If McCain/Palin=Bush/Cheney…

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I don’t know what happened… Well actually, I do know. I was looking at these more or less random free graphics software download thingies, and all of a sudden I had the irresistable urge to morph something more meaningful than the line drawing smilies I saw in the little demo on the web.

Whew! I know I’m preaching to the choir, but here it is.

Does she really, really want us to think of her as a “pit bull with lipstick”? I’ve done the research and it’s .not.flattering.at.all.


Have an ad, take two, they’re small

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Like I don’t have anything to do with my time…

Once in a while I just like to play with the graphics program. Did you know that back in 2005, when asked if Dick Cheney would play a role in his administration should he be elected, McCain answered, “Hell, yes!”?