Thank you very much, Republicans

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Did I say “thank you”? I meant “Fuck You”.


Your tax dollars at work

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Well, well, well. It turns out that our friends at the Department of Homeland Security have been posting anonymous racist comments to newspaper stories about immigration. How clever. Keep it classy, guys.



Will the Revolution be televised?

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The question on Yahoo Answers was:

What happened to the “Revolution” Republicans or Texas talked about? Tea Parties? That’s it?
“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

My answer:

“Somehow it turned out that the glorious “Revolution” was just a publicity stunt designed for television. The Republican organizers of this debacle thought that it would be enough to design the event and tell people to show up. Not only would tens of millions of people attend, but they would be so encouraged by the outpouring of support that they would have become activists. They would exert political influence.

Republican leadership has forgotten how to organize, or even worse (not from the perspective of Democrats, of course) they have decided to shun it and vilify it. What better way to guarantee that they will never achieve grass-roots popularity again?

The overwhelming majority of radio listeners and television viewers are couch potatoes. Why would Rush listeners and Fox viewers be different? People like this have no connection to the political process. When they get angry, they don’t write their Congressman, they act as anonymous internet trolls. When they get really, really angry, they grab a gun from their arsenal and shoot someone.

The sentiment on the part of their target group seems to be vague agreement with principles, enough to keep them from switching the station but hardly the basis for a revolution from people who are by nature so unconnected with the political process that they can barely drag themselves to the polls to vote every couple of years. “

Alas, while I was distracted doing things like working and writing this blog, another answer was chosen. But there’s no point in wasting mine.

The issue is not really whether or not the Revolution will be televised, it is whether it will even happen if the only reason for a “revolution” is to generate television content.


The Ted Stevens prosecution: the sequel

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Last week, when the case against Ted Stevens was dropped for prosecutorial mishandling, we heard about evidence that was withheld from the defense. It happens all the time, but rarely is it so severe that anything comes of it, at least not influencing the disposition of the case.

As in the Coleman/Franken case, the judge usually finds out about it and chews out the lawyers. Occasionally the judge will throw out a case.

Now if you were one of those defendants who doesn’t have a lot of money for expensive lawyers, you’d never even know it happened to you. They’d probably get away with it every time, which obviously is not the way the justice system is supposed to work in this country.

But for the case to be completely dropped, rather than merely seeking a retrial of some sort had to mean that the case was so ‘poisoned’ by whatever had been done that it could not be retried.

There was even speculation that the Bush administration was responsible for making sure that the case would inevitably be thrown out on appeal, thus being an embarrassment for everyone involved, except of course Ted Stevens, who is claiming that this is proof he never did any of the things that they said he did.

Not hardly.

Well, of course we assumed that maybe somebody would get a slap on the wrist, or some Bush appointee would get pushed out of their job a bit early and end up getting wealthy writing slanted books rewriting history as fiction and giving interviews on hate radio claiming persecution by liberal fascists.

Not so. It seems that we really will find out wtf was happening.

“In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case,” U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said.

And then he appointed a special prosecutor to figure out exactly what happened and bring the criminals in the department to justice.


In case there is any confusion about what “justice” might mean in a case like this, they are looking at disbarment and prison time.

The word is that the Bush administration has salted the employment rolls of the current administration with hangovers who are ‘moles’, undercover operatives waiting to take orders from Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the Republican caucus and sabotage whatever the Obama adminstration tries to do.

Let’s get the criminals out of there. Now.

Stevens case closed, case against prosecutors open


ACORN, Ayer, and the “Muslim” Obama

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Propaganda in action, watch it at work.


Faux Noise cranks up the volume

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Obama spokesman Bill Burton and Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly spar over Obama’s 2001 clip on social justice and the courts, which they are trying to convince people shows him supporting Communism.

He more than holds his own against her. When did “fair and balanced” come to mean “shouting down the interviewee so they can’t answer your wild accusations?

I have not been able to find a copy of the audio of the original in context (hmm, I wonder why that is), and he ones I have found have inflammatory comments and/or illustrations of Lenin and Marx on them.

I suspect the context is highly relevant.


Update on Un-Americanism

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There’s just been so danged much un-Americanism goin’ on, it’s hard for a Republican to call them all out.

As you ought to be aware (if not, read my previous post and view those videos, which are only a small part of the amazin’ Michelle Bachmann archive), Michelle Bachmann put her foot in her mouth very deeply on Hardball last Friday, saying that Obama was a liberal and probably un-American, and that there ought to be a Media witchhunt to investigate members of Congress for un-Americanism. Given the opportunity to clarify, she just dug herself in up to her neck in her own muck.

