John McCain: Elizabeth Warren Relies On ‘Special Interest Allies’

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McCain? Strong ethical standards? Seriously. For himself, for his whole life, the bar has just been so low. Rolling Stone did a biography that was just amazing a couple of years back.


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Soaring Suburban Poverty Catches Communities Unprepared

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Actually, yes. I have done work for poor people. Poor people hire each other to do their work when the economy is booming and there’s more work than time. Think: lawn mowing, painting, dog-walkin­g, baby-sitti­ng. That’s how money moves up in the economy, from the bottom to the top, not by rich people waving $100 bills and then sticking them back in their wallets. So you can see the notion that poor people don’t hire each other is just a lie that you never thought about before parroting before, entirely untrue.
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Ann Coulter: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Like Nazis (VIDEO)

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“Surprisin­g”? Why would anybody be surprised that Ann Coulter would compare protesters to Nazis? It’s just how her mind works.
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