s not. Oh, it’s probably their own home phone the loser wants you to call and leave a message on, and there’s never anybody who ever comes by of either gender. Or it’s his own cell phone, not his wife’s, not his mother’s, not his mother-in-law’s.

Yadda, yadda. Sure. The only time I ever did a blackmail call that I think was on the up and up was from a guy who got absolutely positively totally worked up during the call, making me promise over and over again that I was going to call his wife…whoever it was. In fact, he wanted me to call her during the call, but I told him it would have to wait for afterwards. Then, in the end, after the orgasm, basking in the afterglow, he begged me piteously, pleaded with me not to make those calls. So I’d guess those really were the phone numbers of the people he told me about.

This time the request came from a longterm customer who’s called me 12 times with an average of less than 4 minutes per call. Woohoo, big spender, eh?

He calls about all kinds of stuff. 2 minutes looking for a submissive. 4 minutes for a domme. 3 minutes for a little roleplay. Damned little roleplay. Then hang up. WTF?

This time he gave me his work number and insisted I should call his office the next day and talk to the people there. Told me I didn’t have the nerve to do it. Geez. I’m not an idiot. I did a reverse lookup on the phone number. It was a cell.

Who didn’t have the nerve?


Rowan Atkinson Smut on YouTube

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How very appropriate!


More on submissives with lists

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Getting back to what’s important…

But seriously, I had some feedback on an entry I posted, and miracle of miracles, I also managed to respond to it there. I was ranting in that post that I am annoyed by “submissives” who think that they know what I want based solely on the fact that I am dominant.

I have been contacted online by many of the guys on whom I base this judgment. Most would prefer a realtime mistress, given the option.

Yes, “the list”. As I wrote before, a “submissive” may come with a list of things that he is expecting his Mistress to do to him, and he expects she will ask nothing in return as she is doing these things for the sheer pleasure of doing verbal humiliation, rope bondage, cbt, administering sadistic beatings, etc.

When asked what he can do to serve her, he reads off the list again.

I’ll give you an example that clearly illustrates this. A couple of summers back I was working full-time at job that paid part-time, not covering my expenses, and desperately waiting for the summer to be over so I could return to solvency when my regular jobs would start up again. My cat had a major health emergency, which resulted in big credit card bills. In a paltalk chatroom met a guy – a doctor, no less, and I have no doubt about this – who said he was moving to my area and looking for a Mistress. At first the situation appeared ideal, as we seemed to have some of that intellectual compatibility that I’ve mentioned I feel is important. But as we got deeper into discussion, things got much more complicated.

He told me in passing that he earned $300,000 a year, so I was of course thinking, this guy can afford to contribute to my support, what with me and my simple tastes. Why, I wouldn’t have to work three jobs anymore! But then it turned out that deep down he needed to know that in any relationship with a woman, there was no cash flow. Otherwise he would be feeling like he was paying a prostitute. He needed to have her do these things on the list for free so he would know she cared about him.

Back to the list. What he was expecting was for me to be around whenever he was at his home, providing extreme verbal humiliation, bondage, cbt, flogging, whipping… And fetishes, of course. He had numerous fetishes to feed. Long hair fetish. Foot fetish. Thong fetish. What he wanted to right now was to spend endless hours surfing lingerie sites together. You know the type of site, where the women look like Barbie dolls and are wearing scanties that are too much like a costume to function as real underwear.

The list was daunting. It sounded like it would be physically exhausting for a women in the best of shape with an extremely high energy level to do all these things. Me? I was working three jobs and never home. So I’d have to keep working three jobs for the privilege of doing all this stuff? All he had to do in exchange was to give me an occasional foot massage?

And then there was the phone sex thing. Like many guys I have just met online and barely know, he found the idea of listening in on my calls to be exciting, while to me it could only feel like a creepy invasion of my privacy. Not to mention the fact that a lot of guys who think they are kinky would be shocked by some of the things I hear, but that’s a different story.

As long as I was picturing the list as a list of “services I could provide”, it was at least thinkable. But it didn’t stop there. Things started getting weirder and weirder.