She was therefore surprised and shocked to discover than her opponent, Elwyn Tinkenberg, managed to raise $800,000 nationwide, based solely on the weight of her comments. She has since come out with a rather subdued statement saying that she was misinterpreted and never said any of the things she outright said or tried to insinuate. Also, she’s now trying to imply that there’s something unpatriotic with people giving money to her opponent after hearing what a lunatic she is. Good luck with that, Michelle. Donate now. Her statements have tripled his campaign resources.

Her Republican primary opponent, Aubrey Immelman, is also now back in the race as a write-in.

Jon Stewart was doing a comedy show at Northeastern University and went through her comments. His response? “Fuck you!”

We also heard this weekend from John McCain’s brother Joe, who talked about “communist” Virginia, as opposed to the patriotic parts, of course. And McCain spokesman Nancy Pfotenhauer went on about how great it was to be in “real” Virginia, as opposed to Democratic-leaning parts.

So Jon Stewart had to update and expand his commentary.

And now, Republican Rep. Robin Hays had some nice words to say while serving as warmup for a Palin crowd. It sounded bad, so of course he denied what he said. Anybody ever hear of electronic recording devices? How about playback?


Let’s find those unAmericans out there…

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And do what with them? Put them in prison camps?

Seriously, it’s time for a good ambush interview with Michelle Bachman, Republican rep from Minnesota. Ask her some tough questions, but word them in a neutral way, so as not to set off her “UnAmerican meter”. Let’s find out if she thinks a “House UnAmerican Activities Committee” might be a good idea. I want to know if she knows who Joe McCarthy was.

People like this piss me off. She’s convinced that she wasn’t elected by the people of her district, she was chosen by God, because God supports everything she ever has done or will do, regardless of how amoral her behavior appears.

By pretending to be devout but not a religious fanatic, she has duped enough people into her disctrict into thinking that she’s a good person who would fight for their rights. And the rest? By claiming that her opponent personally wants to speak with Bin Laden and wants to see dead babies in the streets, she’s got the whacko vote tied up.

She’d probably disenfranchise 95% of Americans, given the opportunity.

Do you think Michelle Bachman is unAmerican? Sign a petition to Congress requesting her censure.


Conveniently dead

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Ivins, of course. Bruce E. Ivins, not Molly, who is also dead and sadly missed.

It certainly appears that one researcher working alone could have done all the technical stuff involved with this. They decided that before they spent untold millions of dollars focusing on the wrong guy, who is now $5.2 million richer for the harassment.

Maybe they have evidence proving he was the one who wrote all the little terrorist letters and notes that pointed to Islamic terrorists.

But it’s kind of hard to figure how he could also be the four separate highly-placed officials who were feeding disinformation to ABC during the panic, the network’s broadcasting of which was undoubtedly a major part of the cause of the anthrax panic, as well as the subsequent investigative focus on pinning it on somebody, anybody.

I’d like to rank some of the possibilities, but we have multiple threads here. So it’s not a simple “either/or” situation. Let’s just see what is probable (according to my limited knowledge here) and I’ll suggest alternatives where the probabilities seem to require them.

I’m really only trying to make you think and do your own research, not cover such a vast topic comprehensibly.

Did Ivins work alone on the Anthrax-handling part of it?

Could be.

Did Ivins work alone making and mailing out those terrorist notes and letters?

Could be.

Did Ivins carry off the impersonation of four different highly-placed government officials that served up false information to ABC News, which they turned around and fed to the public?

Nope. Didn’t happen that way.

Okay, so what might have happened?

Did government officials use this as a cover for disseminating propaganda intended to convince the public Iraq was involved, even though they had no idea what was going on?

Maybe, but it seems a little far-fetched, considering that the truth might be uncovered at an inconvenient time and come back to bite them.

Did ABC make up their informants after getting tips from Ivins?

Now there’s a possibility. How much do I trust the journalistic integrity of ABC? Not a whole lot. Let’s mark that “strongly possible”.

Did the government participate in the incident fully, guiding the development of propaganda and working to keep the investigation looking in the wrong place, while knowing that if that failed they could probably pin it on him and claim he was a crazy loner? And if worst came to worse, he could be found dead, so as not to turn evidence?

Umm…He did turn up dead, didn’t he?

This should sound like fiction, but unfortunately it does not sound nearly enough like fiction. Is there anyone working in the current Administration who has no ethics, no limits, and no respect for the American public, someone who might have participated in something like this?

I don’t like “conspiracy theories” that dig deep and throw a wide net in an effort to explain something that has a very simple explanation. But this does not have a simple explanation.

The case is made that this is plausible. In the absence of an apology by ABC for making it all up, I’d have to put my money on the last one. And even if ABC did apologize I’d have to take their apology with a grain of salt, since we have to consider the possibility that they might have been knowingly in on it, too.


The History Channel

The only people who know anything about the subject are also the suspects.

Part I

Part II


Talk show host calls for murder

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Speaking of people who think they are above the law…

You don’t suppose he got that by following the example of Fearless Leader, do you?

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