McCain’s mental state

Posted in Campaign ads, Election 2008, John McCain in his own words at 8:46 pm by angela

This is a very interesting blog post about John McCain’s mental and emotional state. The original poster makes an excellent case that he is paranoid and falling deep in hate for Obama, who he sees as “the enemy”. Others suggest plausibly that he may have an existing personality disorder, PTSD, or incipient dementia, all of which agrees with what I have been saying in a general sense—except for the part about the dementia, with which I have wholeheartedly agreed all along.


But if that’s his excuse, what about Sarah Palin? I mean, aside from being a narcissist, a paranoid religious fanatic, and a right wing gun nut…is that enough or is there more? Is she out and out trying to destroy the world as a part of some beloved End Times?

It certainly looks like they’re trying to incite violence. Does the fact that they are unconcerned about death threats coming from their own followers mean that these are plants in the audience?

Take your toys and go home, Sarah. Stop trying to play Adolph Hitler. It’s time to give the Devil his due.

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