Election stolen in Alaska?

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It looks like the keystone kops running the election process in the state of Alaska stole it.

Now, after the results of the last election (clearly tampered with in several states) and the Republican voter suppression in the process of happening, I am not firmly convinced that there was not a “Diebold Effect” that Obama had to overcome by performing even better than predicted. But considering that the group that was most underrepresented in the polls—younger voters—is also his strongest supporter, this was possible.

The issue is that in order to steal an election so that it stays stolen, you have to make the results appear plausible. Irregularities stick out like a sore thumb. In the last two elections, there were widespread irregularities in Ohio, where Democratic precincts “voted” 100% (or even higher) Republican and Florida had to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of minority voters in order to get the results they wanted. These are just examples. The issue is that the losing candidates and their party (the Democratic party) decided not to make a stink, to be “conciliatory”, and the mainstream media decided to suppress it, although it was a fascinating read.

By tampering with the programs of voting machines or optical scanners, you can shave enough votes to have an effect in a close election, and it’s hard for anybody to be the wiser.

But in this election, the polls pretty much agreed with the results. So if that happened, it wasn’t enough to affect the result, and as yet we do not see irregularities.

Except in Alaska, where numerous precincts voted more than 100%, vote totals are way down from the previous election, even thought there was lots of enthusiasm for all races in the state, and the convicted felon Ted Stevens who looked like he was going lose big instead won big.

It was part of the plan for Stevens to win, then resign. Palin would run for his seat in the Senate. But that wouldn’t work out if his opponent failed.

How many Wasilla Faith Warriors (people from Palin’s apocalyptic cult—which has declared its intention of infiltrating the government and taking control from the godless) are managing local elections? Remember, these are people with such an intense faith in the Bible that they don’t see anything else as important. How else could she have no knowledge that Africa is not a country? She has tried to blame the release of this information by claiming that the people who said it are “small-minded and bitter”. Yes, bitter at having to work with her and her nasty personality. But she did not deny that she believed Africa was a country. She thought the question was unfair.

Context: When South Africa came up in discussion, she thought they were talking about the southern part of the country of Africa…

And in case you missed it, she has no understanding of science, either. She believes that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans 6000 years ago.

But getting back to the Alaska “election results”, it is incompetent people like her that would pull such a blatantly transparent election theft, people she has undoubtedly appointed at all levels, also those who have been working to get themselves elected locally. They think God wants them to win by any means. No laws apply to them. The only thing that matters is not getting caught.

They just couldn’t figure out how to make it look like it was a fair election. They didn’t think it mattered, because these are people who do not see this country as you and I do, to steal a quote from Sarah. And they just can’t imagine how people like us think.


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