The scariest thing about Liddy Dole

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Yeah, she’s accusing her opponent of being an atheist, which she’s not, of course. But neither of them is giving us any indication that they have a clue that it’s not only legal to be an atheist, but it’s also not legally an impediment to public service.

Now clearly the public has been bamboozled into believing that the vast majority of us are “God-believers” who all agree on just about every religious, economic, and political issue (“Hey, that’s ME!” you’re supposed to say at this point.). “The Others” are Muslims, atheists, satanists, demon-worshippers, witches, and who knows what else, and for some of these fanatics, all at the same time. They believe that those who do not belong to a church aligned with theirs are evil amoral people who are out to get you.

But that is an issue for another post. Right here and now, you can watch the little video I put together to show what I find truly scary about Liddy Dole.

Gosh, I forgot to hit publish, and what do you know? I found this:

Sarah Palin would be so proud.


Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

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Nobody said it better than the Great Communicator.

Ronald Reagan Explains Why Progressive Economics Works


A few McCain-Palin supporters

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Like, wow.

Faux Noise cranks up the volume

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Obama spokesman Bill Burton and Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly spar over Obama’s 2001 clip on social justice and the courts, which they are trying to convince people shows him supporting Communism.

He more than holds his own against her. When did “fair and balanced” come to mean “shouting down the interviewee so they can’t answer your wild accusations?

I have not been able to find a copy of the audio of the original in context (hmm, I wonder why that is), and he ones I have found have inflammatory comments and/or illustrations of Lenin and Marx on them.

I suspect the context is highly relevant.


Can’t imagine a President named Obama

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Well, y’know…


Let’s find those unAmericans out there…

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And do what with them? Put them in prison camps?

Seriously, it’s time for a good ambush interview with Michelle Bachman, Republican rep from Minnesota. Ask her some tough questions, but word them in a neutral way, so as not to set off her “UnAmerican meter”. Let’s find out if she thinks a “House UnAmerican Activities Committee” might be a good idea. I want to know if she knows who Joe McCarthy was.

People like this piss me off. She’s convinced that she wasn’t elected by the people of her district, she was chosen by God, because God supports everything she ever has done or will do, regardless of how amoral her behavior appears.

By pretending to be devout but not a religious fanatic, she has duped enough people into her disctrict into thinking that she’s a good person who would fight for their rights. And the rest? By claiming that her opponent personally wants to speak with Bin Laden and wants to see dead babies in the streets, she’s got the whacko vote tied up.

She’d probably disenfranchise 95% of Americans, given the opportunity.

Do you think Michelle Bachman is unAmerican? Sign a petition to Congress requesting her censure.


Palin plastic surgery: the video

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I spent a whole lot of hours turning my last blog post, the photoessay on Sarah Palin’s face, into a YouTube video. I have come to the conclusion that she is not eligible to consider herself any sort of representative of “Joe six-pack”. Neither Joe six-pack nor his wife has hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery. So that leaves Michael Jackson and Joyce Wilderstein…


Campaign ads, video and tv

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I blame it on Firefox. What happens is that when I open up a link in digg.com, it opens a new tab. If it looks like it’s interesting enough to blog up, I leave the tab open and go back and look for more stories. Sometime later I have so many tabs open that the idea of blogging all these important stories—even just to drop in the links—starts to become burdensome.

I will try.

Here’s a good one: Palin forgets the answer to her “National security experience” question the first time it is asked publicly.

McCain on health care

Note the part about how he assumes that the employee is going to receive enough money from his employer to buy a cheaper individual policy that pays more benefits, just because he wants it to happen.

Mccain celebrating his birthday with Charles Keating, just in case anybody has forgotten about his role in the last big financial collapse in this country.

This I believe, by a vet who returned to find out what his government really thinks of returning vets.

George Bush and the economy

John McCain and his marbles


Baracky II – The Saga Continues

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Corny, witty, makes its political points. But above all, it is entertaining.