Synchronized Presidential debating

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Too funny.

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The last debate: the final word on the campaign

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From TIME’s Amy Sullivan:

In politics it is generally not considered a good sign when voters are laughing at you, not with you. And by the end of the third and last presidential debate, the undecided voters who had gathered in Denver for Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg’s focus group were “audibly snickering” at John McCain’s grimaces, eye-bulging, and repeated references to “Joe the Plumber.”

Undecideds laughing at, not with McCain

McAngry, the debate edition

John McCain is “proud of people who come to his rallies”? Like the guy with the monkey doll labeled ‘Obama’?

I suspect that the reason the McCain campaign was not particularly concerned about racist and threatening shouts from the crowd—”Terrorist!” “Kill him!” “Off with his head!” (Who says that?) and “Defenestrate him!” (Okay, I made that one up…) is because the shouters were plants. I saw a “heckler” take the mike from McCain and then carry on a discussion with him and the crowd, clearly scripted.

But the warmup speakers that were screaming “Barack HUSSEIN Obana” at Palin’s rallies and her crazed Hitleresque whipping up the crowed into a foam-at-the-mouth frenzy—that was not just a little bit of theater. Only once did McCain respond to someone who said something untrue, and Palin has never tried to calm down her crowds.

But remember what McCain said during the debate about people at Obama rallies shouting threats about him and not being told to stop… proof, please. As they say on digg.com, Video or it didn’t happen. Does McCain live in a different reality from the one I live in? You know what I think the answer to that question is…

While we’re at it, here’s a link to a story about how Cindy McCain, tired of not getting cell phone reception at the ranch, which is in the middle of nowhere, asked Verizon and AT&T to do something about it, and they got two cellphone towers! Free! Just like if you and I complained about our reception, right?

While I’m on a roll here, here’s the deal with ACORN.

And speaking of plants, hmm. Here’s what “Joe the Plumber” had to say today on TV:

“It floored me. It’s not something I expected, ever,” Wurzelbacher told “Good Morning America” on ABC. Though he wouldn’t say for whom he was voting, Wurzelbacher said Obama had a “very socialist view” of taxes “and that’s incredibly wrong.”


Except for one thing. Joe’s not even a registered voter in Ohio. He’s a McCain campaign plant, I’ll betcha!

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

And a little bit on McCain’s temper…

This is too rich. Someone by that last name lives in Wasilla and races dogsleds.

Palin fans, thanks to Al-Jazeera


McCain’s mental state

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This is a very interesting blog post about John McCain’s mental and emotional state. The original poster makes an excellent case that he is paranoid and falling deep in hate for Obama, who he sees as “the enemy”. Others suggest plausibly that he may have an existing personality disorder, PTSD, or incipient dementia, all of which agrees with what I have been saying in a general sense—except for the part about the dementia, with which I have wholeheartedly agreed all along.


But if that’s his excuse, what about Sarah Palin? I mean, aside from being a narcissist, a paranoid religious fanatic, and a right wing gun nut…is that enough or is there more? Is she out and out trying to destroy the world as a part of some beloved End Times?

It certainly looks like they’re trying to incite violence. Does the fact that they are unconcerned about death threats coming from their own followers mean that these are plants in the audience?

Take your toys and go home, Sarah. Stop trying to play Adolph Hitler. It’s time to give the Devil his due.


McCain to the rescue!

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After brief discussion with Barack Obama about something else, John McCain, king of backroom deals, has decided that they need him in Washington to broker this sellout…er…rescue package. He’s unilaterally “suspending” his campaign, eliminating advertising, and will pull out of debates until the crisis is over.

I guess they really need him there because of his economic expertise, level temperaments, reliable attendance… nah. Actually they haven’t missed him one bit in the 6 months or so since he stopped attending session or voting on any issues at all. So what’s the deal?

This is just the latest step in a trend away from contact with the public and the press. This is about foreign policy, and they think he’s going to mess up royally, mix up Iran and Iraq, Sunnis and Shi’ites, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Spain and South America, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic… No, wait, he already did get all them confused, see what I mean?

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Campaign ads, video and tv

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I blame it on Firefox. What happens is that when I open up a link in digg.com, it opens a new tab. If it looks like it’s interesting enough to blog up, I leave the tab open and go back and look for more stories. Sometime later I have so many tabs open that the idea of blogging all these important stories—even just to drop in the links—starts to become burdensome.

I will try.

Here’s a good one: Palin forgets the answer to her “National security experience” question the first time it is asked publicly.

