“I hate all Iranians” says US aide

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Is it any wonder why the world hates us so much? The MPs were flabbergasted that someone with such a rigid hardline position was supposedly taking part in an activity like diplomacy. What rock did GWB find her under?

Actually, I tried to find her qualifications online, but the only thing I could find was something that was supposed to be her current job description, for a cost of $9.98. I can only presume that if her qualifications are not available for public perusal that they have something major to hide.

In fact, I’d guess that she’s just another one of so many clueless Bush hirees from Pat Robertson’s Regent law school. Clueless about the law and the constitution, not at all clueless about trying to turn the country into a fascist theocracy. Egads.

The story

The greatest telemarketer prank

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I’m not usually into telemarketer pranks. I used to work for a marketing research company, where we’d call people at home to try them to take surveys or take part in (paid) focus groups. A lot of times people would try to pull stuff on us, and it was dumb, not remotely creative or funny. Then they’d hang up, thinking they’d got the better of us, and we’d be telling the person on either side of us about the moron we just spoke to.

Seriously, of course we called people at home in the evening. That’s when they were home. People would ask for my home phone number so they could “call me during dinner”, and I’d flat out tell them that I didn’t get dinner, I had to work—but they could call me at work. Or I’d give them the phone number for the main switchboard at the local police department.

If somebody was abusive enough, I’d take down their number in reserve, in case I ever wanted to give it to another idiot so the idiots could call and abuse each other. That never actually happened, but it could have. These people didn’t realize that the fact that we had their phone numbers meant that if they pissed off somebody who was really crazy, they were not protected by anonymity.

But anyway, on to the video. I was laughing so hard on this one I could hardly breathe.


“Childrens do learn”

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Thank you Jon Stewart, but no thanks to President Bush. What is wrong with this moron?
Judge for yourself.

Is it Khalid Sheikh Mohammed…

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Looking through some old newspapers, I noticed that photo of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and I was struck by his resemblance to Ron Jeremy.
“Well!” said I to myself, “I’ll write a funny blog entry showing that they are twins separated at birth.”

Turns out there’s already a cottage industry of people who’ve made the connection (or others) and have been busy photoshopping other people’s heads onto KSM’s hairy body. I guess I’m going to need to get caught up on my newspapers and stay caught up if I want to keep ahead of these trends. Click on the photo below

to read about the connection between the two of them.


Who knew?

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There’s actually been a movie made about robot sex and the robot’s search for robot porn. Sounds interesting. It also sounds like robots are a bunch of perverts.

Robot sex


Hu’s on first?

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Hu’s on first?

In case you’re not familiar with Who’s on first, by Abbott and Costello, you should listen to it now.

If you’re not familiar with baseball, then I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that can be done here and now in this blog to help you understand this take on Americana.

The Big Con

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I ran across this sort of combination book review and excerpt on the website of the New York Times. It explains perfectly what I have been trying to explain for years – that the Republican party has been taken over by corrupt neo-fascists and whack jobs, whose agenda has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility or even conservatism.

“I have this problem. Whenever I try to explain what’s happening in American politics-I mean, what’s really happening-I wind up sounding a bit like an unhinged conspiracy theorist. But honestly, I’m not. My politics are actually quite moderate. (Most real lefties, in fact, think I’m a Washington establishment sellout.) So please give let me a chance to explain myself when I tell you the following: American politics has been hijacked by a tiny coterie of right-wing economic extremists, some of them ideological zealots, others merely greedy, a few of them possibly insane. (Stay with me.)”

The Big Con,’ by Jonathan Chait: Deep Voodoo (September 23, 2007)

How many people like this do you know?

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Link to YouTube video.

Yup. Those who fail to remember the past are sure as heck doomed to repeat it, even those who have not set out to be historical revisionists.


About male aggression, cultural conditioning, and baseball

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The video pretty much shows it all. This is what a brawl looks like at a Japanese baseball game.


Cupid’s Dear John Letter Generator

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I found this dear John letter generator. I’m sure those who are always at a loss for words can make use of it.


Dear John letter generator

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