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A tiny army of us stalwarts gathered in front of the office of Olympia Snow on a dreary and damp day, prepared to read the first pages of a health care report that had just been released and tell our stories. A photographer showed up from the local newspaper and took some photos and notes. We didn’t actually go inside the office, as the report had actually been presented to them the day before.

Olympia is hung up on some damned “trigger” that she hasn’t been able to define especially well and nobody supports, even in her own party. The purpose of the “trigger” is to give the insurance companies an extra decade to see if they can find a way to provide affordable health care to Americans. The 17 years since the last health care reform plan they killed clearly wasn’t enough.

You know, I’d almost say the trend is going the wrong way here, since things are getting worse, not better.

Well, actually everybody knows that the real purpose of the trigger is to give corrupt politicians the chance to collect millions of dollars more from lobbyists and then kill the whole thing when nobody’s looking. And then retire and not worry about the 45,000 people who died each year they refused to enact reform.

So when Olympia says she wants a trigger, she is saying that the country would be better off if millions of Americans just like me had no access to health care. I am her constituent.

It is her finger on the trigger, and the barrel of the gun is pointing at me. Thanks, Olympia!


Best NOM ad parody

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Why do right wingnut groups come up with such bizarre self-consciously serious propaganda that people can’t help but parody it?

We could blame the failures of the school system. But it could also be that some things are just ineffable.

My little parody:


Let’s find those unAmericans out there…

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And do what with them? Put them in prison camps?

Seriously, it’s time for a good ambush interview with Michelle Bachman, Republican rep from Minnesota. Ask her some tough questions, but word them in a neutral way, so as not to set off her “UnAmerican meter”. Let’s find out if she thinks a “House UnAmerican Activities Committee” might be a good idea. I want to know if she knows who Joe McCarthy was.

People like this piss me off. She’s convinced that she wasn’t elected by the people of her district, she was chosen by God, because God supports everything she ever has done or will do, regardless of how amoral her behavior appears.

By pretending to be devout but not a religious fanatic, she has duped enough people into her disctrict into thinking that she’s a good person who would fight for their rights. And the rest? By claiming that her opponent personally wants to speak with Bin Laden and wants to see dead babies in the streets, she’s got the whacko vote tied up.

She’d probably disenfranchise 95% of Americans, given the opportunity.

Do you think Michelle Bachman is unAmerican? Sign a petition to Congress requesting her censure.


Palin Debate Flowchart

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Ever wondered how she did it, got that delivery perfectly programmed? This simple flowchart breaks it down into a series of steps that even Sarah was able to follow.

By the way, it now appears she’s going around blaming Katie Couric for being too hard on her, actually expecting her to answer, uh, questions that anybody else would have been expected to answer as well.


Mr Out-of-touch-with-reality puts his foot in it again

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And again, him and his henchmen.

In a just amazing Time interview, McCain managed to answer hardly any of the questions he was asked. Of the ones he did, well, you be the judge.

Q: Some members of the [Iraqi] government have made it clear in the last month or two that they might want to withdraw before complete stability, before totally secure borders, before some of the completeness of victory as you described. Is there any change, do you think there is some wiggle room there because what you described with Petraeus was an end point that was rather complete — a peaceful, stable country.

MCCAIN: Its a peaceful and stable country now.

Time story
Think Progress

From a story in the Dallas Morning News, McCain advisor John Goodman has proposed a novel solution to the problem of uninsured Americans: reclassifying as “insured”, based on how their bills will be paid. Not having anybody to pick up the bill, we can just create a name for that and call it “insured”!

Meanwhile it looks like Halliburton has been using slave labor to construct the US Embassy in Baghdad.

And the half-sister that Cindy McCain denies having, the one who inherited nothing when Cindy got the fortune, she’s pissed. She and her son are voting for Obama.


McCain Adviser Paid By Georgia To Lobby Senator

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John McCain’s chief foreign policy adviser and his business partner lobbied the senator or his staff on 49 occasions in a 3 1/2-year span while being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

The payments raise ethical questions about the intersection of Randy Scheunemann’s personal financial interests and his advice to the Republican presidential candidate who is seizing on Russian aggression in Georgia as a campaign issue.

McCain warned Russian leaders Tuesday that their assault in Georgia risks “the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world.”


Wait a minute. The Georgian government has apparently paid $800K to campaign insiders (and their associates) to lobby John McCain on this issue. And all they got was a tepid little denouncement and a speech cribbed from Wikipedia? Aside from all the impropriety on the part of the lobbyists who were working this angle, I’d say that the Georgians didn’t get much for their money. You’d think $800,000 could buy a real speech and influence somebody’s opinion, wouldn’t you?


McCain campaign latest ad foulup

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It looks like the McCain campaign has egg on their faces. They had to pull the ad they put together using a segment of Wayne’s World (“We’re not worthy!”) after Mike Myers demanded they remove it from YouTube for copyright violation.

Seeing as how he’s a Canadian and all, maybe he doesn’t support McCain’s ideas.on.anything.

Maybe they didn’t ask permission because they didn’t think they’d get it, and were hoping they could get away without him finding out.

Can they do nothing right? Guess not. Neither the candidate nor his staff seem to have anything going for them. What would his presidency be like, um, if he didn’t decide to declare war on the entire rest of the world?

Where is the vision? Hmm, maybe they can look it up in Wikipedia…

Yeah, look up “copyright violation” in Wikipedia and copy it out by hand 100 times. Not McCain. Karl Rove.



Vacationing in Hawaii is “unAmerican”, Cokie?

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“He has certainly come nowhere near closing the deal, as we’ve talked about before. In this year that should be such a Democratic year given all the other indices, he is tied in the polls, and stays tied in the polls.

And going off this week for a vacation in Hawaii does not make any sense whatsoever. I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii, and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign exotic place. He should be in Myrtle Beach, and uh y’know, if he’s going to take a vacation at this time. And I just think that this is not the time to do that.”
–Cokie Roberts


Wherefore, Hillary? Why the lie?

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So Hillary has been using this Bobby Kennedy assassination hypothesis as an excuse to stay in the race since March, though she has only used the A word a couple of times. But it turns out that her comment about her husband being in the race until mid-June was a bunch of baloney. Here’s the smoking gun:

OK, so why did she lie? Is there something about high public office, or merely the ambition for high public office, that makes normal people into pathological liars? Or does it mostly attract pathological liars in the first place?

Hillary is going to stay in the race until the last superdelegate is pledged, regardless of the cost to the party and the country. If she won’t pull the plug, it’s time for the superdelegates to do it for her. Stop pussyfooting around, stop with this stupid grandstanding. Commit. KTHXBAI


Fearless Leader and his sacrifices

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I understand that it’s tough being George Bush. Here he started us a glorious war for the honor of himself, his legacy, the Republican Party, and of course, God. And they’ve picked it away to nothing. Had to give up the religious crusade, the few Iraqis who welcomed us as “liberators” got murdered as collaborators. Now everybody’s saying that his series of excuses to invade Iraq in the first place were nothing but lies, and all those people died for nothing.

Don’t they understand how he has made sacrifices, too? Why, he gave up golf so mothers of dead soldiers and Marines wouldn’t see him playing while the war raged on. Well okay, he gave it up after they told him he ought to stop being seen having a blast when others were hurting. Well yeah, it happened right after that knee injury that caused him to also stop running. And the fact he was photographed golfing long after the event that supposedly caused him to give it up is just a little memory loss.

How fortuitous that a reporter happened to ask him outright if he had given up golf because of the war. Um, can you spell “PLANT”?

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