Anti-gay crusader on the Daily Show

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I hadn’t watched this guy before. He is the person with the least awareness and self-awareness I have ever seen. And besides that, he is so gay, to be obsessed about some college student.

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The guy finally got fired. I guess it was too embarrassing even for people who have no shame, like his boss, the guy who hired him in the first place.


Shocking video shows Breitbart’s true colors

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Or does it?

After last week’s propaganda debacle, MoveOn.org has released an amateurishly-edited video of Andrew Breitbart talking about his allegiance to al-Qaeda, proving that with video editing anything can be proven.

Breitbart and embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele will be appearing side by side at an upcoming Republican event, just in case you’ve forgotten who works for whom.


Backtracks, pingbacks, and winguts

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WordPress is designed with the capability of notifying you when someone has quoted from your blog. These notifications come mixed in with spam or comments.

My guess from reading comments is that most people, like me, delete these rather than having them show up in their comments.

Maybe they don’t want clutter, but there’s a good reason not to okay them.

There are a lot of sites out there scraping blog posts and creating exerpts based on the title and first sentence of your post, then printing it, hoping to get a link back from you.

It’s called “link bait”. While occasionally a real blog will quote you, most often is is a fake blog scraped from random posts trying to get people to click through their ads.

Today I followed one of those links and found it went to a wingnut secessionist anti-Constitutionalist site, you know the kind where they think that getting rid of free elections and installing an insane television entertainer as our fascist dictator would be the pinnacle of democracy.

Yeah, they scraped a bunch of blogs. Under their definition of “social justice” (something about forcible removal of property and redistribution to the undeserving masses), there were some comments by other left wing bloggers it had happened too. And then they closed the comments.

They linked to my “Glenn Beck is a bald-faced liar” post. How dumb is that?


Obama not “black”?

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Yes, of course I put it in quotes. President Obama ticked “black” on the Census form under “Race”, and the “he’s dissing his mom and lying that he’s not half-white” folks are suddenly back in gear.

Amazingly enough, just such a blog post on OpenSalon, the “every blogger” wing of the news and opinion site, ended up getting promoted as though it was some kind of expression of original thought.

Earlier this week it was reported that the president had checked off “Black” on his 2010 census form question about race…

Though I do wonder why the president chooses to ignore his white half…the question Obama’s race selection raises for me has more to do with telling the truth…

Obama could have checked off both “Black” and “White” had he cared to be honest about it….

…The man had a white mother: get over it!

But when the president…makes a decision…to tell a half truth on an official US document he sets a bad example…

Clearly none of the commenters were aware of the history of the meme, but you would think that before Salon.com decided to actively promote a racist wingnut screed they would check into something like that.

Even if they were so desperate for teh google, you’d think they’d show a wee bit of discretion so as not to appear as pushing a racist point of view.

My comment:

The “issue” that everyone seems to be missing is that this “Obama is not black” meme has been circulating since long before the election.

It is all part and parcel of the “post-racialist society” myth that says that discrimination is a thing of the past and has been so for decades; that Obama is an “empty suit” who got where he is strictly because of affirmative action, and earned none of it; that the only people who voted for him were racist blacks and whites who were practicing “reverse racism” to prove they were, um, n****r-l****s.

It by necessity claims the lie that most blacks in America are 100% African in origin, and that you can tell by looking at someone exactly what percentage of each race their blood contains.

The question has been asked at least 36,000 times in the Politics&Government category of Yahoo Answers. Google on “Obama black” and you will find 90,000,000 pages to peruse, many of them hatefully racist.

There is nothing original in this post. It is just an attempt to legitimize something that is inherently illegitimate and bring it to those of us who have not frequented sites like red state, free republic, storm front, etc, where post-racialism occupies a place with birtherism, southernism, and other such philosophies.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Mary Ann.


Opinion overload

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So sorry it’s been so long. I burned out on opinions there.

