Rove running the McCain campaign?

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The actual title of the article is “Rove engaged in more than just ‘chit chat’ with McCain campaign. But I’m having trouble assimilating the idea that Karl Rove could be seriously involved in any campaign without running the entire show.

“For reasons that defy logic, Rove has been hired to play the role of professional “journalist” for a variety of outlets, including Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. No one seriously expects credible, independent, bias-free reporting from Rove, but no serious news outlet should be comfortable paying someone to offer commentary and analysis on a presidential campaign while simultaneously advising one of the candidates in the presidential campaign.”

“Ethics?” you say? Rove would not do anything ethical. That would spoil his reputation as the perfect scumbag. Who wants a scumbag who is less than perfect?


“Karl Rove sent me an email…”

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3,000,000+ votes not counted in 2004, far more than the margin of victory. That’s 3,000,000 votes challenged, votes by voters who were on lists compiled by Karl Rove’s office. Nine times as many were minorities as whites.

As Yogi Berra said, “It’s amazing what you can see when you look. But they didn’t have to look very hard, as the emails were accidentally sent to the wrong address.

Now here’s one about the theft of the 2000 election: