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The problem is that the Repubs clearly didn’t look very closely at Palin before they chose her. As I alluded to in the previous entry, she has a big problem that’s going to be hard to deal with.

Remember, she unexpectedly announced she was 7 months pregnant. During the whole time she was apparently pregnant (which includes the time before she announced it), she was keeping up a full schedule, traveling, etc, and not “showing” at all. She even traveled to Dallas to make a speech. She gave that speech even though she had announced her fluid had started leaking several hours earlier. Then, instead of going to one of the rather well-equipped hospitals they have in Dallas, she took an 8 hour flight home to Alaska, stopping in Seattle. Once there, she traveled to an obscure small out-of-the-way hospital to give birth.

Three days later she was back to work with no restrictions.

Well, I’d say “Hmmm…”, but I’m not necessarily the person who the Repubs are concerned about. They did choose her in an effort to woo evangelicals, who might agree with her “pro-family” stance. But even these people are questioning how a person so committed to these ideals could do something so foolhardy as wait a day before seeking medical attention after going into labor and losing her water prematurely like that, a major complication. And since the baby has downs and is therefore special needs, who is taking care of the baby now, and who will be taking care of it if she moves to Washington and maybe even takes over some major responsibilies?

Well, then there is the other side, the people who say that she never was pregnant, and that it was her own daughter who bore the child. While the state website has repeatedly been scrubbed of all but a few selected family photos, there are still some interesting ones. Here’s a pic of Palin in Washington a week after announcing her pregnancy, which is 7 months + 1 week.

Now here’s a photo of what Palin looked like during a previous pregnancy.

It’s just so down-home traditional, so “50’s” for a family to send away a pregnant daughter, like Palin’s daughter Bristol who was pulled out of school for mononucleosis for a remarkable 5-8 months during the period of time in question. And then the mom raises the daughter as her own.

Except for the fact that forging a birth certificate is a crime. And if she really was traveling and delaying medical attention with her doctor’s blessing, the doctor should lose his or her license.

Here’s a pic of the daughter. Unlike another picture that was released in an effort to show that the girl just had a little plumpness in the midsection, in this pic it is clear that the bump on her belly is not babyfat.

I simply cannot imagine a way for her to weasel out of it. Either she did something irresponsible and unethical, or she did something irresponsible and unethical. Take your pick. And the McCain crowd checked her out and decided she was the best candidate to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Umm… Either that or picked her face as a good-looking woman he would like to get a lot closer to.

Cindy should be worried about Gramps.

Daily Kos


The Daily Dish


Sarah who?

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Really. Not only unknown, but justifiably so.

I guess the selection came as a big surprise to everybody, including his advisors, those on the supposed list of candidates, either the long or the short list (I hear those on the short list are pretty upset they got jerked around for publicity purposes, while McCain was never really considering them), McCain himself, and Palin herself.

The fact that she has significantly less governmental experience than the mayor of my city, while being under investigation for a sleazy little episode where she tried to get her brother-in-law fired from his job… I guess that stuff doesn’t count. After all, McCain is generally the least knowledgeable about just about everything, and he’s been investigated for major misdeeds himself.

So why would he choose her? Um… Look at her face. Do the words “former beauty queen” bring anything to mind, like “so was Cindy”? This was Gramps talking. He was scoping her out, and his libido got the best of him, what few brain cells he has left of those he ever had.

They say that when the two of them stand together, she looks like his daughter. No. She looks like his next wife. That’s what happened.

And now for a little light entertainment, the Palin for Governor 2006 ad starring Palin and Sen Ted “The Internet is a series of tubes” Stevens, who is currently being prosecuted for corruption. They pulled it down off her website just hours ago, but thanks to the cultural archive miracle they call “YouTube”, history lives on.

Now, Paul Begala of CNN on Is John McCain out of his mind?.

Err… Yes? Was there ever any question on that one?

UPDATE: Juicy rumor time. It seems that Gov. Palin turned up 7 months pregnant at a time when she had not put on any weight. Everyone was really surprised to hear this. The rumor is that it was actually her young daughter’s baby, as the girl had put on a load of weight and then soon lost it…


Mr Out-of-touch-with-reality puts his foot in it again

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And again, him and his henchmen.

In a just amazing Time interview, McCain managed to answer hardly any of the questions he was asked. Of the ones he did, well, you be the judge.

Q: Some members of the [Iraqi] government have made it clear in the last month or two that they might want to withdraw before complete stability, before totally secure borders, before some of the completeness of victory as you described. Is there any change, do you think there is some wiggle room there because what you described with Petraeus was an end point that was rather complete — a peaceful, stable country.

MCCAIN: Its a peaceful and stable country now.

Time story
Think Progress

From a story in the Dallas Morning News, McCain advisor John Goodman has proposed a novel solution to the problem of uninsured Americans: reclassifying as “insured”, based on how their bills will be paid. Not having anybody to pick up the bill, we can just create a name for that and call it “insured”!

Meanwhile it looks like Halliburton has been using slave labor to construct the US Embassy in Baghdad.

And the half-sister that Cindy McCain denies having, the one who inherited nothing when Cindy got the fortune, she’s pissed. She and her son are voting for Obama.


