Keith Olbermann’s boss admits error

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Keith Olbermann, suspended indefinitely last Friday for exercising his right to quietly donate money to candidates he supports, will be back on Tuesday.

The quick resolution of the issue was unexpected. Many thought Olbermann would be fired shortly, as his it appears that his employer prefers that employees, like Joe Scarborough, make donations to Republican candidates, and like Joe Scarborough, actively promote them.

The wording of the policy was questionable. If MSNBC has the right to insist on giving “permission” to employees before they can donate, do they have the right to withhold that permission based on party preference? Does “should” mean “must”? Did the NBC policy even apply to opinion commentators on MSNBC, which is not attempting to maintain the appearance of being unbiased? If Fox News can actively promote Republican candidates and fund the Republican party, how serious are small personal donations?

250,000 emails of complaint later, MSNBC finally responded.

Phil Griffin, his boss, has released a statement blaming his cat for walking on the keyboard and sending the suspension email. He says he overslept and did not realize what had happened until the cat woke him up 36 hours later looking to have its litter box cleaned out.


The very model of the modern US President

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I am away for a couple of weeks here with limited internet bandwidth. My readers should know that I’m opposed to the Administration on a few topics, or else they really haven’t been keeping score. But I just had to pass on this song for all, where Obama defends his record.

This find was from yesterday, about Christine O’Donnell.

“CHRISTINE!” – Ben Sheehan – watch more funny videos


Slow jamming the Gulf Oil Spill

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Nobody does it like Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams.


We are better than that!!!

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Yee-hah! This baby’s so gone viral…


Bill Maher in rare form

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Totally, totally. New Rules.

If we wanted Luddite blockheads who didn’t understand gizmos and doohickeys, we would have voted for the Ghost and Mrs. Moron.

John McCain thinks an iPad is something that women wear on their Xboxes once a month.

You know, there’s a specific group of Americans out there, whose name I won’t mention, but it begins with “tea” and ends with “baggers”, and they have a habit of saying, “I want my country back.” Well, I want my country forward.


The Ballad of George Rekers?

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For those of you who somehow missed the story, George Rekers, retired neuropathology professor and self-proclaimed expert on teh gay, was paid handsomely to testify against gay adoption in Florida (as well as other states), where he also declared that Native Americans should not be permitted to adopt. The judge wisely threw out his testimony

Then last week it turned out he hired a male escort to travel with him and give him massages.

Oh, no. Hiring an escort on rentboy.com isn’t gay. But now there’s a song on Youtube about it.


Glenn Beck’s nazi brain rot

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On the Daily Show Lewis Black tells it like nobody else can. But somebody’s got to say it to that moron Beck.

Glenn, save yourself, before it’s too late!

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Vacation in a Libertarian Paradise

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How did I miss this? I’ve been using Somalia as the “regulation-free” example since long before it was trendy.


Alan Grayson hits one out of the park

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It’s so nice to have a Democrat with guts, and also with a major sense of humor. He has crafted for our enjoyment (and his fundraising, of course), a crazy message from George Bush that is so close to real it is almost believable. Good work to the impersonator, too.

Visit him on the web, of course.


Better than The Onion: CNNBC on Glenn Beck

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Moveon.org has outdone themselves with this. It is pure comedy.

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