He wanted to get a metal cock ring engraved with my name and plan a collaring ceremony in six months’ time.

He started talking about meeting when he came up this way for an interview. I was willing to meet just for a date, but he was looking for three full days of my time. I made excuses. I have to work. So he told me he would come to my house and massage my feet while listening in to my calls. There is something very wrong with this picture. You are rich, and I have to work around the clock to survive, so you can hang around the house and get off listening to my clients’ calls? Not.

Then he asked me how I feel about kids. Ew.

Finally he asked me to send him one of my “thongs”. (Like I wear ass floss. Right.) I suggested he make a generous donation ($25) to cover the cost of the purchase and shipping, or he could have some lingerie sent to me. No, he wanted my own, and he thought he shouldn’t have to reimburse me, even though I couldn’t afford to replace them on my budget. I balked, and he said he’d send me $2 to cover the shipping.

That was it. I just told him that the relationship was something I could not afford. I was not meeting my expenses now, and there was no way I could cover the extra costs of being a doctor’s girlfriend or Mistress, nor could I afford to take time off from work to do these things, even if I wanted to.

He was absolutely shocked, not just that I would reject him, a “nice person”, but that someone could be so strapped for cash that they would pass up this offer. Being that poor was unimaginable to him, my not having a eight hours a day of free time to spend on him or a few thousand here and there to use for my expenses was just out of his experience.

Later he did some soul-searching. It turned out he didn’t move to my area (nothing to do with this incident). But he did occasionally contact me online to try to convince me that he had changed. At one point he even tried to talk me into letting him fly here and stay with me for a weekend, saying that he was a “nice person”. Dearest Reader: does it make you feel more or less confident when some creepy person says this to you?

Then he told me he was moving to a nearby city for a work assignment that might or might not be permanent. I agreed to meet him there on my original terms: a “date” in a restaurant. But oh, no, that wouldn’t work. With his schedule I would need to come down too late to catch the last train back, so I would have to stay. At his place. And no restaurant, he would cook.

Then, the kicker. The straw that broke the camel’s back. He told me, “I will please you.” Whoo, I flipped out. I thought we were going to start this as two normal people who happened to meet online going out on a date. But somehow we got sucked back into the BDSM/sex/commitment thing.

I guess he was pretty mad at me. He hasn’t contacted me again. That works for me. Those red flags just never stopped coming.

Sugasm #67

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Sugasm #67

Fri 23rd Feb, 07

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #68? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
First Orgasm (http://deliciously-naughty.typepad.com)
“His thumbs begin to stroke my nipples, and I watched my breath, coming out in little puffs of air, quicken.”

It’s in the Genes (http://www.sex-kitten.net/home.html)
“I found old magazines disguised as photography and drawing magazines but were actually full of nude women and some men […]”

Why You Should Never Sit on Hotel Bedspreads (http://brooklynrake.blogspot.com)
We are looking for someone who can get a bit rough. Is that you?

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Why Porn’s Already Decided the Next Generation Video Format (http://sugarbank.com)

Editor’s Choice
Take Your Sick Fantasies to the Shrink (http://adelehaze.com)

More Sugasm
Join the Sugasm

Erotic Writing and Experiences
The Beginning (http://thebridgeofshame.blogspot.com)
Birthday Wishes (http://loladavid.wordpress.com)
The Black Widow – Erotic Poetry (http://eroticjournals.blogspot.com)
Correction: Instructive Desire (http://lumpesse.com)
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BDSM & Fetish
Escape into Darkness (http://blog.myspace.com/tit_elation)
The Golden Question (http://www.neongolden.com)
In Search of the Inner Lesbian (http://sweatshopsissy.wordpress.com)
Story: A Mystic Meeting (http://acestrokes.blogspot.com)

Sex News, Reviews and Interviews
Silicone Taffy Tickler Water Buddy Vibrator Review (http://stilettodiaries.blogspot.com)

NSFW Pics (& videos)

Happy HNT – Valentine’s thumbcuffs (http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com)
Lady Dalbin – On the Waterfront Part One (http://thebootcam.com)

