The Obama Smear Machine: an in-depth look

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This is a very interesting article by a researcher who has studied years of smear campaigns against Obama. It’s not so much that they are well-coordinated attacks, but that so small a number of webzoids are involved in the creation and propagation of right wingnut rumors like this.


Alabama’s Nut Job Attorney General Wants To Ban Sex Toys And Sing With Dead People

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Um…right. No, really. Nobody would believe this if they heard it was fiction. I’m having trouble getting a grasp on it, and you all know how cynical I am.

The story just goes on and on. How did this control freak asshole ever get into politics? Is it something about the Alabama mindset that caused people to vote for him, or that caused him to run for such an office in the first place?

I know people who live in Alabama, and they’re…normal, not like this fruitcake. The word “flabbergasted” comes to mind.


Yeah, and it wouldn’t hurt if we all sent him a dildo. There’s info on that in the story, too.


It’s been real, George

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But it hasn’t been fun, and it sure as heck hasn’t been real fun.

75% of those surveyed blame Bush’s policies for the deteriorating economy.

The slide continues. With the president’s popularity hovering around the drinking age, a new poll reveals that the American people think things are going to hell in a handbasket, and George Bush is responsible.

Even Republicans are realizing that the blame resides with the guy who they handed the car keys to.

LA Times story

And as long as we’re looking to assign responsibility, Alan “didn’t happen on my watch” Greenspan is saying we’re going into a recession. I guess he’s the last person on the planet to realize that.


More Videos from Public Service Administration

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Bass Motives


Rove running the McCain campaign?

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The actual title of the article is “Rove engaged in more than just ‘chit chat’ with McCain campaign. But I’m having trouble assimilating the idea that Karl Rove could be seriously involved in any campaign without running the entire show.

“For reasons that defy logic, Rove has been hired to play the role of professional “journalist” for a variety of outlets, including Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. No one seriously expects credible, independent, bias-free reporting from Rove, but no serious news outlet should be comfortable paying someone to offer commentary and analysis on a presidential campaign while simultaneously advising one of the candidates in the presidential campaign.”

“Ethics?” you say? Rove would not do anything ethical. That would spoil his reputation as the perfect scumbag. Who wants a scumbag who is less than perfect?

Did John McCain call his wife a c*nt?

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That’s the name of the video, and it’s also clear that he did. It’s typical of his imperious, vindictive behavior that the mainstream press never seems to report. A quick search on McCain behavior will turn up a surprising number of unconsionable acts that you might not have heard of.


Secret fail

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Take the money and run, Johnny

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Yesterday, John McCain cancelled his attendance at a fundraiser with Clayton Williams, who gave the following advice to rape victims: “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”

I read this and said to myself, “Gosh, didn’t that happen a long, long time ago?” Not that it’s not news, and it’s okay, but still, the time frame should be mentioned. There is an addendum here, but still no date is given. We’re bloggers, not exactly reporters, but still. It’s a fact, and thanks to the modern miracle that is google, we can look it up. I did.

It looks like he probably said it in 1990.

And though John McCain canceled his presence, he’s keeping the $300K that the guy raised. What a charmer!


Googlebombing Obama?

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First, of all, I’ll explain what ‘Googlebombing’ is, for those of you who have not run into the term previously. The idea is that when I link to your site, the text I use as my link—the anchor text—will be associated with you. If enough people linked to you using the same text, searching on this text might result in you being found high, even though you didn’t actually intend for that word or phrase to be a keyword.

So far it’s pretty simple. That’s how it’s supposed to work. If thousands of people read my previous post of funny political ads and link to it using the phrase “humorous political banners”, I might get enough traffic out of it to go into the biz of making and selling bumper stickers with my designs. Google would see all those links and figure that that’s what people found important on my site.

“Googlebombing” is where you use this technique to link a word or phrase that the recipient would not have wanted linked. So when hundreds of bloggers and other sites linked the anchor text “miserable failure” to George Bush’s biography on whitehouse.gov, guess who was number 1 on the search for those words. You guessed it.

Google has since modified the algorithm so if something like this comes up, something which is intended to subvert search results, they can readjust it by hand. So if you really bomb something, you’ll get found out and it will have no effect.

I hope you understand, because this is going to be on the test. For many people it’s probably a new concept.

The reason I’ve written what I’ve written so far is that there is a campaign to “googlebomb” Obama, and you need to understand what googlebombing is to see what’s really going on. The neocon crackpots (see what I did there?) at that site have put up a page they would like people to copy into their blogs and onto their websites. Go look at it and tell me what the anchor text is.

That’s right. The anchor text is “Obama”. So what you have is a bunch of links from the name Obama to various lies about him. This is the opposite of googlebombing, and it will have no effect on Obama’s ranking in any google search.

So what you have is right wingnuts who are so unclear on the concept that they’ve put together an utterly useless disinformation campaign, while congratulating themselves for being truly clever. Good work, guys. It will keep you out of real trouble.


Have an ad, take two, they’re small

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Like I don’t have anything to do with my time…

Once in a while I just like to play with the graphics program. Did you know that back in 2005, when asked if Dick Cheney would play a role in his administration should he be elected, McCain answered, “Hell, yes!”?

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