A reply to the NY Post’s OWS editorial

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[I found this published in DailyKos.]

My reply to the NY Post’s OWS editorial,.

Murdoch organ the New York Post wrote an editorial yesterday calling for Mayor Bloomberg to mobilize the NYPD to forcibly remove the OWS protesters at Liberty Plaza Park.

I wrote them back to tell them what horrible people they are. I know it probably won’t change their minds, or make it into print, but it sure helped me to relieve some anger. The letter in full is below the fold

Dear Sir or Madam,

I read your editorial, “Time to throw the bums out”. It is obvious from this editorial that you have contempt and disdain for the protestors, the constitution, and the people of this country. But that’s not why I am writing – as a Murdoch-owned publication, that’s standard practice. I writing to you about this piece for a different reason:

It is full of lies.

You wrote, “No one has greater respect for the First Amendment than this paper.” This is a blatant and sickening lie. People with respect for the first amendment do not complain when others exercise the rights enumerated under it. Instead, you desire people’s constitutionally-protected right to assemble and speak to be curtailed because you find the protestors in Liberty Plaza Park a “nuisance.” Let’s be clear: the freedom to exercise constitutional rights is more important than any of the complaints you bring up about OWS.

You wrote, “What began as a credible protest against bank bailouts, crony capitalism and the like has, in large measure, been hijacked by crazies and criminals.” When the OWS protests began you did not portray them as “a credible protest against bank bailouts, crony capitalism and the like” but rather as “crazies and criminals”. That has been your agenda from the start. But OWS is no more full of “crazies and criminals” now than it was before – they exist, but are in a clear minority.

Both the above-quoted sentences are part of the tapestry of a larger lie, which is that you have covered this matter evenhandedly and responsibly. From the beginning your paper has been set on portraying the OWS movement as a radical fringe movement, marginalizing them as much as possible to prevent having to deal with their critique of our political economy. The fact is that, as a press organ that makes up a small part of a worldwide media conglomerate, your institutional biases are obviously in favor of the corporatocracy and its ugly hijacking of capitalism. As such, it is no surprise you rail against normal people with the temerity to call out corporate greed.

The way that you have perverted the legacy of Dorothy Schiff is so horrendous that if anyone of your employees had any integrity they would have quite long ago. I do not think it would be possible for me to hold you, collectively, in higher disdain.


[Joey C]


Why Republicans hate kids

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A nice rant on Daily Kos.

When you look at Republican policies as ‘neglectful’ because you can’t imagine anyone really doing things intentionally to hurt kids, you miss the point that they really do hate children. They think they are lazy parasites on society, something they inherited from their parents, 90% of whom are are insufficiently wealthy for their existence to be tolerated.

They think that in a fair society, the children of the poor, working class, and middle class would not be going to public schools where tax dollars are wasted trying to teach them how to think question authority. They would be working long hours at dangerous jobs in factories, sweatshops or on farms for pennies an hour, like their parents, who would be required to teach them to read, write, and do arithmetic without any help from the government. The government would quit coddling them and give them a kick in their lazy asses straight into the “real world”.

They think that most people don’t deserve the jobs they have already. Certainly not any “liberals” out there. If they’re making more than minimum wage, they should get a pay cut. And minimum wage should be reduced or eliminated as well.

They are rich enough to buy their children out of the public school system. They can afford to pay for medical care when needed. They fully expect that their kids will inherit not only wealth but power.

They figure if they were to eliminate unemployment benefits and food stamps that the wrong people would stop having kids and the ones they have would stop existing.

Remember this? He may have been the only one who came out and said it, but he wasn’t the only one thinking it. And at the time he got a lot of support from people who tried to excuse it by saying that he worded it carelessly.

How is talking about changing government policy so that people become so malnourished that they can no longer reproduce anything but genocide?

No. They hate kids and want them to die. It’s not an accident of policy priorities. This is not something we can address with logic, reason, and facts. We cannot deal with it without recognizing that fact and addressing it. It’s time to stop being polite because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying something mean.

They really have declared war on kids.