Keith Olbermann’s boss admits error

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Keith Olbermann, suspended indefinitely last Friday for exercising his right to quietly donate money to candidates he supports, will be back on Tuesday.

The quick resolution of the issue was unexpected. Many thought Olbermann would be fired shortly, as his it appears that his employer prefers that employees, like Joe Scarborough, make donations to Republican candidates, and like Joe Scarborough, actively promote them.

The wording of the policy was questionable. If MSNBC has the right to insist on giving “permission” to employees before they can donate, do they have the right to withhold that permission based on party preference? Does “should” mean “must”? Did the NBC policy even apply to opinion commentators on MSNBC, which is not attempting to maintain the appearance of being unbiased? If Fox News can actively promote Republican candidates and fund the Republican party, how serious are small personal donations?

250,000 emails of complaint later, MSNBC finally responded.

Phil Griffin, his boss, has released a statement blaming his cat for walking on the keyboard and sending the suspension email. He says he overslept and did not realize what had happened until the cat woke him up 36 hours later looking to have its litter box cleaned out.


Farewell to George Bush

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Farewell George
Uploaded by miracleworker


Are you smarter than a third grader?

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Nope, she’s not smarter than a third grader.


“It’s not the gloves that came off, it’s the wheels”

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Congrats to Keith Olberman for a great commentary on Sarah Palin’s own domestic terrorism problems. Yeah, and John McCain’s, too. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Keith Olberman: Grow up!

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Keith Olberman’s commentary on this year’s election campaign speaks for itself.

Actually, (I’ve complained about this before) I’m tired of hearing that reporting factual uncomplimentary info on McCain is somehow no different from making up lies about him. Or that the lies that the mindless right-wing machine makes up and disseminates are somehow legitimized by the fact that there is nothing good to write about McCain that is not itself a lie. Or that it’s okay for McCain to lie because he was a POW. Or it’s okay for Rove to lie, or Scheunemann to lie, because McCain was a POW.

If you have nothing good to say about your own candidate, there’s a reason. It’s because he has no redeeming virtues or values. None. And in an effort to win in spite of that, he has sold his soul to the devil. My grandma would make a better president, and she’s 90.

And as long as the republicans want to talk about Russia acting like the old Soviet Union in its aggression against Georgia, let’s look inside, Johnny boy. Who is acting as the aggressor in the two wars we are fighting abroad right now? Who is acting like the Cold War is back, and it’s a GOOD THING?

No clue? It’s you.


Keith Olberman: The CBS smoking gun

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I’ve been reading this one so much this morning that I had to check to see if I posted on it already. Nope, so here goes.

In an interview on CBS, McCain was asked about the relationship between the escalation, err…”surge”, and how this was related to the “Anbar Awakening”, which has resulted in Shia and Sunni leaders working together for peace.

There are opinions. There are lots of right answers, and there are lots of wrong answers. McCain got this one completely wrong, and CBS edited it it out for him and made up a new answer for him out of cutting-floor footage.

But we have the original here in a little Keith Olberman YouTube. Enjoy! If you can’t enjoy, get mad as hell and do something about it. We do not need yet another incompetent puppet in the White House. Don’t forget, McCain has said if he is in the White House, Dick Cheney will be working for his Administration.