Secret fail

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George Bush: the movie?

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It may seem a bit early to be doing a film biography of the man, but in fact he is very much larger than life, except maybe when he’s crawling out from under a rock someplace.

Undoubtedly his legacy will include many biographies, only a few of them flattering. His popularity as a president may have bottomed out, but after he rejoins civilian life, he will see it go into a free fall.

How can I wait until October when the film is released? Here, as evidence: the early teaser poster.

Already a lame duck

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George Bush will be speeding through European capitals next week in his inimitable style (hopefully not running down anyone this time). He clearly thinks he is working on his legacy, but they have no such illusions. He’s irrelevant there, like a constitutional monarch. A lame duck. They’re looking ahead to the next President, who they think will be more favorable on issues that are important to Europe.

The bar has been pretty low lately. Good luck if McCain is elected. He doesn’t seem to be much brighter than Bush at this point, and he is every bit as much a war-monger. But a lot of Europeans seem to be getting excited over the possibility of an Obama presidency. Me, too.

The trip is not expected to yield any new deals.

No, really? Gosh, you can’t trust him, anyway. A deal with George Bush is a deal with the devil.