Nightmare scenarios on healthcare reform

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The Huffington Post has published an article Senate Democrats Consider Nightmare Scenario on Health Care Reform, which proposes that the ultimate “nightmare scenario” might be just around the corner, were the CBO to come back with figures that put the project in the red, based on the latest changes (concessions) made to Republicans and right wing Democrats who insist that they don’t want to spend too much money, but want changes made to make the project more costly.

I commented that I can think of several nightmare scenarios. It is rather short-sighted to think that this is the only one which would hurt the Democratic party or people who need access to health care but are not getting it.

Of course, nor do I believe in the sort of blind faith that I have been told to place in the President, who has given us no reason to believe that he is planning on fixing this in the foreseeable future.

But anyway, the “nightmare scenarios” I see involve access to healthcare in this country getting worse, with premiums and prices going through the roof, while apparently the worst abuses by insurance companies have been loopholed out of sight. They can still do just about everything to you they want, but now they can send you a bill for however much they want and you are forced to pay. They don’t have to approve your services and treatment. They can say it’s not reasonable and you will have no recourse.

They can and will set low annual limits on payments they are required to make.

So far we have not heard anything about how subsidies for the working poor would be managed. I suspect they will just go away, and people who don’t have 5K to pay for insurance (like, because it’s half their income) will get arrested and convicted for being poor.

There will be more rationing of health care than ever, now that insurance companies have permission to cut off granny’s benefits.

This is a disaster, both in the short term and long term. Good luck convincing people whose taxes skyrocketed long before it was decided whether they would even get benefits that they are better off.

This is no kind of reform at all. It’s only good for big health insurance and drugs. But I’m sure they’ll fix it coming up real soon. The proof is that absolutely nobody in the administration is saying they will fix it. Go blind faith!


Politicians should not take orders from their God

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Or perhaps, those who take their orders from their god (or think they do, especially those who brag they do) should not be politicians.

I’ve heard plenty of times before about prisoners who took part in penitentiary bible programs having conversions and getting privileges because of this. But this is the first time I have heard where clemency in murder cases was apparently a result of supposed conversions to Christianity.

Not only did Mike Huckabee give clemency to the guy who is the only suspect right now in the police shooting that killed 4 officers, he gave clemency or pardons to other violent criminals who went out and killed again, granted based on their word and the word of his religious advisors. He completely ignored the advice of correctional officials.

This is a secular country where people are free to practice whatever religion they please or none at all. The Huckster would crack down on all our private lives to force us to obey the rules he is imagining that his god decrees for us, yet he is so gullible he does not even bother to examine the facts when making decisions that impact public safety.

He cares about our souls, but doesn’t give a damn about our lives.

Sarah Palin is on a mission from God, too. She wants to start Armageddon and bring about the End Times.

Mike Huckabee’s Fatally Bad Judgment


Earth to Susan Collins

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Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

So sorry, Susan, you failed big time with this one. I can just imagine the little wheels turning in your brain as you sift through right wing talking points to decide which ones you can make mileage on.

I receive Susan Dearest’s press releases in my email periodically. I am sure they did not read the opinion I sent to her office on some subject or another which triggered my being added to her mailing list, as my opinion did not agree with her position. I don’t always read these emails, because sometimes they get me upset. But the subject title, “$95 million for CMP Smart Grid, H1N1 vaccine shortages, and more updates” caught my eye this time, and I said to myself, “I bet I know what she is saying about the H1N1 vaccine shortages, since she just copies and pastes the Republican party line.”

I was right. Yup, she is blaming the Obama administration and demanding an investigation to find out which of them is to blame.

In a letter Monday to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Senator Susan Collins, Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, asked for urgent explanations on the availability of the H1N1 flu vaccine. Her letter follows the committee’s recent hearing, “H1N1 Flu: Monitoring the Nation’s Response,” held Oct. 21 to examine safety, supply and delivery issues.

