What you can do about the banking crisis

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Do you have money in a big bank that you, as a taxpayer, are bailing out, yet it continues to demand more money—nothing but extortion—from the government so it doesn’t…well, what? They’re not lending money to individuals and businesses, they’re raising credit card rates through the roof in an effort to squeeze an extra dollar out of some while driving others into bankruptcy. They’re not giving homeowners with crushing mortgages a break. But they are giving gigantic bonuses and paying themselves huge salaries for taking that government money. And they’re using the money to buy off legislators with lobbying $$$$$$$$$, all paid for by you and me.

At the same time, small local banks and credit unions that are doing everything they can to help people like you and me are getting squeezed to support these big, profligate institutions that caused their own problems with investments that any fool could have seen would be a bad idea.

That’s the problem. It’s not just fools, it’s a special class of fools that are running these financial giants. They think that you and I are even more foolish than they are.

What the hell do you owe them? Nothing. Stop doing business with them.

Take your money out. Move your money to a local financial institution. You owe it to yourself and to your local economy.

They are trying to destroy us for short-term gain, with the blessing of the government. Don’t let them do it. Starve them.

Move your money


Nightmare scenarios on healthcare reform

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The Huffington Post has published an article Senate Democrats Consider Nightmare Scenario on Health Care Reform, which proposes that the ultimate “nightmare scenario” might be just around the corner, were the CBO to come back with figures that put the project in the red, based on the latest changes (concessions) made to Republicans and right wing Democrats who insist that they don’t want to spend too much money, but want changes made to make the project more costly.

I commented that I can think of several nightmare scenarios. It is rather short-sighted to think that this is the only one which would hurt the Democratic party or people who need access to health care but are not getting it.

Of course, nor do I believe in the sort of blind faith that I have been told to place in the President, who has given us no reason to believe that he is planning on fixing this in the foreseeable future.

But anyway, the “nightmare scenarios” I see involve access to healthcare in this country getting worse, with premiums and prices going through the roof, while apparently the worst abuses by insurance companies have been loopholed out of sight. They can still do just about everything to you they want, but now they can send you a bill for however much they want and you are forced to pay. They don’t have to approve your services and treatment. They can say it’s not reasonable and you will have no recourse.

They can and will set low annual limits on payments they are required to make.

So far we have not heard anything about how subsidies for the working poor would be managed. I suspect they will just go away, and people who don’t have 5K to pay for insurance (like, because it’s half their income) will get arrested and convicted for being poor.

There will be more rationing of health care than ever, now that insurance companies have permission to cut off granny’s benefits.

This is a disaster, both in the short term and long term. Good luck convincing people whose taxes skyrocketed long before it was decided whether they would even get benefits that they are better off.

This is no kind of reform at all. It’s only good for big health insurance and drugs. But I’m sure they’ll fix it coming up real soon. The proof is that absolutely nobody in the administration is saying they will fix it. Go blind faith!


Politicians should not take orders from their God

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Or perhaps, those who take their orders from their god (or think they do, especially those who brag they do) should not be politicians.

I’ve heard plenty of times before about prisoners who took part in penitentiary bible programs having conversions and getting privileges because of this. But this is the first time I have heard where clemency in murder cases was apparently a result of supposed conversions to Christianity.

Not only did Mike Huckabee give clemency to the guy who is the only suspect right now in the police shooting that killed 4 officers, he gave clemency or pardons to other violent criminals who went out and killed again, granted based on their word and the word of his religious advisors. He completely ignored the advice of correctional officials.

This is a secular country where people are free to practice whatever religion they please or none at all. The Huckster would crack down on all our private lives to force us to obey the rules he is imagining that his god decrees for us, yet he is so gullible he does not even bother to examine the facts when making decisions that impact public safety.

He cares about our souls, but doesn’t give a damn about our lives.

Sarah Palin is on a mission from God, too. She wants to start Armageddon and bring about the End Times.

Mike Huckabee’s Fatally Bad Judgment