Sarah “grizzly mom” Palin

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Without hyperbole, Palin would have nothing at all to say.

First she was a “pit bull with lipstick”, and I had some fun with that.

A lot of people had fun with it, and maybe that was because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, maybe because the stereotypical image of a vicious pit bull does not involve intelligence and forethought. More like random killing of small children and elderly people.

In the same way, people from the lower 49 have probably had a little trouble identifying with a woman who likes to shoot wildlife from helicopters for the sheer joy of killing wildlife, or wants to be associated with turkey slaughter.

Lately she’s taken to telling people to “reload” and target whoever doesn’t agree with them, putting rifle sights on a map of targeted office holders.

She loves guns, loves, loves, loves them, unnaturally so. But they are just not primal enough for her. She’s got to feel the blood running down her face from the raw meat in her mouth, slick on the skin of her palms.

The latest is the most ridiculous of all. She’s set herself up to be a “grizzly mom”, and everybody knows what that means. They fiercely guard their cubs…like Sarah, right? Except that the analogy falls apart right at the beginning here. She has let her kids raise themselves, which is why the three oldest have gotten in trouble. And just like traditional large families, the oldest daughter has been forced to drop out of high school and impressed into a “caretaker” position so that there would be someone there to take care of the younguns while wingnut mom and her former first dude are off doing more lucrative things.

Except, of course, that being rich, they’ve managed to set her up with a shell PR company to funnel payments from Sarah’s donors. Real “grizzly moms” raise their own cubs.

What else is it about “grizzly moms”? They strike out at anyone they see, just in case that person is a threat, killing them, tearing them limb from limb, and eating them.

Zombies tear you limb from limb, break open your skull and eat your brains.

So how are grizzly moms different from zombies? How is Sarah Palin different from a zombie?

She’s not.

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