Sexy Humor
Secret Reads: Skippy The Fluffy Fucker II (http://secretbrain.blogspot.com)
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Sex Work
Danni’s pics and his crush on danika! (http://www.princessmorgan.net)

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
10 Reasons to Masturbate (as if you needed any) (http://edinerotica.blogspot.com)
I Got Some Amazing Comments (http://wecouldbenaked.blogspot.com)
Of Floggers and Fire Escapes (http://talktovanessa.com)
Selfish (http://perverselypoly.blogspot.com)

Sex Blogging/Sex Writing
The Affair (http://blog.myspace.com/deannadahlsad)
The POD Stigma (Or Scratching the Self-Published Itch) (http://www.writingup.com/blog/dark_blue)

Thumbcuffs courtesy of Journey to the Darkside.


On the McCain/abortion thing

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So John McCain has decided he can’t win without the votes of the ultrafasc-…err…ultraconservative wing of the Republican party (read story below). So he’s decided to come out in favor of overturning Roe v Wade.

I’m missing something here. As far as I can see, the best he could do in this situation is to trade moderate votes for conservative votes, and he’s hoping that the votes he picks up will be greater than the votes he is throwing away.

He’s certainly lost my vote.

Perhaps he’s seeing something else involved. Maybe he’s hoping that the NeoFasci-…err…Religious Right will deliver more money to him, and he can use this to buy back my vote. Sorry, John. I won’t vote for anybody who’s clearly sold his soul. It’s gone way past the integrity stage.

The buzz on the boards is about peripheral issues. They’re arguing about the sanctity of life, about who has the right to decide, about women who should have chosen not to get pregnant, about when a fetus is a “human being”. These are all red herring issues. You can argue until you’re blue in the face, but they have no resolution.


Let’s look at what it’s not about. It’s not about preventing abortion by preventing unwanted pregnancy. The people who oppose abortion are opposed to all forms of birth control.

It’s not about babies, saving innocent lives, or the so-called “sanctity of life”. None of the anti-abortion forces supports programs to raise the standard of living for children in this country. It’s perfectly OK for these children to die from hunger, homelessness or lack of medical care. The old saying, “Life begins at conception and ends at birth” says it best.

It’s only peripherally about women’s bodies. When a woman says, “I have the right to decide what to do with my body,” these people are incensed, because they know that woman are mentally child-like, irresponsible, and would routinely abort at the 9th month if given the opportunity. That is, after all, what the whole so-called “‘partial birth’ abortion” issue is about.

It’s about controlling women’s lives. It’s about punishing women who have sex. Babies are god’s punishment for women who have sex without being owned by men. Women who avoid pregnancy and childbirth in this way are going against god’s will, just like people who avoid AIDS through the use of condoms. Sex is supposed to have nasty consequences. They’re supposed to suffer, at least for the rest of their lives.

Keep in mind that people who are opposed to abortion are more likely to have them than people who support them, probably because they don’t use birth control. That’s right, the “sanctity of life” is only a consideration when they’re trying to control a woman who is not a member of their family.

Women who leave men who act like assholes are just as guilty to these regressionists. They’re supposed to stay married to a man, whether he beats her or has women on the side. All the programs to support “the family” do it at the expense of families without responsible male parents. It’s taking money from the poorest and giving it to the middle class and upper class.

It’s just about controlling women’s lives.

On the lighter side, a quote from Miss Polly telling her opinion about whether men should be able to decide if women can have abortions.

I think men can have valid opinions on this matter. BUT if they are to get involved in the decision making process first let them have a bowling ball shoved up their arse, have to carry it for nine months then be ripped asunder getting it out, have it permanently attached like a ball and chain to an ankle with a recording on a loop that says “Mummy can I have this, Mummy can I have that?” at top volume for the next 25 years.

Once they have done that I will allow them to give opinions on laws and policy regarding termination of pregnancy . See I am fair really!!

Call Miss Polly

In the eyes of the world, a fitting punishment

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A little something I found online…

Bush spanked

Just in case this story goes “poof”, I took a screen shot for posterity.



(comic) Calvin & Hobbes: “How Come We Play War and Not Peace?”

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No Spoilers here… Read the comic..

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