For everyone who ever had a Yahoo account hacked

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I had a Yahoo account hacked this week. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. One day I shut down the computer, and the next, my username and password didn’t open the account.

I tried to get back in, but the account was a couple of years old, so I’m not absolutely sure what information I used when opening it. Besides, it wasn’t accepting the image verification no matter what.

Everyone assured me that it happens all the time that you lose control of an account, and eventually you are able to get access to it again.

Then somebody on my buddy list told me that they’d been approached by somebody apparently using my account, somebody who didn’t appear to speak English. Wonderful.

So I sent an email to Yahoo requesting that they restore the account to me or reset the password. The canned response I got said that I needed to supply them with not only all the original account registration information, but I needed the original email I registered it to, which is long gone and closed by the ISP, which no longer exists. Tough luck. We don’t give a shit. They stole it fair and square.

Today my new account almost got hijacked when I was contacted by somebody using a buddy’s yahoo account to send out links to what must have been a phishing site. I had to recover the password twice to get the account back under control, but at least it was new enough that I had all the original account information. Sheesh. Click the thumbnail to see what I think of yahoo and the security they provide to their members.


Serving a woman

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There’s a ‘femdom’ yahoo group I belong to. I rarely post, as it is mostly a few women who love to do “roleplay” – cyber, I presume – and a lot of “submissives” who are mostly looking for free online “domination”.

I think you know how I feel about that. If not, read back a few pages.

Now the owner of this group says she has hundreds of submissives. She keeps open 8 windows in her messenger at a time, doing this “roleplay” with them.

So clearly there are a lot of things that we don’t have in common. Recently she posted that she thinks a Mistress’s time should be available to the submissive at no charge, and I felt I needed to respond to that in the group.

What I said was that I work three jobs, and time spent chatting with submissives is money out of my pocket. I can’t do it for free. They can afford to compensate me for my time – they have computers, internet connections, plasma televisions, cable and or satellite, etc. – so therefore I will not chat for extended periods of time for free. I do not provide “services” (ahem) of any other sort for free online, either.

So what has happened? I’m getting bombarded by guys who found me through the yahoo group. Some of them have read my site and love it, some have not bothered to look at it. Some want to write me stories or call me, others are just looking for cyber, err…online domination. Here’s one conversation:

willing_assistant: hi, mistress angela
willing_assistant: please use me as your male slave
Angela Quattrano: how would you like to write a story about your experiences in my school?
willing_assistant: ok
Angela Quattrano: have you been to my website?
willing_assistant: please forward
willing_assistant: i am looking for a female magician
Angela Quattrano: hm, I’m not a magician
willing_assistant: may be tht could be a school story
willing_assistant: lady magician saws young male in half
Angela Quattrano: oh?
willing_assistant: or fake an illness to get out of school
Angela Quattrano: why don’t you read through my website and find out what I’m about? http://principalquattrano.com/
Angela Quattrano: I can’t write your story for you. As it is, I end up rewriting most submissions, but they must be almost done
willing_assistant: how about using me cyber
Angela Quattrano: you have come to me looking for me to provide you with services
Angela Quattrano: you asked me what you could do to “serve me”, I made a suggestion. another thing you can do for me is do housework naked on cam
willing_assistant: i do not have a cam
Angela Quattrano: and I do not work for free
willing_assistant: oh
willing_assistant: i am naked, sweeping floors
Angela Quattrano: that’s nice
willing_assistant: cleaning toilets
Angela Quattrano: I guess you’re a little unclear on the concept. I do phone sex of a variety of types. Guys come to me for services, they pay the price, and they get the services. I’m not into the “now stick the carrot up your ass and wank to serve me” type of online domination
Angela Quattrano: if you’d been to my website and read a few pages of my blog you’d probably realize this
Angela Quattrano: I see providing free services to guys who can afford to pay for them is just serving men, which I do not do.

I went invisible so I could get some work done.