My Hittail

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If you’re not into building websites (and maybe even if you are), you may not have heard of HitTail. It’s a company that helps you analyze the search hits your site receives and gives you suggestions as to what you should write about in order to maximize search hits from the long tail.

How does it do that?

When you register, they give you a code to place on all your web pages. Whenever you receive a search hit, the search term goes into your list of hits. Rather than trying to get you more traffic by tweaking the more popular search hits – your top 10 search terms – the suggestions are intended to help you clean up with the multitude of less-searched-for terms.

I have some sites that give me lots of search hits for the same terms, over and over again. This site isn’t like that. I get a huge diversity of search terms, and my hit tail is very long in relation to the top 10 terms.

Below I have compiled my latest results, minus a few terms that I don’t want to be on my website. I’m not going to provide analysis for you. Some of them are really weird. Others, it’s clear the searchers were digging pretty deep. Some of the stuff I’ve written about, some hits I got because of links to sponsors or other blogs.

Next to the list I’ve put an image of my Hit Tail, so you can see what it looks like.


femdom fiction




female supremacy


female superiority


cuckoldress, femdom discipline


bad girls blog, httpprincipalquattrano.com, quattrano, sexythings


female supremacy blog, niteflirt, pierre silber, roleplay sex


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Some of these it’s hard to imagine incorporating into any sort of writing. Perhaps I should randomly choose several hits and write an erotic story containing them every week…

What’s the second hit tail I posted in the list? That’s a different site I operate. You can see that the first search term is huge. It’s almost half of all search hits in that one term.

The search term? You guessed it. “Buckwheat pancakes.”