Fun with war crimes

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Watch war criminals of the Bush Administration tried by a court of the absurd. Anything can happen, and frequently does. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The next episode is due out August 12th, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

Fun with war crimes

Coming soon to a theater near you

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‘W’, the movie. Release is scheduled for October. When do we get the Opera?


I couldn’t resist making a pol-lol

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funny pictures
moar funny pictures


“Don’t be Pravda”

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Yet another amazing video. Scott McLellan reveals how the White House delivers talking points to Fox “News” so that they can serve as the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, while posing as ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’. Of course then he backpedals, implying that “everybody’s doing it”. NOT.

Interactive diagram: Crimes of the administration

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Okay, so they left some things out. Of course they did, this is just a rather small diagram. But still, it would need to be several more layers deep to cover everything in the 66 articles of impeachment.

Criminals should be prosecuted, even if they are powerful and have powerful friends, even if they consider themeselves about all laws, even if the standard procedure is to point out their crimes and then permit them to honorably retire from office with a government pension and billions stolen from the American public and ferreted away in the Cayman Islands, Swiss, Lichtenstein, and Dubai banks.

And it came to pass….

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Oh, miracle of miracles!



One article of impeachment

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Kudos to Vincent Bugliosi, for his strong showing at the impeachment hearing.


Who said it, Bush or Batman?

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This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You thought you knew George Bush, did you?


Keith Olberman: The CBS smoking gun

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I’ve been reading this one so much this morning that I had to check to see if I posted on it already. Nope, so here goes.

In an interview on CBS, McCain was asked about the relationship between the escalation, err…”surge”, and how this was related to the “Anbar Awakening”, which has resulted in Shia and Sunni leaders working together for peace.

There are opinions. There are lots of right answers, and there are lots of wrong answers. McCain got this one completely wrong, and CBS edited it it out for him and made up a new answer for him out of cutting-floor footage.

But we have the original here in a little Keith Olberman YouTube. Enjoy! If you can’t enjoy, get mad as hell and do something about it. We do not need yet another incompetent puppet in the White House. Don’t forget, McCain has said if he is in the White House, Dick Cheney will be working for his Administration.

The Never-ending War of John McCain

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Let John McCain explain his position himself. Err… positions? He seems to have some sort of a running amnesia about his own actions and opinions on this thing.

“Would you be in favor of a referendum amongst the Iraqi people to make a decision whether US troops should stay or leave?”

“No, no more than I should have a referendum in the United States of America.”

“We talked about the majority of Americans wanting out of Iraq. At what point do you stop doing what you think is right and you start doing what the majority of the American people want?”

“Well, again, I disagree with what the majority of American people want.”

“So, do we leave the region?”

“I don’t see how we can.”

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