Farewell to George Bush

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Farewell George
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The Palin Legacy

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You know what they say, What goes around, comes around. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sarah’s at it again.

I know just about everybody is reflecting deeply on how she whines hypothesizes that “pathetic, anonymous bloggers” (translation: anyone who can write and think, and who does so) who live in their parents’ basements and blog while wearing pajamas (she did say this) make lies about her to hurt her feelings… because they are jealous of her, I guess. I guess it at least partly has to do with the issue that ultra-cons like her consider it a mortal sin to try to imagine somebody else’s position on a issue. If they are not just like her, they must be evil, eh, Sarah?

But dang, can that woman not keep her mouth shut? The Alaska Daily News has reprinted a letter to the editor by Sarah, objecting to three things. I won’t list them here. The editorial response is just too funny. It’s a nice touch that she writes, “Say it aint so,” when the editor’s name is Pat, not Joe. Sarah just can’t shake a sound bite that worked for her once.

Bristol apparently has also dropped out and is supposedly taking correspondence classes to complete her diploma. I would have been surprised very much to hear that Bristol had kept up with her class, considering that Sarah kept her out of school for an entire year, which is one of the reasons why The Rumor™ caught on.

The Rumor™, you say? Yeah, the rumor questioning whether Sarah Palin was actually the mother of Trig, and whether the child was actually her grandchild, Bristol’s daughter.

I f* cannot believe she brought this up herself and put it in the mainstream news for the first time. But it’s time to revisit the original “evidence”, look at what’s happened since, and see how it stands up.

A photo of Bristol taken back in October or November of 2007 shows her with what looks an awful lot like a maternity bump. Click to see a closeup of the bump in question.

Appearance: Bristol still looks pregnant, not fat.

Bristol apparently was pulled out of school for much of that school year because of mono.

Appearance: Old-fashioned pregnancy coverup.
The above photo shows Sarah pregnant with a previous pregnancy. The one at the right shows her at what was supposedly 7-1/2 months during Trig’s pregnancy.

Appearance: Sarah was not 7-1/2 months pregnant in this picture.

Now we get to the weird stuff, how Palin started leaking amniotic fluid while at a Republican meeting of some sort in Texas, but decided to wait 3 hours to give a speech (during which she announced, yes announced she was leaking fluid) and take 2 flights home, then drive to an obscure hospital that had no facilities for high-risk births. During the flight no one was aware that she was in the middle of a life-threatening medical emergency during a high-risk pregnancy, supposedly ordered by her doctor to leave the best medical facilities in the country to take a 20 hour trip home.

Appearance: This story is so unbelievable she has to be lying. If her doctor told her to do this she should lose her license. She was rushing home to be present in the state on the date the baby was born.

Then she went right back to work without taking any time off. Huh?
Appearance: She did not give birth.

At this point I’d like to add something about all the photos that Sarah scrubbed off sites she controlled within a day or two of being selected as running mate.

Appearance: coverup.

Of course, we could always look at less-supported rumors. A friend said Sarah had her tubes tied after her fourth child, and Bristol was seen looking pregnant during her confinement. But these are anonymous rumors. But yeah, they’re just rumors…

Now let’s look at what happened during the campaign. A remarkable coincidence, Palin made an uncorroberated announcement that her teenage daughter was 5 months pregnant and could not have been the mother of Trig.

Appearance: In the absence of any evidence whatsoever, we did not even know for sure that Bristol was pregnant. But people stopped asking inconvenient questions, so the strategy worked.

The deleriously happy family announced that there would be a shotgun wedding of the happy couple. This did not happen.

Appearance: Something fishy going on here. If they weren’t going to get married before the birth of the baby, why even announce that they were? They are still not married, and there is no sign it is going to happen.

Anybody else notice that Bristol was the campaign nanny who was Trig’s sole caregiver when he wasn’t being passed around like a prop?

After long delays following a promise to release her medical records, Sarah came up with a note from her doctor that was so vague it did not say how many children she had borne or when.