McCain on health care

Note the part about how he assumes that the employee is going to receive enough money from his employer to buy a cheaper individual policy that pays more benefits, just because he wants it to happen.

Mccain celebrating his birthday with Charles Keating, just in case anybody has forgotten about his role in the last big financial collapse in this country.

This I believe, by a vet who returned to find out what his government really thinks of returning vets.

George Bush and the economy

John McCain and his marbles

“He made me do it”

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John McCain would never have run campaign ads with lies in them if Obama hadn’t forced him to do so by refusing to attend “town hall” meetings that McCain had arranged.


Zapatero, Zapatista, Batista…qué?

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John McCain either doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of Spain is, thinks Spain is a country in Latin America, or possibly both.

In case, you haven’t seen our updates from last night, yesterday John McCain was interviewed on the Florida affiliate of Spanish radio network Union Radio. And in the interview McCain appeared not to know who the Prime Minister of Spain was and assumed he was some anti-American leftist leader from South America.

He was doing a planned interview with a reporter from Spain, and he couldn’t remember the President of Spain. Now she thought he was dodging the question clumsily. The simpler answer is that gramps couldn’t keep it straight in his mind what the topic was, aside from himself and his talking points.

Shouldn’t we be hearing this in the news? I don’t think “whatever” is good enough.


McCain campaign: The market will correct itself

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Uh, no. It’s the economy, stupid.

Coming off Monday’s gaffe of claiming that the economy is fundamentally strong despite all observations to the contrary (like, why did we have to pay to bail out giant banks who had lost our money in skeezy investments?), McCain has attempted to recast himself as a perpetual supporter of financial regulation.

Obviously his record says this is a bald-faced lie. It was only due to lack of regulation that he was able to be a willing participant in the Savings and Loan Debacle and ended up being immortalized as one of the “Keating 5”. He has fought hard to eliminate regulation of financial markets and institutions.

Will it work? Well, it looks like McCain is claiming he’s strongly pro-regulation and his campaign is claiming he’s strongly anti-regulation, and that the real problem was that there are still too many regulations protecting our savings and homes. Do the two opinions cancel each other out and make him a person who has no idea what he thinks, like, again?



A few revealing videos

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McCain claiming mayors or governors can’t handle national security, prior, of course, to choosing one.

Commentary from Huffington Post

McCain claiming Palin never requested earmarks on The View:

Commentary from Think Progress


John McCain on Sarah Palin

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In his own words.

REPORTER: Let me begin by asking you about Governor Palin. It has been nearly two weeks now since you announced that she would be your running mate. She has yet to take any serious questions from either reporters or regular voters. Why not? Why can’t she take some questions?

MCCAIN: Actually I believe it was last week when she uh had her acceptance speech for the nomination of my party. But the fact is that she’s coming out in the next couple of days with uh interviews with uh numerous people she’s uh, she’s very well versed at that. She’s been a governor She’s one of the most successful governors in America, and the most popular one so…She’ll be doing a lot of conversations with uh the uh media. But we wanted to touch base with the American people first. And the turnout and enthusiasm of these crowds is just remarkable. And I’m very proud to have a real reformer on the ticket with me.

REPORTER: Let’s talk a little bit about the reform issue. You are, of course, a fierce critic of pork barrel spending. The Washington Post reported yesterday that Governor Palin has billed taxpayers as governor for 312 nights spent in her own home, charging a state per diem allowance. and she charged that while traveling on state business in her own home. What does that say about her credentials as someone who’s going to attack wasteful government spending?

MCCAIN: Well, uh, of course, she uh uh disclosed that online uh transparently and explained uh why she had to do that, because of the travel back and forth uh, why she did it, because of the travel back and forth. But most importantly, she sold the executive jet, she uh fired the chef, she uh reform past ethics and lobbying reform. She took on the old bulls in her party. She took on an incumbent. She has uh given money back to the taxpayers uh. This is a real reform uh governor and it is not an accident she’s the most popular governor in America. Senator Obama has never taken on a single, his party on a single issue. She’s taken them on, and she is…I’m proud of her record of ethics, and lobbying reform and good government.

REPORTER: Let’s move on to what you say is the number one issue facing the United States in our time, that is the challenge of addressing Islamist extremism. What credentials does Governor Palin have in national security, diplomacy, foreign policy, that qualify her to be your partner in that on that issue – the fight against Islamist extremism?

