Response to Salon article on Republican Sex Ed initiatives

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This may be the first in a series of responses to Salon articles that need just such a response from me, usually because they are missing an important point. But in any case, the unmoderated comment section (“Letters”) is so messed up there and full of trolls that no meaningful discussion can take place. Besides, I don’t feel like giving them my Facebook and Twitter which they want in order to sell my personal information to advertisers.

I’m not going to quote the article, which I think you should read, because it’s packed with facts about yes, Republican legislative initiatives on sex ed courses. Some of them are just hilariously stupid.

But the article misses the point, the very basis of what Republicans believe about sexuality, and how being exposed to sex ed of any sort will corrupt their precious little angels.

What they believe is that human sexuality is inherently unnatural, that if a child was protected, shielded from it at all times, that child would never experience sexual attraction or have thoughts of sexual desire upon passing through puberty.

They don’t believe that humans start producing hormones on going through puberty, and this creates desire, that the production of hormones in animals (of which humans are one type) results in perpetuation of the species, which is why we are here, because of the powerful impetus to procreate.

They believe that if kids are given true and correct information, they will become sexualized. Without that external sexualization, there will never be desire nor understanding of what to do.

Now understand the hypocrisy involved. While thinking that if you sequester a young child from any and all awareness that sex exists, they go for the sex ed classes. But their kids watch all the highly sexualized television, movies, and video games that every other kid does.

The side purpose is of course, as the article says, to provide other people’s kids with more ways to fail, failure being pregnancy and STDs. They don’t really believe that their own kids will procreate in middle school, because they can ignore the stats that show right wing religious kids have more sex and more pregnancy. Just like mom and dad, who were more likely to have that shotgun wedding.

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