What happened, mostly, is I’ve been commenting on other sites and neglecting my own commentary. I’m not sure if I should be copying those comments into posts here as some kind of “liveblogging” story of my life or, what…

Maybe I should keep a post entry window open at all times.

Some of the most interesting things are in fact snippets, not long enough to write an in-depth essay on.


Whose personal responsibility?

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I have been trying to find a hook for this for quite some time. It began with the hearings where Yahoo executives “took responsibility” for handing over the identity of a Chinese dissident to the Chinese government, which promptly locked him up and threw away the key. First the execs apologized—a lot of good an apology does in a case where damage cannot be undone—and then they paid off the relatives of the incarcerated dissidents. But they’re still in jail, ya know?

It wasn’t exactly an overexposed story, but I wanted to weave it into a commentary on insincere apologies, where people “apologize” for something they knew they weren’t supposed to have done in the first place—something I have observed a lot lately. I feel like shaking them by the shirt collar. “You knew you weren’t supposed to do it in the first place, but you did it anyway, and for sure you’ll do it again next time. Saying you’re ‘sorry’ at this point is meaningless. Bogus.”

Anyway, then we moved on to the Scott McLelland book previews. Yet another Republican political insider has left the sinking ship we call the current administration and written a book claiming no responsibility whatever for collaborating with White House lies and crimes. No. It doesn’t work that way. If you had the ability to stand up for what is right and moral at the time—but chose not to—you have no right to assert innocence now.

Now we move on to a bizarre little blog I found called the Mordant Traditionalist. In a little post called “The end of the era of Personal Responsibilty and Accountabilty” the author ascribes to Democrats the end of personal responsiblilty as we know it, completely ignoring that Republicans seem to have been doing more than their share of corrupting and being corrupted during the current administration. Like dogs in a dumpster can full of rotting garbage, they can’t get enough, caught one after another. It boggles the mind.

But amazingly enough, the story linked to has nothing really to do with personal responsibility or Democrats except maybe peripherally. It’s a general story on Congress is considering giving judges the option of relieving oppressive home mortgage terms, in the same way they (apparently) already had the discretion to bail out investors and vacation home owners.

Hmm… We could revisit the subprime mortgage issue. Recall that originally the lending industry was regulated so that people who were not in a position to be able to understand complex financial documents could not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders. It’s called “Lending Responsibility”. That’s where you don’t offer a loan to someone who can’t afford it. And you also don’t do things like offering them a loan that they can afford now, but they clearly won’t be able to afford later. You don’t offer them a crappy deal that you know they won’t be able to afford later instead of the standard fixed-rate mortgage that they actually were qualified for, and then lie about it and tell them it’s the best deal you could find them.

There was no such thing as a “subprime” mortgage until after the lending industry realized it would be a GREAT way to end up owning a lot of property without buying it themselves, and lobbied for regulatory changes that would allow them to use these.

The neocon take on this is, of course, that lenders are free to rip off borrowers however they please, and it’s up to the potential borrower to understand and realize that it’s not a good deal. They would have to hire an accounting firm to see if the paperwork is in order. And probably a private detection firm to see whether the operators are legitimate businessmen, shady characters, or Russian gangsters, I suppose.

It’s the lending industry that has dropped the ball on personal responsibility. It isn’t companies that write bad mortgages and pitch them to financially unsophisticated borrowers. It’s people. People who are hiding behind the names of internet lenders and fly-by-night companies that have crashed our housing market with their unbridled greed. To say that we should bail out corporations who were trying to make windfall profits from the housing markets and not homeowners who were outright lied to and robbed—and now face homelessness—is the nadir of personal morality. The bar is so much lower than it has ever been before, and dropping out of sight fast.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Blog post


O’Reilly can dish it out, but he just can’t take it

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O’Reilly unleashes Fox lawyers in attempt to sink critic’s career

How low can you go? But that’s not the question, is it? The question is, how low can Bill O’Reilly go…er…successfully, that is.