DNC protesters tell Fox News correspondent what they think of Fox News

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A Fox News correspondent on location at a leftist protest march prior to the Democratic National Convention decided to stir up the crowd by accusing them of not believing in freedom. They gave him their opinion of Fox news, breaking out in a spontaneous chant of “Fuck Fox News”. Finally people honestly expressing their opinions. But I guess that wasn’t really what they were expecting to hear. Now why was that unanticipated? It took about 15 seconds for the folks at the station to pull the plug.

And as long as I’m scraping YouTube, here’s a cute little video on the “How many homes do you own?” issue.

Also, McCain’s cheat sheet to keep that from happening again.


McCain would have picked both Cheney and Rumsfeld

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Not a long clip, but something to think about. I have heard that only about 6 months ago McCain said that there would be a place in his administration for Cheney. What a thought!

With mavericks like this working on our side, who needs the Apocalypse? Perhaps God is punishing Americans with Republican administrations for being stupid enough to vote them into office.

CNN and John McCain’s Extramarital Affairs

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Nice details, and even interview footage from both John and Cindy. It’s not enough to say, “I take full responsibility,” when you haven’t yet accepted what it was you did.


Little Freudian slip

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Or did somebody working for the Associated Press do it on purpose?

W, the movie

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A Life Misunderestimated

Normally I am not a big Oliver Stone fan, but the more I see about this movie, the more I am liking what I see. I can’t wait til it comes out and I can watch for myself.

It’s still scheduled to be released on the 17th of October.


Keith Olberman: Grow up!

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Keith Olberman’s commentary on this year’s election campaign speaks for itself.

Actually, (I’ve complained about this before) I’m tired of hearing that reporting factual uncomplimentary info on McCain is somehow no different from making up lies about him. Or that the lies that the mindless right-wing machine makes up and disseminates are somehow legitimized by the fact that there is nothing good to write about McCain that is not itself a lie. Or that it’s okay for McCain to lie because he was a POW. Or it’s okay for Rove to lie, or Scheunemann to lie, because McCain was a POW.

If you have nothing good to say about your own candidate, there’s a reason. It’s because he has no redeeming virtues or values. None. And in an effort to win in spite of that, he has sold his soul to the devil. My grandma would make a better president, and she’s 90.

And as long as the republicans want to talk about Russia acting like the old Soviet Union in its aggression against Georgia, let’s look inside, Johnny boy. Who is acting as the aggressor in the two wars we are fighting abroad right now? Who is acting like the Cold War is back, and it’s a GOOD THING?

No clue? It’s you.


The “Cone of Silence”: More McCain lies.

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So McCain was supposed to be in the “Cone of Silence” during Obama’s questioning, but actually he was sitting in a limousine en route until just before showtime. At first his campaign admitted as such, and then they denied it and accused the journalists who they agreed with in the morning of making it up later in the day.

Jed Report

So why was McCain in the limousine when Cindy was already in the audience?

I have heard people say that watching the show as it unfolded would have given him the questions and enabled him to put together those on-the-tip-of-his-tongue answers. You have got to be kidding. John McCain? Compose those scripted answers in the time it took to hear Obama’s candid responses?

No, not possible.

Does anybody think his team might have been listening to Obama and prepping John over the phone? I think they were probably doing that, but face it. McCain’s answers didn’t seem to be countering what Obama had to say. It was more like a stump speech somebody had adapted.

Both parties knew the topics that were going to be covered. But clearly McCain knew exactly the questions that were going to be asked.

Relevant section: minute 2:00 to 2:56. Please watch and see for yourself. Take note of the hand chops, he is answering three questions. Watch Warren’s facial expressions, he looks surprised. Watch McCain’s face when Warren makes his comment about answering so fast and about poker, he sure looks like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Yes, there are some below who call this speculating. McCain’s old, who cares if they gave him the questions? He needs a little help. It does us no good to cry foul. Let’s give him a pass. This makes us look bad. There is no proof. And on and on. To which I say: grow some and open your frickin’ eyes! If they both had the questions, fine. If only one of them did, then that is cheating, pure and simple. I simply want to find out. And so should you.

But, please, feel free to disagree.


And Warren knew that McCain had not been sequestered anywhere. He’d been in a limo that serves as a full communications center.

Now here is is the “off the cuff” performance we normally expect from McCain, the one that results when he has to digest a new question before responding:

We’ve already covered the Solzhenitzn plagiarism and fabrication. (Well I thought we did, but I guess it was in a comment I wrote someplace last night. I covered the Mike Christian plagiarism I caught on a stump speech, and the “Wikipedia wonder” speech.) Here‘s the link to the story, which some people say this whole “Cone of Silence” brouhaha is supposed to cover. But as has been pointed out, the “Cone of Silence” itself was stolen from the 60’s comedy spy show “Get Smart”. Hmm, do you suppose the McCain campaign inserted that into the event itself, in addition to planning the entire event?

Not to mention the fact that the Cone of Silence never worked in the tv show, either.

Time to call a lie a lie. Just because Sean Hannity thinks that McCain should get a lifetime “get out of responsibility” pass for having been a POW doesn’t mean electing a guy with no ethics for president is a good idea. Again.

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