Politicians should not take orders from their God

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Or perhaps, those who take their orders from their god (or think they do, especially those who brag they do) should not be politicians.

I’ve heard plenty of times before about prisoners who took part in penitentiary bible programs having conversions and getting privileges because of this. But this is the first time I have heard where clemency in murder cases was apparently a result of supposed conversions to Christianity.

Not only did Mike Huckabee give clemency to the guy who is the only suspect right now in the police shooting that killed 4 officers, he gave clemency or pardons to other violent criminals who went out and killed again, granted based on their word and the word of his religious advisors. He completely ignored the advice of correctional officials.

This is a secular country where people are free to practice whatever religion they please or none at all. The Huckster would crack down on all our private lives to force us to obey the rules he is imagining that his god decrees for us, yet he is so gullible he does not even bother to examine the facts when making decisions that impact public safety.

He cares about our souls, but doesn’t give a damn about our lives.

Sarah Palin is on a mission from God, too. She wants to start Armageddon and bring about the End Times.

Mike Huckabee’s Fatally Bad Judgment

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