Finally, the birth. A member of Sarah’s large extended family announced the details of the birth on December 29. All birth reports stem from this single announcement.

So if Trig was born at the end of April and little Trisket was born at the end of December, it’s not possible that Bristol gave birth to both babies.

So what are the options:

  1. Sarah is telling the truth, including the part where she threw her kid under the bus to squelch the rumors that were threatening her career. Verdict: she is an irresponsible mother to both her unborn baby and to her teenaged daughter.
  2. Sarah adopted baby Trig, probably from a hapless pregnant girl in her church, when it was discovered that the baby was going to have Downs and the girl didn’t want to keep it.
  3. Bristol had the baby back in April. Sarah, brain-dead to her dysfunctional family, was not aware of the pregnancy or the fact that it was going to be a Downs baby until too late to get the girl an abortion or fake the pregnancy believably.

Yeah, it raises more questions. In fact, if either of the last two is correct, that means that they decided to fake the pregnancy to keep people from asking awkward questions, because she needed people to believe it was her baby, not adopted. Why? To take advantage of the positive spin having a Downs baby at her age—rather than an abortion—would have on her career.

Now if the last option, the “Bristol-as-Trig’s mother” option, is correct, that would still leave the origin of the latest baby uncertain. But the surprise announcement could well have coincided with Sarah finding a pregnant girl in her church who needed a home for her baby. Levi was paid off with an apprentice position in the oil fields that he was not qualified for, and the wedding is of zero importance since Bristol didn’t really give birth to that baby.

You be the judge. Or come up with your own version. I’m sure I’ve missed at least one alternate reality here here.

Or Sarah could come clean…

The Bush Legacy Project

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Many thanks to The Onion for this great video.

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

Bush and his Legacy Triage Team™ have been hitting The Bush Legacy™ really hard lately. The crack Historical Revision Writing Team™ has been hard at work rewriting history, what else? Sorry guys, you can’t have it both ways. Of course history will judge him somewhat differently, at least partly based on what we’re going to find when the whole, filthy, corrupt, venial facts come out. The Bush Legacy Triage Project™ attempt to control debate right now is necessary because any unbiased review of the events of the past eight years makes him look worse. The assumption that somehow people will forgive, forget, or somehow discount as unimportant the criminal things that the current administration has been responsible for is laughable wishful thinking.

Put another way, demanding that we reserve judgment on the effectiveness of the Failed Bush Presidency™ while insisting that we declare the escalation surge a success right now, before the escalation surge and/or war is over and certainly before we can see if it had any effect on a lasting peace in the country… The notion is absurd.

Getting real now, here’s a little story from last week based on a friendly little interview of Dick Cheney in a Wyoming newspaper, where he claimed 1.) he never pays attention to polls and 2.) he doesn’t understand why people hate him.

Now the fact that 2.) would indicate he really does know what the polls are saying, meaning 1.) is a lie. Yeah, we’re all flabbergasted, but go ahead and enjoy the article.


Abstinence-only sex education: FAIL

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Guess what? Studies have finally outed “abstinence-only” sex education as the fraud it is. Abstinence-only sex education has no effect on the age at which teens have sex or how much sex they are having. We have poured millions of dollars into this scam, the sole purpose of which is to inject religion into public schools.

Abstinence-only sex education does have an unintended result: teaching kids that condoms and other forms of birth control don’t work has had the result that when kids who have taken part in these programs do have sex, they don’t bother to use any contraception. So pregnancy and STD rates among these students are much higher because of the program they have taken part in. Think Bristol Palin, spawn of Sarah, who believes that no sex education should be taught, and that parents can teach the kids at home. Good work there, Mom!

Another thing that has no effect on teen sex is the “chastity pledge” that young teens may take at a ceremony where they may get a ring symbolizing chastity. Most kids don’t remember they took the pledge, and even if they did, they don’t let it affect their sexual behavior.

Responses: That it’s still the right thing to do, the only right thing to do, even if it is wrong.