In her letter Monday, Senator Collins, R-Maine, expressed additional concerns and questioned why some of the vaccines won’t arrive until after people have been infected with the virus. Senator Collins requested answers to her inquires by Friday. The full text of the letter follows:

Senator Collins demands urgent explanation of H1N1 vaccine shortages, delays

Let’s step back a minute here and breathe, Susan. Think. Remember that economic stimulus package you hated so much and wanted to get rid of entirely? But you couldn’t, and you decided to gut it to get political mileage out of it? Remember that provision for pandemic flu preparedness that you bragged about removing? Remember when I contacted your office expressing concern that a potential H1N1 epidemic might require that preparedness and was told by some mouthpiece employee of your that this was not the time or the place to achieve that goal, and you would work on that to get it done? Okay, I don’t see any reason why you would remember a human being who votes in Maine contacting your office to express a contrary opinion, since every time I have contacted your offices by phone or in person the people there have tried to argue with me and been just generally rude.

But seriously, did you? Did you enact a flu pandemic measure to take the place of the one you removed from that bill? No, of course you did not. So why not? And why do you think you should get any kind of credit at this point for blaming the Obama Administration for what you are responsible for?

Did you do anything at all? No? Then why are you not to blame for these deaths, when you could have done something but did not, just as you have worked hard to deny health care to so many of your constituents, some of whom die every day thanks to your political opportunism?

So what’s the issue? Do you think we have short-term memory loss? Do you? Is it fair to say that you think we are stupid? Or as I often say about politicians, do you just think we are as stupid as you are?


More for Snowe

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A tiny army of us stalwarts gathered in front of the office of Olympia Snow on a dreary and damp day, prepared to read the first pages of a health care report that had just been released and tell our stories. A photographer showed up from the local newspaper and took some photos and notes. We didn’t actually go inside the office, as the report had actually been presented to them the day before.

Olympia is hung up on some damned “trigger” that she hasn’t been able to define especially well and nobody supports, even in her own party. The purpose of the “trigger” is to give the insurance companies an extra decade to see if they can find a way to provide affordable health care to Americans. The 17 years since the last health care reform plan they killed clearly wasn’t enough.

You know, I’d almost say the trend is going the wrong way here, since things are getting worse, not better.

Well, actually everybody knows that the real purpose of the trigger is to give corrupt politicians the chance to collect millions of dollars more from lobbyists and then kill the whole thing when nobody’s looking. And then retire and not worry about the 45,000 people who died each year they refused to enact reform.

So when Olympia says she wants a trigger, she is saying that the country would be better off if millions of Americans just like me had no access to health care. I am her constituent.

It is her finger on the trigger, and the barrel of the gun is pointing at me. Thanks, Olympia!


A message for Olympia

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The news has just been overwhelming me, so sorry if I haven’t posted. But I’ve really had some major resentment building up for Olympia.

I was mortified that she said nothing when the right wing of the party said they were going to put Nancy Pelosi “in her place”, like in the kitchen?

And after all that preening and pretending to be bipartisan, she turned around and refused to support anything that would mean meaningful health care reform for her constituents.

Her excuse? She wants to give the insurance companies another decade to see if they can kill it will fix it this time.

All I can do is look and see that the “trigger” she pulled out of nowhere, the one which has no support from either side…

It is her finger on the trigger, and the barrel of the gun is pointing at me and other uninsured Mainers.

I am going to a MoveOn.org rally in front of her local office on Wednesday, and I have a message for her and Susan Collins:

Stick a fork in it!


Latest on the White House and health care reform

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It looks like the White House has decided to “walk back” its support for health care reform, which means they won’t be supporting the “public option” component of the bill anymore. Before they said it was essential, but now they think it’s a good idea, one which we’ll just have to let go so we can get some bill, any bill passed that is bipartisan.

Bipartisanship has turned out to be the make-or-break issue. It doesn’t matter if the bill makes things 100 times worse for every American who is not a health insurance CEO, politician, or lobbyist. What matters is that some bill has bipartisan support.

Appeasing the Republicans has been the only strategy. They don’t think enough has been given in? Appease more!

Looking back at the real world where people who voted on that sole issue were actually expecting the administration to fight vigorously on it, the administration seems confused. They don’t understand why people don’t want a huge transfer of their money to go right to health insurance companies while getting nothing in return. They don’t understand why we want the situation to improve.

