Sarah Palin wants to steal my stuff

Posted in Religious fanatacism, Sarah Palin at 12:37 am by angela

Because she doesn’t think I’m a true Christian.

She’s right. I’m not, and that makes me one of the “godless” that her prayer warriors is planning on looting and pillaging when they take over the country prior to bringing on Armageddon.

Ecumenicism is a game they play. They want you to think you have something in common with them. Do you believe the world is beset by witchcraft and demons? Do you believe in praying for the deaths of people? Do you think it’s a good idea to bring on the End Times so you can get raptured right up into heaven?

She is a dominionist, which means she supports making the US a theocracy run by members of her cult. The movement to infiltrate the government at all levels is called New Apostolic Reformation. Check them out.

Sarah Palin believes in all this and more. Believe it, it’s true.

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