The Ballad of George Rekers?

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For those of you who somehow missed the story, George Rekers, retired neuropathology professor and self-proclaimed expert on teh gay, was paid handsomely to testify against gay adoption in Florida (as well as other states), where he also declared that Native Americans should not be permitted to adopt. The judge wisely threw out his testimony

Then last week it turned out he hired a male escort to travel with him and give him massages.

Oh, no. Hiring an escort on rentboy.com isn’t gay. But now there’s a song on Youtube about it.


Glenn Beck’s nazi brain rot

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On the Daily Show Lewis Black tells it like nobody else can. But somebody’s got to say it to that moron Beck.

Glenn, save yourself, before it’s too late!

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Do you look illegal?

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Do I?

Seriously, now that Arizona has a law that permits police to demand proof of citizenship from anyone who they wish to, how will they decide who looks illegal?

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