More Palin Miscellanea

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First of all, Jon Stewart catching Karl Rove et al in the ultimate flip-flop hypocrisy.

Now let’s look at 8 reasons Sarah Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama

Favorite quote: “…one bad biopsy away from being the most powerful human being on earth…”

Why the media should apologize

Favorite quote: “As Lily Tomlin says, “No matter how cynical I get, it’s just never enough to keep up.”

Exclusive advance transcript of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama.

And finally, they’ve uncovered her academic history. Well, kind of. Nobody can really remember her at the 5 colleges she attended in 6 years, and she doesn’t seem to have participated in any extracurricular activities, like the school newspaper. Kind of odd for a journalism student. Is that the moral equivalent of graduating 5th from the bottom of her class? As the limbo man says, “How low can you go?”


OMG, Lynn Westmoreland, Republican rep from Georgia, called Obama and his wife “uppity“.

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