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I’ve known for a while that John McCain vetted Mitt Romney in 2008, looked at his tax returns (which Romney is hiding from us), and rejected Romney as a candidate for VP. Here’s a great video that pulls it all together into an amazingly coherent message.


The curse of Cindy McCain

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I didn’t get around to writing a Halloween story this year, but this one will do.

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ACORN, Ayer, and the “Muslim” Obama

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Propaganda in action, watch it at work.


Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

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Nobody said it better than the Great Communicator.

Ronald Reagan Explains Why Progressive Economics Works


Synchronized Presidential debating

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Too funny.

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Weekend update: Election ’08

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I will be updating this post when and if I find more interesting McCain campaign tidbits, so check back.

The McCain campaign may not want you to see this video.

Nice to have such dedicated volunteers, uh, WHAT? The fact that campaign workers have signed confidentiality agreements makes it against the rules for them to talk to you, it doesn’t make it illegal for you to talk to them or video them.


Acting like a dick

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There’s not too much to say about this. Either you think it’s pretty funny—and you know it’s true—or you’re reading the wrong blog. Srsly, ur doin it wrong!

No more Dicks in the White House!


“It’s not the gloves that came off, it’s the wheels”

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Congrats to Keith Olberman for a great commentary on Sarah Palin’s own domestic terrorism problems. Yeah, and John McCain’s, too. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Famous quotes for minus 10

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What happens when somebody gets so locked into repeating words and phrases that they completly lose their context and end up saying something that makes no sense at all?


There are McCain-Palin ads…

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And then there is Saturday Night Live’s take on them. How low can you go?

Priceless comment–

John McCain (24+ / 0-)

Cost to produce at a hate-filled smear ad: $5,000

Cost of media buy to smear your opponent across the swing states: $900,000 per month.

Cost of having SNL expose McCain for the hypocrite and liar that he is: PRICELESS!

Bipartisanship isn’t going to happen as long as one of America’s two great parties believes that when it comes to politics, stupidity is the best policy.

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