RIAA Training Video: Video Piracy the Root of all Evil

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Well, whadd’ya know? It turns out that the first step into a life of crack-dealing, murder, and terrorism is video piracy. I suppose it’s a good thing we have the RIAA to tell us this, because otherwise I don’t think a single person among us would have guessed.

Watch this clip from an RIAA training video and see for yourself how whacked-out they are.

Bush Judicial Nominee Arrested for DUI leaving gay bar

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Dressed, of course, in his girly finery. His wife, of course, has no comment.

And these are the people who are supposed to be our moral beacons?



Thousands of Texas Students March 7 Miles To Vote

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Voting rights, anybody?

Early voting starts today in Texas. In Waller County, a primarily rural county about 60 miles outside Houston, the county made the decision to offer only one early voting location: at the County Courthouse in Hempstead, TX, the county seat.

Prairie View A&M students organized to protest the decision, because they felt it hindered their ability to vote. For background, Prairie View A&M is one of Texas’ historically Black universities. It has a very different demographic feel than the rest of the county. There has been a long history of dispute over what the students feel is disenfranchisement. There was a lot of outrage in 2006, when students felt they were unfairly denied the right to vote when their registrations somehow did not get processed.

Students decided to hold a march to the courthouse today.




Is Bush stupid or just dumb?

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I think that Scrape TV may be some kind of humor website, or it might be a news website with a serious sense of humor. In any case, they have finally asked the obvious question that so many Americans have not dared to voice, perhaps for fear of becoming targets of surveillance and ending up on a no-fly list.

There’s even a quote on the Bush “legacy”, which I’ve always said would be very different from how he’s envisioning it. Bush thinks history will recall him as the greatest president this country has ever had, rather than the corrupt quasi-dictator who has parceled out the country’s wealth piecemeal to his cronies and sold his integrity to the highest bidder. He couldn’t sell his soul, as he has none, although that would seem to make it hard to shave in the morning when you can’t see your reflection in the mirror…

““It will be interesting to see what his legacy will be,” continued Watson. “Will he have a library? Will it have colouring books? I just hope he remembers to leave office.”



Immigration Follies

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A few tales from a Pakistani immigrant in New York City. This guy has an amazing sense of humor.


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