Poor baby. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. Imagine, being intellectually bested by Mike Stark, a law student, writer of the blog Calling All Wingnuts, and regular commenter at the Daily Kos. In O’Reilly’s fantasy world, leftists are flyweights, and right wing nuts have the right, yea, the duty to fabricate whatever newstoids they need to to win arguments. So they can’t win, can they?

But Mike has proved that he can use some of the same tools as O’Reilly and Faux News, the propaganda wing of the Republican Party. He’s also got persistence, intelligence, and facts, none of which seem to be factors in the production of The O’Reilly Factor.

Oh, NOEZ! It’s not fair! Better sic the lawyers on him. He’s making me look like an idiot…



I need one of these

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…to go on my car.


What a difference! Spam update

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After I wrote that last spam rant announcing I had changed the settings to requiring registration, I was disappointed to see that there was still spam coming in. Early today I went to WordPress.org looking for a spam plugin. The plugin I decided on instituted a 30 second delay before allowing users to compose a comment, and allowed for custom comments by the blogger about how to use the system. Apparently spambots find it difficult to work with the delay, while real people would spend that much time reading my message to them anyway. It looked good to me, but I was working on something and didn’t get to it right away. Alas, when I went back, I was unable to find the same search page.

I did, however, find instructions for editing your .htaccess file to prevent spambots that do not give browser referrers, which is apparently all of them. I installed this and went to empty out the Akismet bin, only to find there were only 9 spams there. Amazing! A thing of wonder!

If you have trouble adding comments to the blog (they won’t show up right away, but I should be able to approve genuine blog comments by registered users within a day or so), or if registration doesn’t work, go to my main page and leave a message with my CyberTwin bot. She’s kind of inane at times, but I always see conversations between her and anyone who chats with her. They’ve improved the programming system for MyCyberTwins, but it’s a slow process. Bear with us.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a website, you may be able to use a MyCyberTwin, too. It’s easy to set one up. But teaching them to respond as you would can be very time-consuming. They’ve improved it, so now you can edit the questions you might expect to be asked. Check my cybertwin out on my main page and see what you think.

Update to say that I’m still getting a certain type of spam. Clearly this bot is not registering and logging in. As near as I can see, bots must have access to the function of comments posting without going through the form. I have blogs that have comments completely turned off, yet they still receive comment spam. Time to learn php.



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Alright, I admit it. I’ve been lax, maybe not so far as being a bad girl, but a lot of things happened at once which kind of broke my stride working on this site.

What do I find when I get back? My nemesis, frickin’ blogspan comments.

OK, so I’ve complained about this blog spam before. You know, those pseudocomments that show up, which are actually ads for porn or fake drugs or spyware, or just redirects to the same through dummy blogs. I wish I was really good at programming, rather than understanding it just a little. I could write robots myself, but I would use my powers for good, rather than evil.

I was hoping that installing the Akismet plugin on my blogs would make it easier for me to manage spam comments. It did for a while, but the problem is that you pretty much have to inspect all the comments you receive prior to deleting, in order not to miss an occasionally miscategorized real comment written by a real human being. It doesn’t allow you to delete one page at a time as you finish inspecting that page. And blogspam is just ever-increasing.

This wasn’t a problem when I was getting a couple of pages of spam a day and deleting daily. But it’s come to the point where it’s just gone spinning out of control.

You see here a week’s backlog of spam comments and the total since I installed the plugin earlier in the year.I apologize, dear readers, but I’m just going to have to hit that DELETE button, even though you may have a real comment hidden in there. I’m running about 0.1% miscategorized comments right now, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. By the time I get past page 5, I’m not really seeing too clearly, anyway. So this is kind of an announcement. I have changed my blog settings to require registration prior to commenting. I’ve never done this before, but I guess I have no choice.Oh, well. We’ll see how this works.

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