Spitzer’s escort: the saga continues

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Remember when Joe Francis was going to offer Eliot Spitzer’s favorite escort a ton of money to feature in a sleazy video, but he withdrew the offer when it turned out she had participated in one of his “girls gone wild” spring break special parties? He already had all the footage he needed. All he had to do was burn it to a dvd and release it.

Except for a small and inconvenient detail – that she was 17 when she was talked into signing that release form. Now she’s suing him for a cool $10 million.

Go for it, girl. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. You deserve that money a lot more than he does.


Experts say US sex abstinence program doesn’t work

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Republicans insist on continuing funding.

Hmm. You’d think that the fact that the programs have no effect on the rates of pregnancy or STDs might be a consideration in determining how successful they are, and that this success rate ought to be used to calculate the cost effectiveness of the programs, and whether it’s worth it to continue to spend a lotta tax dollars on them.

Perhaps we should take into account the fact that students who take part in these programs learn that condoms are completely ineffective, and are less likely to use condoms.

But the powers that be are not willing to let go of these programs. There might be a program that is working. Besides, teaching abstinence is the right thing to do, whether or not it works. Those pesky facts get in the way of god’s truth. The fact is that god wants people to have the opportunity to sin as much as possible, to separate the sinners from the holy, or at least from the holier-than-thou’s. And above all, god wants sinners to get caught. Pregnancy prevention, AIDS prevention…nope. That’s going against god’s will. And besides, more sinners equals more unwanted babies available for adoption.



I can has…an economy?

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It’s such a small thing, not really a recession. Not anything like a recession, is it? Oh, no, of course not. How could it be a recession if the people in charge who are looting the economy keep telling us we’re doing fine?

Besides, everybody knows that a rising tide floats all boats. So if rich people are getting richer, then poor people must be better off. Well, either that or they never mattered.humorous pictures
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Tough times, unemployment, and Alberto Gonzales

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It looks like the disgraced former Attorney General is having a bit of trouble finding work in the legal profession. The Presidents former hatchet boy has been reduced to giving speeches for universities that pay lip service to freedom of expression by bringing in the occasional lightning rod neocon crackpot speaker. Not that it’s a bad living, but it’s a major step down from being in line to be the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court.

Times are tough all over. But nobody will touch him. Between the fact that he’s under investigation—and undoubtedly will continue to be under investigation when the regime change happens—and the fact that his excuse for his apparent lies seems to be memory loss—again, not a characteristic valued in lawyers, no reputable law firm that cares about its reputation will touch him. And as a wag put it, he isn’t even good enough at lying to work on Wall Street.

There’s just something unreal about the situation, since his reputation is so bad that any firm that hires him is going to look like they’re just doing it as a sleazy favor to repay him for his loyalty, ie, his willingness to break the law for the President.


Bitter — or outraged?

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When I heard Obama make the original “bitter” remark, I said to myself, “Yeah. People are bitter about how life’s been treating them, especially when the people in power have made all the rules and don’t seem to be suffering a bit.” But then the HRC machine took over and put spin on it, as though the average middle-class and working-class Americans are pleased as punch at how things have been going for them and the country in particular.

Obama had a response for this, which was characterized by his “Annie Oakley” comment in this speech in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania doesn’t even seem to feel that being called “bitter” is some kind of an insult. Story They’re plenty bitter at how things are going, and they’re not in a state of denial.

But here’s another perspective, from a blog posting in the Daily Kos by One Pissed Off Liberal. Do all Americans feel exactly the same way? Nope. Guess what? We are still able to think for ourselves, in spite of the actions of the national propaganda machines that the media have become.

The person who wrote this is not “bitter”, he’s outraged at what this country has become, and what has been perpetrated in our name.

How do I feel? Bitter? A bit. Outraged? We’re getting closer. How about, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take anymore.” Getting closer…



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Problem? What problem? I don’t see any problem…


Jon Stewart slams FOX News for “Obama Watch” clock

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You have to watch out for people with a sense of humor and a mind like a steel trap, especially if you’re an idiot talking head on Faux News.

Chris Matthews: At any time in this campaign, did you have a chuckle that you just couldn’t get rid of, something weird that happened that was so crazy that you just went to bed laughing about it?

Obama: Oh, I think that happens once a day. But then I stopped watching cable news.



61% of Historians agree: Bush worst President ever

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I have predicted almost since the beginning of this administration that history would judge Herr Bush harshly. But even before the end of his Presidency, historians have spoken: only 2% of professional historians responding to a Pew Research Foundation survey conducted through History News Network rank his Presidency a success. While the Prez himself is convinced that history will eventually conclude his has been a great leader, moral beacon, and the devil knows what else, these historians feel no need to cut him any slack.


She’s f*cking Obama

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Looks like somebody hit a grand slam on this one, folks. She’s f*cking Obama.

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