The “Cone of Silence”: More McCain lies.

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So McCain was supposed to be in the “Cone of Silence” during Obama’s questioning, but actually he was sitting in a limousine en route until just before showtime. At first his campaign admitted as such, and then they denied it and accused the journalists who they agreed with in the morning of making it up later in the day.

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So why was McCain in the limousine when Cindy was already in the audience?

I have heard people say that watching the show as it unfolded would have given him the questions and enabled him to put together those on-the-tip-of-his-tongue answers. You have got to be kidding. John McCain? Compose those scripted answers in the time it took to hear Obama’s candid responses?

No, not possible.

Does anybody think his team might have been listening to Obama and prepping John over the phone? I think they were probably doing that, but face it. McCain’s answers didn’t seem to be countering what Obama had to say. It was more like a stump speech somebody had adapted.

Both parties knew the topics that were going to be covered. But clearly McCain knew exactly the questions that were going to be asked.

Relevant section: minute 2:00 to 2:56. Please watch and see for yourself. Take note of the hand chops, he is answering three questions. Watch Warren’s facial expressions, he looks surprised. Watch McCain’s face when Warren makes his comment about answering so fast and about poker, he sure looks like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Yes, there are some below who call this speculating. McCain’s old, who cares if they gave him the questions? He needs a little help. It does us no good to cry foul. Let’s give him a pass. This makes us look bad. There is no proof. And on and on. To which I say: grow some and open your frickin’ eyes! If they both had the questions, fine. If only one of them did, then that is cheating, pure and simple. I simply want to find out. And so should you.

But, please, feel free to disagree.


And Warren knew that McCain had not been sequestered anywhere. He’d been in a limo that serves as a full communications center.

Now here is is the “off the cuff” performance we normally expect from McCain, the one that results when he has to digest a new question before responding:

We’ve already covered the Solzhenitzn plagiarism and fabrication. (Well I thought we did, but I guess it was in a comment I wrote someplace last night. I covered the Mike Christian plagiarism I caught on a stump speech, and the “Wikipedia wonder” speech.) Here‘s the link to the story, which some people say this whole “Cone of Silence” brouhaha is supposed to cover. But as has been pointed out, the “Cone of Silence” itself was stolen from the 60’s comedy spy show “Get Smart”. Hmm, do you suppose the McCain campaign inserted that into the event itself, in addition to planning the entire event?

Not to mention the fact that the Cone of Silence never worked in the tv show, either.

Time to call a lie a lie. Just because Sean Hannity thinks that McCain should get a lifetime “get out of responsibility” pass for having been a POW doesn’t mean electing a guy with no ethics for president is a good idea. Again.

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