What’s on Romney’s missing tax returns?

Posted in Mitt Romney at 4:24 pm by angela

Who knows what is there? Would it show that Romney paid no taxes during that decade, as Reid is saying? What does Reid know, and how does he know it?

Romney’s only options are to release, and either confirm that Reid’s accusations are correct (or worse, reveal something even more damning), or continue to withhold and leave himself wide open to speculation.

All Reid has to do is claim he was just making an educated guess. And a nopology.



Posted in John McCain, Mitt Romney at 3:33 pm by angela

I’ve known for a while that John McCain vetted Mitt Romney in 2008, looked at his tax returns (which Romney is hiding from us), and rejected Romney as a candidate for VP. Here’s a great video that pulls it all together into an amazingly coherent message.