Abstinence-only FAIL: Story
Chastity pledge FAIL: Daily Mail

Palin in the news

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What is it with governors? The governor’s office seems to be the high point of political crime and corruption in so many states. Spitzer, Blagojevich, and the ever-ethically challenged Sarah Palin…

The trolls keep droning on about how “we” won’t leave Sarah Palin alone, when she’s the one who keeps putting herself in the news, throwing herself in our faces.

Totally aside from the fact that she’s a publicity whore, the fact that Sarah Palin sees nothing wrong with so many of the sleazy things she does is going to keep her perpetually in the news.

Let’s go back and do a rough chronology of the Levi Johnston thing. All dates are approximate.

September 1: Sarah Palin announces to the entire country that her underage daughter, the one who she pulled out of school for most of last year, is pregnant. It is none of any of our business that her daughter managed to get pregnant, because they are right wingnut evangelicals. If they were liberals, of course, there would be plenty of blame to go around. In fact, the girl was constantly supervised, they are saying, though I’m not sure why whoever was supervising wouldn’t have stopped the two of them if they really were doing the nasty. Levi joins the “family values” tour, which means he had to drop out of school. The criminal investigation into Levi’s mother for dealing Oxycontin is put on hold so as not to embarrass the McCain campaign.

Mid-November: News leaks out that Levi has dropped out and gone to work in the oil fields.

Mid-December: The investigation back into gear, Levi Johnston’s mom gets arrested for selling Oxycontin.

End of December: Bristol delivers. Sarah Palin announces inanely that both of the young parents are working, going to school, and trying very hard to parent, even though Levi is supposed to be hundreds of miles away. I guess that getting the girl married off before the baby arrived wasn’t important.

Beginning of January: It turns out Levi was taking part in an apprenticeship program that requires applicants to have a high school diploma, which he doesn’t have, and has a long waiting list, although he apparently didn’t have to wait, due to influence on dear Sarah’s part. But that’s okay, he’s quit anyway. I guess it was too much like work.

The future: Lots more babies for Bristol and the clan. Wedlock? The odds are going down fast. Little Brisket…er…Trisket…err…Tripp is going to grow up just like the big power-hungry dysfunctional family he was born into.

It keeps love in your heart

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In perhaps the most incongruous quote of the year 2008, Governor Blagojevich told a reporter last month that he runs because “it keeps love in your heart.” The Chicago Tribune ran a song contest for its readers, and we now have 38 songs on the joint themes of “Blagojevich” and “It keeps love in your heart.” The winner will be announced soon. Click through the photos in the article to hear them all. Enjoy!


For my foreign readers—the Gaza thing

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I know the rest of the world is watching in shock and horror as Israel destroys Gaza and kills civilians with indiscriminate bombing. But even more so, they are perplexed how American can give Israel such unconditional support in what appears so clearly to them to be outright ethnic cleansing.

Here is how it works: A new Rasmussen poll shows that Americans are divided on the issue. Americans in general feel that the Palestinians are to blame, but they do not support the invasion, despite overwhelming bombardment of propaganda from the mainstream media.

Republicans overwhelmingly support it, while Democrats overwhelmingly are opposed. The problem is that our leadership is not divided. It does not represent us, rather unconditionally supporting Israel no matter what Israel has done or decides to do.

So aside from a few individualists who don’t care that standing up for what is right could cost them in their party, our elected representatives have decided not to represent us. Democrats and Republicans alike, they don’t care what we think or want. This is basically the only issue their behavior is diametrically opposed to the desires of the voting public.

It’s hard to tell what is real and what is not real. On the internet, pro-Israel trolls are overwhelmingly the “voice”. They deny that there have been Palestinian deaths, and as justification for massacring all Palestinians claim a number of Israeli deaths thousands of times what is true. They are anonymous trolls, just as Rush Limbaugh is a troll whose name we know.

Is it the Israel lobby? Or something else? I really don’t know. But I thought it would be good to discuss, since there doesn’t seem to be any rational discussion going on over here.