“I love McCain” t-shirt

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Seriously, like, NOT. No way. Keep that robot away from me. No me mon.

Actual shirt


‘mazing malevolent Michelle Malkin

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I just love right wingnuts. They give us so much to laugh at. In case you missed it, Rachel Ray has had her ad for Dunkin Donuts yanked because the scarf she was wearing looks a lot like a keffiyeh, that scarf you always used to see Yassir Arafat wearing. Looking at the photo, I don’t think it is, though I think it was probably inspired by one. It’s just not bulky enough around the neck. It looks like silk rather than coarse cotton. Take it from me. I own one, and they are bulky when worn like this. Or at all, which I never wore it and can’t even remember where i put it.

Not that I would expect a single neocon blogdroid to have ever examined the real thing. Like, up close. In person. Touching it with their hands. OH, NOEZ! COOTIES!!!

The Notorious Rachel Ray and the evil Ayrab scarfIt’s much better to post from a position of ignorance. That way you don’t have to be held back by facts. You can make up the whole thing. It’s kind of like fiction, since you have complete control of the ‘facts’, since you are making them up as you go along. Well, it’s not exactly like fiction. It is fiction, pure and simple.

Fiction designed to stir up hate against all Arabs, not just millions of Palestinians who wear the scarf every day and have no idea that dumbass Americans like Malkin and commenters to her blog think they are making a political statement by doing so.

Can I get my site promoted for free by neocon crackpots if I wear my keffiyeh?

Lemme see that trackback, Mimsy!


Social commentary…what, again?

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I sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just discovered this blog of paintings and commentary inspired by our celebrity-obsessed society and the the celebrities of no intrinsic value that we obsess on. A person could spend endless hours perusing those paintings. Imagine how long it took to paint them…

We should all be endlessly grateful that these self-same celebrities have laid their lives out to amuse us. And done such dumbass things as to give us reason to laugh, of course.

I would love to have a print of The Three Disgraces hanging on my living room wall. Anybody want to buy it for me?


Guys and baggy saggy pants

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The fine actually would apply in the case where a male’s gonads were exposed when his pants slipped down.

I guess that’s a problem there in Louisiana. You don’t see too many of that style of pants falling down here, though you do see a lot of guys walking around holding their pants up.

According to Carl Broussard, the mayor of Delcambre, the fine city where this issue has caught the interest of local lawmakers,

“Just wear it properly. Cover your vital parts. I mean, if you expose your private parts, you’ll get a fine. If you walk up and your pants drop, you get a fine. They’re better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress.”

Ok, guys. It’s time for a reality check.

If you wear pants like these, ask yourself why you are. Now if the answer is “to impress girls”, that’s the wrong answer. Girls don’t like pants like that. They think it’s stupid to wear pants that are always in the process of falling down. And, believe it or not, women just don’t want to see some random guy’s ass crack or whatever, nor do they want to see his icky underwear. The best way to describe it is that to a female, such a thing scores very high on the “ew” scale.

If you’re wearing pants like this, you’re doing it to impress other guys. Not women. Competing with guys in this way to see how low you can get those pants to ride is a guy thing.


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