McCain to the rescue!

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After brief discussion with Barack Obama about something else, John McCain, king of backroom deals, has decided that they need him in Washington to broker this sellout…er…rescue package. He’s unilaterally “suspending” his campaign, eliminating advertising, and will pull out of debates until the crisis is over.

I guess they really need him there because of his economic expertise, level temperaments, reliable attendance… nah. Actually they haven’t missed him one bit in the 6 months or so since he stopped attending session or voting on any issues at all. So what’s the deal?

This is just the latest step in a trend away from contact with the public and the press. This is about foreign policy, and they think he’s going to mess up royally, mix up Iran and Iraq, Sunnis and Shi’ites, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Spain and South America, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic… No, wait, he already did get all them confused, see what I mean?

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