The curse of Cindy McCain

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I didn’t get around to writing a Halloween story this year, but this one will do.

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ACORN, Ayer, and the “Muslim” Obama

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Propaganda in action, watch it at work.


Why no medical records, Sarah?

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She did, after all, promise that she’d release them what seems like more than a week ago. Why hasn’t it happened?

The logical assumption would be that she’s hiding something embarrassing.

It’s still possible that the “October surprise” may be a “sympathy miscarriage” for Bristol. Right now we are taking it on Sarah’s word that the teen is even pregnant. Would she throw her kid under the bus to advance her own career? Don’t answer that…

You can just guess what her evangelical followers might find unacceptable.

Swift Kids for truth

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They’re just making the observation, and they think you ought to be thinking about it, too.

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Attack of the robots

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Our worst nightmares are being realized. Act now, before resistance becomes futile.


Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

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Nobody said it better than the Great Communicator.

Ronald Reagan Explains Why Progressive Economics Works

Pit bull/Hockey Mom rap

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Doing their part. Watch the captions, the words go by pretty quickly.

Sarah Palin, unabashed socialist

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Kudos to Keith Olberman for digging up the facts. Who’d have thought that only a couple of months ago Palin herself was bragging about making Alaska a bastion of socialism, from sharing the wealth of big oil companies with the public, to taking pride in the fact that the state’s resources were owned by the public. She even used the word “Socialist”.

Does she even remember?


A few McCain-Palin supporters

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Like, wow.

Synchronized Presidential debating

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Too funny.

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