Those Palin kids and the wholesome family life

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Following up on a previous post where I showed the Daily Show video in which Bill O’Reilly declared that Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy was in no way a reflection on the parents, although he had previously stated that Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy was a reflection on HER parents…

Yesterday O’Reilly had the lack of sense to show the bit and claim that 1) it was entirely taken out of context, and 2) the Palin girl was not being unsupervised at the time she got pregnant.

That’s pretty mind-boggling. They were supervising her as it happened? He would have been better off keeping his mouth shut than letting something nonsensical pop out, like that.

Clearly teenage pregnancy occurs during periods of lack of supervision. Well, hopefully. The alternative is unthinkable. I wonder who he is implying was supervising the conception?

Okay, enough of that. It’s up to Bill O if he wants to take that foot out of his mouth before he chokes on it. But I had heard a rumor previously that <rumor> even though Sarah Palin is bragging about how proud she is about her eldest son going to Iraq, there were—shall we say—mitigating circumstances that would imply that the decision to enter the service was not one entirely of his own choosing, kind of like the fact that Bristol’s marriage might not have happened without parental pressure. Which hmm, hasn’t happened yet, has it?

But getting back to the insane rumor, somebody in a series of comments pointed out that Track Palin spent two years attending high school in Portage, which is near Kalamazoo, of all places.() The story is that he did it to play hockey, even though the school system doesn’t have a hockey league and there was perfectly competitive hockey happening back home.

It just seems pretty odd that a boy that age would be sent to someplace far away to do something he could do as well at home. Somebody made the observation that since Sarah Palin herself attended 5 colleges in 6 years to get her journalism degree (FACT), and it seems her daughter was pulled out of her local high school and sent to a different one for an extended period of time.

A person with connections back in the Portage area asked around and found that Track Palin had a reputation for being a troublemaker and an Oxycodone addict. The coupe de grace was an incident involving the vandalism of a large number of school buses.


Very interesting. Read the comments on the article for more information. It sounds to me like an extreme lack of supervision going on in the household, or maybe just a lack of appropriate parenting. Two oldest kids in trouble, special needs baby being passed around like a theatrical prop. Did it happen? How many families do you know where they send the kids away to attend high school?

Now, a snippet from two trolls on Yahoo Answers

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