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The Bush Legacy Project

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Many thanks to The Onion for this great video.

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

Bush and his Legacy Triage Team™ have been hitting The Bush Legacy™ really hard lately. The crack Historical Revision Writing Team™ has been hard at work rewriting history, what else? Sorry guys, you can’t have it both ways. Of course history will judge him somewhat differently, at least partly based on what we’re going to find when the whole, filthy, corrupt, venial facts come out. The Bush Legacy Triage Project™ attempt to control debate right now is necessary because any unbiased review of the events of the past eight years makes him look worse. The assumption that somehow people will forgive, forget, or somehow discount as unimportant the criminal things that the current administration has been responsible for is laughable wishful thinking.

Put another way, demanding that we reserve judgment on the effectiveness of the Failed Bush Presidency™ while insisting that we declare the escalation surge a success right now, before the escalation surge and/or war is over and certainly before we can see if it had any effect on a lasting peace in the country… The notion is absurd.

Getting real now, here’s a little story from last week based on a friendly little interview of Dick Cheney in a Wyoming newspaper, where he claimed 1.) he never pays attention to polls and 2.) he doesn’t understand why people hate him.

Now the fact that 2.) would indicate he really does know what the polls are saying, meaning 1.) is a lie. Yeah, we’re all flabbergasted, but go ahead and enjoy the article.


W, the movie

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A Life Misunderestimated

Normally I am not a big Oliver Stone fan, but the more I see about this movie, the more I am liking what I see. I can’t wait til it comes out and I can watch for myself.

It’s still scheduled to be released on the 17th of October.


Who said it, Bush or Batman?

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This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You thought you knew George Bush, did you?


Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’

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Here I was, pissed-off about how Congress has been colluding with the President to dismantle our Constitution, how by all appearances a shadow dictatorship has been setup, and Congress overrides a veto. Well whoop-de-doo! Maybe if it was some issue that wasn’t overwhelmingly supported by the public, or if it wasn’t too little too late, it might have meant something. But they’ve already given the keys to the crooks and stood guard while they cleaned out the national treasury and sent the money to Lichtenstein, Dubai, and the Cayman Islands for Dick Cheney and his cronies to enjoy.

So what happens but I see this 2001 Onion article, a wonderful piece of prescience. Whoever wrote it had much more on the ball than you-know-who, our chimp-in-charge.

In case you’re unaware, the Onion is a news magazine of humor, parody, and cutting insight.

The story


Secret fail

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Bush Legacy Status

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Just in case anyone is still unclear on the concept—although it does look like the concept is becoming clearer all the time, even to you-know-who and his addled brain—I’ve captioned a picture, since a picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say.

I guess dubya is still waiting for a miracle to pull that legacy into the “greatness” realm. (I can just see him in “I, Claudius”, trying to get the Roman senate to vote him into the pantheon of gods so he would not have to pay for his sins in the hereafter.) Not happening, boy, even though clearly a miracle happened to save him from being impeached, what with all his crimes: from misdemeanors to felonies to “high crimes” (whatever that may mean) to outright treason and war crimes.

Was it a miracle? Or was it just gutlessness, cowardice, and political expediency on the part of the majority party? It would be very hard to distinguish what the Democrats in Congress and the Senate have been doing from outright collusion.

Anyway… anybody who wants McCain deserves four more years of the current death spiral. But those people don’t read this blog, do they?


George Bush: the movie?

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It may seem a bit early to be doing a film biography of the man, but in fact he is very much larger than life, except maybe when he’s crawling out from under a rock someplace.

Undoubtedly his legacy will include many biographies, only a few of them flattering. His popularity as a president may have bottomed out, but after he rejoins civilian life, he will see it go into a free fall.

How can I wait until October when the film is released? Here, as evidence: the early teaser poster.


Why we went to war

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Jon Stewart eviserates Douglas Feith

Sounds a little.Diggish, but it’s true.

Out pimping his book intended to set the record straight, former Bush Administration Under Secretary of State stopped in on one of the few serious media outlets for political discussion—The Daily Show on Comedy Central—and got asked the hard questions that should have been asked within the Administration sometime before this country decided to start a war. Seriously, the buck should stop with every former Administration hack who is now attempting to rewrite history as a disinterested party with no responsibility regarding what took place then and what is going on now.

I suspect that Stewart was probably the first interviewer who actually read the entire book. Certainly authors don’t expect to get grilled by interviewers who are trying to hide the fact that the notes they have in front of them were written by a staffer who may have only skimmed sections of the book.

Watch the two part video and see if you don’t agree with me that Jon Stewart would make the best Vice President we can possibly have in the Obama administration.


Golfgate: the smoking gun

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I posted previously about how George Bush had a reporter ask him whether he’d given up golf because of the war, and he’d said “yes”, that he didn’t want mothers of dead soldiers and marines to see him playing a game. He neglected to add that giving up golf coincided with the same knee injury that made him also give up running, while he was seen playing golf months after the August 2003 incident that supposedly triggered his action. Now, video proof that he is lying.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, especially if they watch Faux News a lot. But you can’t fool all the people, especially since most of them are a lot smarter than you are, George.

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