Confessions of a Robo-signer

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Crystal Moore, the woman in this video deposition, had the job of signing mortgage documents for foreclosure. Watch and see how it was done, and why the mortgage foreclosure business is so fucked up full of fraud. She has no idea for how many companies she signed her name as Vice President, but estimates there were more than 50,000 documents involved.


Anti-gay crusader on the Daily Show

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I hadn’t watched this guy before. He is the person with the least awareness and self-awareness I have ever seen. And besides that, he is so gay, to be obsessed about some college student.

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The guy finally got fired. I guess it was too embarrassing even for people who have no shame, like his boss, the guy who hired him in the first place.


Keith Olbermann’s boss admits error

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Keith Olbermann, suspended indefinitely last Friday for exercising his right to quietly donate money to candidates he supports, will be back on Tuesday.

The quick resolution of the issue was unexpected. Many thought Olbermann would be fired shortly, as his it appears that his employer prefers that employees, like Joe Scarborough, make donations to Republican candidates, and like Joe Scarborough, actively promote them.

The wording of the policy was questionable. If MSNBC has the right to insist on giving “permission” to employees before they can donate, do they have the right to withhold that permission based on party preference? Does “should” mean “must”? Did the NBC policy even apply to opinion commentators on MSNBC, which is not attempting to maintain the appearance of being unbiased? If Fox News can actively promote Republican candidates and fund the Republican party, how serious are small personal donations?

250,000 emails of complaint later, MSNBC finally responded.

Phil Griffin, his boss, has released a statement blaming his cat for walking on the keyboard and sending the suspension email. He says he overslept and did not realize what had happened until the cat woke him up 36 hours later looking to have its litter box cleaned out.

Just say NO to Boehnercare

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Spread the word. John Boehner wants to repeal the reform bill and replace it with nothing. While I am definitely opposed to parts of the bill, repealing the whole thing and then doing nothing can only be described as insanity, insanity of the sort that would probably crash the entire health care system within a few years, possibly even leading to single payer or socialized medicine.

Just say NO to Boehnercare. Let John Boehner and the rest of the Republican cronies and thugs own what they are trying to do to this country.