They don’t understand why we’re tired of insurance company death panels telling granny to just die.

Me, I don’t see any difference between doing nothing and what the administration has done, which is to fight half-heartedly on the bill, while constantly sending up “trial balloons” to industry that any compromise will be considered, but nothing that will help the public is sacred.

Putting in charge Rahm Emanuel, a man who has always been opposed to health care for real Americans, has resulted in no improvement, just as if there was never any intention of pushing the issue through.

Why, isn’t “any reform” better than “no reform” even if it’s not “reform” at all?

I guess it was just a lie from the start. They counted on us just being willing foot soldiers who will do whatever we are told (“Work for this plan!”, “Keep on giving money!”)

So here, an ad for the rest of us, telling how we feel about it.


Quick clips

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song chart memes
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nancy pelosi and george w. bush
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The real McCaughey

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Betsy McCaughey is a lying cunt. Betsy McCaughey wants you dead, and she wants to make lots of money for greedy health insurance companies by preventing you from getting the health care you need.

Didn’t you know that when you deny services to people you are sentencing them to death? Because you invented the “death panels” in your diseased brain. Over 100,000 people each year die from lack of health care. You should be ashamed, because you are to blame for their deaths just as much as if you sat in on a death panel and decided you were going to cut off their health care and let them die. Though for all I know, that may be one of your hobbies, too. I understand a lot of joyous laughter goes on in those insurance company death panels when they find an excuse to pull the plug on someone.

Sarah Palin is a lying cunt. Sarah Palin wants you dead, and she wants to destroy the world in a flaming Armageddon that will bring on the End Times and rapture her up to heaven for doing God’s work, which is to be a lying cunt and a tool for people who want to make money off your death.

Barring that, she’s going to make sure you lose your health care. She’s all set, she’s got government-paid health care through her husband’s tribe. Don’t you dare touch her health care!

Sarah Palin was for death panels before she was agin’em!

They want you dead, but first they want you to pay all your money to health insurance companies, so the companies can keep giving them big payoffs. They want your family to borrow tons of money to try to pay the bills, and then they want them to go bankrupt.

How about this, Sarah? Why don’t you let God take care of your health care for you?

UPDATE: Sarah Palin has declared victory against the Obama administration, after the committee removed the living will provision. Now they’re just going to let people pray with their families! Hmm, isn’t that the current health care system in the country already?

Palin went on to claim that health care reform will inevitably lead to single-payer, which will mean rationing. nationalized health care inevitably leads to rationing. There is simply no way to cover everyone and hold down the costs at the same time.

So you favor rationing, but are opposed to it too. Were you for it before you were agin’ it?
Did I say that Sarah Palin is a lying cunt?


On “The Family” – questions

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The more we read about the shadowy “C-Street” religious group, the more questions that are raised.

Rachel Maddow did an interesting interview with an expert on the group, a non-profit that provides cheap rent for religiously like-minded Congressmen, prayer breakfasts, “counseling” for members to assuage their guilty consciences after straying from their marriage vows, and above all, secrecy. Lots of secrecy.

C Street, where The Family residesThe group is models itself on the Mafia, or on dictators like Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao. It apparently on a mission to form an international alliance of Old White Christian Men in Power, to turn the world into a neat Christian theocracy where everything is black and white. Of course “rules” only apply to other people.

Members of the group apparently have had no qualms about visiting to meet with leaders of other countries to missionize on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Mark Sanford and his familyMark Sanford was a member of this group. He spoke of going abroad with other men recreationally, without his wife, to “blow off steam”. He says that while there he had “inappropriate” relationships with other women besides his Argentine paramour, although he claims he never did anything more serious than “dancing”.

Come on, guys. Did the taxpayers pay for Mark Sanford and other politicians to have international sexual tourism and missionizing trips?


Your tax dollars at work

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Well, well, well. It turns out that our friends at the Department of Homeland Security have been posting anonymous racist comments to newspaper stories about immigration. How clever. Keep it classy, guys.


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