MCCAIN: Well, obviously the economy is also a major challenge…

REPORTER: No, I’m using your words, Senator McCain
REPORTER: You had said that
MCCAIN: No, I said that
REPORTER: this summer that the number one challenge of our time is Islamist extremism.

MCCAIN: I said the great I’ve said that the greatest challenge of our time is national security threats, and I’ve also said that jobs and the economy are the number 1 issue facing America, so. But the point is that Governor Palin was right on the issues. She understands energy, which is one of the fundamental issues of our nation’s security. Her, she was responsible for a $40 billion dollar pipeline that is going to bring natural gas to the lower 48. She was right on Iraq, Senator Obama was wrong. She has more experience than Senator Obama does. She uh was right on Russia, he was wrong as he made moral equivalency between Russia and Georgia at the time Russia attacked. He said that She was right on Iran, when he’s been wrong on Iran. She doesn’t want to sit down to face to face negotiations with Akmedinajad or the other leaders. She’s right on foreign policy, Senator Obama is wrong and she uh I’m sure she has the experience and the judgment to lead this country and I’m confident the American people agree with her as well.

REPORTER: Well, you say you’re sure she has the experience, but again, I’m just asking for an example. What experience does she have in the field of national security?

MCCAIN: Energy. She knows more about energy than uh probably anyone else in the United States of America. She represent is the governor of the state that 20% of our America’s energy supply comes from there. And we all know that uh energy is uh a critical and vital national security issue. We’ve got to stop sending $700 billion dollars uh of American money to countries that don’t like us very much. uh She’s very well versed on that issue. And uh she also happens to represent a uh the governor of a state that’s right next to Russia. She understands Russia and their newly uh uh aggressive behavior in uh in the world which is also something we have to be very concerned about.

REPORTER: Let me just close on a note about the state of Maine and New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a battleground state. Obviously that’s going to be getting a lot of your attention between now and election day. How about Maine? Do you realistically think that you have any chance of winning Maine?

MCCAIN: Oh, I’d like to think so because it’s such a wonderful state, and rich in uh uh so many ways. We have two great Republican senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins from the state of Maine. It has a tradition of independence, we all know that. And so I’d love to compete uh in the state of Maine. I think it’s going to be difficult, in a little straight talk. I’d sure love to come there, so I’ll make an effort. I certainly want the people of Maine to know that, whether they give me a majority or their votes or not, I’m going to be President of all Americans.

REPORTER: Susan Collins has served two terms with you in the United States Senate as a Republican, Olympia Snowe has been in Congress even longer than you have. Some people say that you should have perhaps chosen one of them, since they have a lot more experience in the federal government than Sarah Palin does. How would you answer that?

MCCAIN: I respect Olympia and Susan enormously. They are great Senators, they are great people, they are great reformers. It just came down to some very close calls on this issue and I think one of the aspects of Governor Palin is that uh she having been a governor is uh is one of the important aspects. But I’ll tell you, I have the highest admiration, respect, and affection for Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, who I’ve had the honor of serving with and knowing for a long time. They are great Senators.

REPORTER: The issue that you’re pushing right now is change, that you’re going to clean up Washington. Does it really make sense, after 8 years of a Republican administration, to send another Republican to the White House, if change is what the American people want?

MCCAIN: Sure, because I’ve fought for change, I’ve taken on my own party, I’ve taken on my own President, I’ve taken on my own colleagues. Senator Obama has never taken on his party on any issue, on any issue. And I’ve had, I’ve fought for and achieved uh reform, whether it be on campaign finance reform, ethics and lobbying. if I can achieve what I’ve achieved in the Senate taking on both parties I can do a lot more as President, and I’ve got a great reformer who did a great job of reforming the old bull and old boy network uh in Maine, excuse me in Alaska, at my side.

REPORTER: Let me ask you a question that goes to the issue of taking on your own party. The Republican platform, from the convention that you just had, calls for a constitutional amendment that would outlaw gay marriage. Do you support that amendment?

MCCAIN: No, as you know, I’ve said it’s an issue for the states to decide, as you know.

REPORTER: So you do not agree with your own party, and your own party’s platform that came out of your convention.

MCCAIN: There’s there’s many issues that my party and I have uh disagreed on, but we have the fundamental principle of smaller government, less lower taxes, don’t adopt a government-run health care system, a strong America and a safe and secure America, principles of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, that’s my party, and that’s what I’m proud of, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

REPORTER: Alright, we’re going to let that be the last word. Senator McCain, thank you very much for your time today.

UPDATE: This was picked up by the media. Analysis

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