Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged he was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, he acknowledged in an interview with a conservative Christian group.

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I’ve always said he was the worst type of hypocrite. From the time he slithered into the national forefront with his “Contract on America” I had him pegged as one of the sleaziest politicians I had ever seen. Serve your wife divorce papers while she is in the hospital following cancer surgery? No problemo.

Last I heard, he was on the radio news explaining how the recent series of Republican political scandals (that was to lead to the turnover in party control in Washington) was actually the fault of the Democrats. It was directly related to the Democrats’ moral failings. Didn’t have anything whatever to do with all those Republicans breaking the law.

Now inquiring minds want to know: since the Republicans have blamed the their subsequent corruption, theft of large sectors of the economy, elimination of our rights, etc, etc, etc, on the fact that Bill Clinton had a blow job, does he also blame his own affair on the fact that Bill Clinton had a blow job?

And how appropriate to revive for you the video.


“Sorry officer, you’ve caught me with my pants down”

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When police went into a school to arrest a principal for allegedly selling drugs, they found him watching porn naked.

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A longer version of the story

35% of 13 yr old boys can’t count # of pornos watched

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A groundbreaking study on porn use by 13- and 14-year-old teens shows an alarming number are watching “more times than they can count” and their parents are unaware. University of Alberta researcher Sonya Thompson said, adding 35% of boys fell into that category along with 8% of girls.

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Anybody ever think of disciplining teenage boys?


(comic) Calvin & Hobbes: “How Come We Play War and Not Peace?”

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No Spoilers here… Read the comic..

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Fake drug, fake illness — and people believe it!

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A media exhibit featuring a campaign for a fake drug to treat a fictitious illness is causing a stir because some people think the illness is real. Come on people, use your brains!

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Be careful with sharing your itunes library with others

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This dude obviously forgot what he has in his library before enabling everyone in his dorm to see it.

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U.S. senator: It’s time to ban Wikipedia in schools, libraries

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Here’s the newest from Sen. Ted Stevens, the man who described the Internet as a series of tubes: It’s time for the federal government to ban access to Wikipedia, MySpace, and social networking sites from schools and libraries.

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